When You Can’t Afford Madonna Water

There is a long standing rumor that Madonna spends $60,000 per month to fly in water from the Hunza Valley every month.  I wonder if she would consider donating that $60,000 per month to a good cause if I could spend 5 minutes with her to explain why the water from a good hydrogen water machine would be better for her health. 

What is the perfect drinking water?

The perfect drinking water is both clean and healthy.

Clean water is easy to understand because it simply means the water is free or almost free of contaminants. The most cost effective and efficient way to get clean water is to use an inexpensive under the counter carbon and ultra filter system which removes most contaminants.  In situations where all of the contaminants can’t be removed by a basic filter system, the use of a Reverse Osmosis “RO” system will get the job done.  The effectiveness of RO systems in removing virtually everything from the water is that they also remove the good stuff (calcium and magnesium).  Therefore, if you use a RO system, make sure that you add a remineralization filter to the system.  

Healthy water refers to two specific components which includes essential minerals (calcium and magnesium), and molecular hydrogen gas (H2). 

You are likely familiar with the benefits of calcium and magnesium although most people are not as aware of the need for magnesium because the dairy farming advertisements focus on calcium. 

It is less likely that you are aware of the importance of H2.  The scientific and medical communities turned their backs on the alkaline story due to the fact that the many health claims made by the alkaline water ionizer industry were bogus.  However, the scientific community has produced more than 700 independent studies and review papers supporting the health benefits of H2.  Even the medical community is grudgingly showing support of H2.

The history behind creating the ideal drinking water 

The solution of creating safe drinking water that contains essential minerals (calcium and magnesium) as well as therapeutic doses of H2 has come in three stages: clean water (50 years ago), remineralized water (early 2000’s), and finally hydrogen rich water (2010 in Asia and 2015 in North America)   

For 40 years, the conventional wisdom was to drink clean water.  Clean water is safe, was used by pharmacies for mixing, and the theory was supported by the medical community. 

Due to the fact that the human body is an incredibly efficient machine, it took many years before health issues became recognizable in people who were drinking RO water.  The RO industry insiders all began taking some form of Cal/Mag supplements to take care of the health issues but never let on their secret to the public out of fear than consumers might start asking questions.  As a result, it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that people started supplementing RO water with remineralizing filters or taking supplements to offset the loss of calcium and magnesium in their diets. 

The benefits of drinking hydrogen rich water were first discovered due to a Japanese study in 2007.  By 2010, the Japanese market started selling hydrogen rich water and the industry now generates a billion dollar in sales annually in Asia.  In North America, the H2 story is just beginning to unfold. 

Let’s cut to the chase before you get bored and leave!

In 2015, a Korean company created a system that filters (for cleaning) without eliminating calcium and magnesium, and ionizes water (creates H2), and then diffuses the H2 created during electrolysis back into the water.  The last stage is incredibly important because it is easy to create lots of H2 during simple electrolysis, but it is tricky getting the H2 to stay in the water rather than having it dissipate into the air. 

These systems have been coined HIM’s.  

What do HIM’s cost?

A number of companies offer HIM units.  The above counter units typically sell for $2,000 while the under counter units sell for $2,500. 

My preference in the HIM market has always been Brilliantz (see www.brilliantz.com) because I was part of a group that was asked to help them test and improve the original models made in Korea.  The group effort was a rousing success as we made four fundamental changes that greatly improved the operational performance of the machine.   I also appreciate that the folks at Brilliantz are good people who tell the truth.  I know that telling the truth should be a given, but it is not always the case in the water industry.  

Brilliantz recently made a game-changing decision to their business model by eliminating their sales team and dealing directly with the public.  By dispensing with the sales team, the company was able to drop their prices by 50%.  That means their HIM units sell for $1,000, their portable hydrogen GO units sell for $150, and their box of 60 H2 tablets (a one month supply) sells for $30.  Those prices are half of what other companies are charging.  I hope that Brilliantz succeeds with their new business plan as it is great for the public.

The above article was updated April 16, 2018

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