Half Price H2 Water

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If you have never been on this site before, I started writing about what I was learning about drinking water in 2009.  In the early days, I wrote a lot about the may transgressions of public trust being dished out in elegant doses by most of the companies in the alkaline water world.  Eventually, I learned that the many health claims being made about alkaline water were bogus as all of the benefits were due to the consumption of hydrogen enriched water.  I have been focused on learning about H2 for the past 2 to 3 years.

The bottom line is that H2 can offer significant health benefits to those that don’t always eat well.  The body produces H2 in sufficient quantities for those that eat ideal diets, but lets face it, how many of us actually eat that way.  I try to eat well, but I’m weak when it comes to tasty foods.

I have always focused on helping the little guy as opposed to being a shill for companies selling their products.   I believe everyone needs to make a living, but if the companies actually cared about helping their customers, maybe they should start slashing prices to make their products affordable to more people.

Half Price H2

I was really happy when Brilliantz decided to change their business model from an affiliate network to dealing directly with the public.  As a result of the change, the company slashed the price of their H2 products by one-half and their CBD based skin care and pain relief products by one-third.  Now, anyone can go to www.brilliantz.com and buy their H2 products at 50% off their previous retail prices, without going through an affiliate.

I have been a supporter of Brilliantz for a long time because they are good people who offered good products at very competitive prices.  The 50% off pricing strategy makes choosing Brilliantz a no-brainer for anyone looking for H2 products.  My hope is that Brilliantz’s new strategy will force the industry out of the dark ages by forcing the companies to align their customer’s interests with their own.



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