Water Is Vital To: Everything

I was reading an interesting article this morning about how the world may be forced to become vegetarian by the year 2050. The source of the article was the Stockholm International Water Institute “SIWI” http://www.siwi.org/about. Check it out as it is a good read.

The article talks about how a diet that is naturally healthy for us is also far less taxing on Mother Earth. As the population of the planet expands, so does the requirement for more food. The article describes the incredible waste of water and arable land involved in creating meat for our diets. About 20% of the world consumption of protein comes from meat and the number jumps to 69% in America. Taking our water for granted just doesn’t make sense.

I started poking around the SIWI site and found lots of good stuff. One article in particular that I found compelling is called “Flush and Forget – 2.6 Billion People off Track” which deals with the perils of ignoring proper sanitation.

I find it encouraging that the world is waking up to the fact that water is critical to the future of the human race and all species. Japan started off the study of water with Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi in 1985. Now we have organisations like SIWI in Stockholm and The Water Institute in Waterloo, Canada (see http://water.uwaterloo.ca/.

I have also been researching the work being done by the Blue Zone organization (see www.bluezones.com) which is dedicated to the study of why people live much longer lives in certain communities than elsewhere. The original study which covered 20 years was sponsored by National Geographic and the findings are logical….eat right, drink right, be active, love one another.

There is lots of bad news out there, but there is hope as well

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