Best Prices For Molecular Hydrogen (H2) Products

If you have never been on this site before, I started writing about drinking water in 2009.  In the early days, I wrote about the many transgressions of public trust being dished out by most of the alkaline water ionizer companies.  As time passed, I learned that the many health claims being made about alkaline water were bogus and all of the benefits were due to the consumption of molecular hydrogen (H2) gas which is also known as hydrogen enriched water.  I have been focused on learning about H2 for the past 3 years.

H2 is relatively new to North America despite the fact that it is so beneficial to the human body.  The alkaline water ionizer companies and others in the health supplement or health products industry should be shouting the H2 message from the rooftops because their machines produce H2.  Unfortunately, the alkaline people have been touting the benefits of alkaline water for years and they don’t want to admit that the story of the benefits of alkaline water are a hoax.  Making matters worse for the alkaline water ionizer companies is the fact that their machines don’t produce very high concentrations of dissolved H2 in the water, the don’t produce much or any H2 in soft water conditions, and the plates of their machines get calcified in hard water conditions which means the machines stop producing H2 if the machines are not cleaned once a week.  The supplements industry is not really in tune with water, but a number of companies are offering tablets that create H2 when mixed with water.

Half Price H2

Hydrogen machines typically sell for $2,000 for counter units and $2,500 for under-counter units, which makes them very competitive with alkaline water ionizers.  Many supplement companies sell H2 tablets for $60 for 60 tablets.

Brilliantz, a company that focuses on molecular hydrogen products recently decided to change their business model from an affiliate network to dealing directly with the public.  As a result of eliminating sales commissions and referrals, the company slashed the price of their H2 products by 50 percent.    Anyone can go to and buy their H2 products at 50% off their previous retail prices, without going through an affiliate.  Note that I don’t earn a commission or referral fee from Brilliantz or any other company that I write about.

I have been a supporter of Brilliantz for a long time because they are good people who offered good products at very competitive prices.  The 50% prices makes choosing Brilliantz a no-brainer for anyone looking for H2 products.  My hope is that Brilliantz’s new strategy will force the industry to align their customer’s interests with their own.



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