A New Top Dog In The Water Ionizer Industry

I have been helping a company called Vitev from Kansas, USA with their product development on an unofficial basis for free for the past 18 months. I like the company because they make affordable natural water ionizers that work, and because they are good people. They communicate honestly with the public, and they focus the development of their products on scientific evidence. That is like a ray of sunshine in the shady world of the water ionizer industry.

Helping companies for free is problably not the smartest thing to do….just ask my wife. So, why did I do it? I have believed for a long time that everyone should be drinking ionized/energized water. That is only going to happen if the water works and is affordable to the masses. Electric water ionizers have made some inroads over the years, but only to a tiny percentage of the population. Most water ionizer purchases come from “health nuts”, or people desperate to find a solution to medical problems where our health care industry has failed, or to rich people who can afford thousands of dollars for a water machine that makes them feel better.

if they are ever going to reach orecently decided to help the company on an official basis, they are now letting me in on their business development meetings. I knew that Vitev had been receiving a fair amount of interest from the more forward thinking people in the industry (I have referred some of them myself) but I had no idea how fast the company is growing. That actually surprised me because they really haven’t started marketing themselves to the public yet.

Vitev has spent a huge amount of time and effort on getting their products right and identifying what they want their message to be. I have been pushing them and pushing them for months to “let the dogs out” but they have steadfastly refused.

Vitev is growing by leaps and bounds. That is refreshing to hear because the water ionizer industry has been stagnant and actually sliding backwards in recent years. The industry in-fighting and misinformed naysayers like Mercola and Lower have created what I call the “water ionizer abyss”. The “abyss” leaves people who intuitively understand the they should be drinking clean energized water standing on the sidelines because the message from the industry is confusing. People will spend their hard earned money on products, but they need to see a clear cost/benefit of their purchase. I believe that Vitev has built the first bridge across the abyss. I expect that there will be more and more bridges in the future as the awareness of Vitev’s success spreads.

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  1. HI Rob,

    I am currently in a dilemma. I have recently invested in a Kangen device which certainly cost me quite abit. I am just an typical working class married woman with 2 kids. I bought the machine as I am very concerned about health as I do not want to be looking for some remedy after some has been done. I was pretty satisfied and also joined as their distributor. However in the process of recommending the device to those who truly need due to severe health conditions , I happen to chance upon many other devices which are priced very much lower. Was I hasty in my purchase? Isnt Kangen the most top rated machine? Kindly advise if I have been short changed……

    • Hi Vanni:

      Here are some Q&A’s that I hope will help ease your mind and help you decide what to do:

      1) Are Kangen machines the most well made electric water ionizers on the market…..yes they are

      2) Do Kangen machines work in terms of performing the functions that the company claims….yes they do

      3) Will your health improve when you drink Kangen water….yes it will

      4) Are Kangen machines more effective than most of the competitive products….no they are not

      5) Would I buy a Kangen machine…I bought a “nearly new” SD501 for testing for$1,300 a few ago…..it worked as well as the other machines I tested….I later sold the machine as I didn’t see the point in owning it beyond the testing period.

      6) Are there better products available on the market…..I would prefer to have a Vitev Ultra because it does the same thing as the Kangen machines and a whole lot more for $995….the “whole lot more” includes cleaning virtually all contaminants out of the water with its RO component and it remineralizes the water with Calcium and Magnesium at levels recommended as ideal by the World Health Organization

      7) Should you return your Kangen machine…it depends….if you like it, keep it….if you feel “victimized” like many others, you can find out if you can return it and how much it will cost you to do so and then buy another machine that is just as effective and more affordable….if you are on a payment plan, I expect it will help your cause

      8) Should you continue to sell to others…….telling people about the water is a good thing….getting friends and family to purchase a machine that is massively overpriced is a personal decision that only you can answer

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