Restaurants are Starting to Offer Alkaline Ionized Water

California is often at the forefront of new health related trends and here is another one that I’m happy to report on.

Kathryn Wells wrote an article that you might find of interest about a restaurant that has recently introduced ionized alkaline water on their menu.  I have included excerpts instead of reproducing the entire article as a time saving measure.

The article  provides further evidence that the level of awareness of ionized water is taking off in California.  

 The fact that a restaurant has added the water to their menu is really encouraging to me, because restaurants are often the source of very acidic foods. 

While ionized water isn’t a cure-all for a bad diet, there is no denying that it does help.  My diet used to be disgraceful, and it is still not where I want it to be.  Despite my questionable eating habits, ionized water changed my life and is changing the lives of more and more people all the time. 

Take it away Kathryn:

The Roxy Restaurant Adds Ionizer to Drink Menu

Apart from more than quadrupling the square footage of his establishment, Naimi continues to expand his menu. One example of such an expansion is in plain view on his espresso bar. “People always ask me, what is that machine on your counter?” says Naimi. Roughly the size of a shoebox, with a brightly lit LED display and sleek silver and black housing, this machine looks like something out of a futuristic kitchen.

It isn’t just a healthy, delicious menu and hippy-Mediterranean décor, friendly staff and strategic location that have been Naimi’s recipe for success; it’s also that Naimi keeps an open mind about trying new things—like alkaline water from an ionizer—to meet the healthy demands of his guests. In this case, Naimi is offering purified alkaline drinking water to customers, a natural fit for Naimi’s forward-thinking, mostly-vegetarian clientele. Most of them have already heard about an ionizer, or they already understand the positive results from drinking alkaline water.

Naimi’s Introduction to the Ionizer Lifestyle

Naimi credits his first introduction to ionizers to his waitress Windy, who has been working with Naimi for over 18 years. She would always bring a bottle of ionized water from home, he noticed. He also noticed that she only drank her water from that bottle, so he decided to ask her about it one day, marking Naimi’s first introduction to the water ionizer.

Windy walks over to the tables nearby to do some spot cleaning just as Naimi and I are discussing the benefits of acid water. She is a tall woman with a warm, bubbly personality. When I ask her about her experience with her water ionizer, her enthusiasm for the results she has experienced is contagious.

“My mom is really kind of ahead of the whole health food health food thing. For like 30 years, she has been doing research into alternative health practices. She actually bought me my water ionizer, so that’s how I heard about it. I first thought to myself, ‘This is water. What difference could water make?’ But it’s been amazing since we started drinking it.”

Setting the Trend

I ask her if she has noticed the trend that is starting to take off in her area. Without hesitating, Windy tells me, “Well, after I got one, then Shoja got one, and then a couple girls who work here tried the water, and then got one for their family, too.  So it’s definitely spreading. [The water] is amazing stuff.”

Windy describes to curious customers the benefits of alkaline water when they ask her about it—which is often. “When she serves customers, she offers them alkaline water with their meal. She can describe all of the benefits to customers, what it does, how to use it apply it at home,” says Naimi—and the response has been very positive.

“I have customers bring their water bottles in from home to fill up with alkaline water. They come back again and again. People come in here buying a gallon here and there. Sometimes as a promotion, we give away free alkaline water to our repeat customers.”

Windy is the perfect water ionizer evangelist. Without hesitating, Windy lists off creative ways that she uses alkaline or acid water in her home. “I cook with the alkaline water all the time. I cook my beans with them, and they come out super tender. It’s good stuff. I even carry a little bottle of acid water I keep with me in my purse and I spray my face with it. It’s a wonderful skin toner.”

A Long and Successful History in Alternative Health

With all of its useful trends and health benefits, it’s a wonder why the trend hasn’t been introduced to the United States sooner. The ionizer has been used as a medical device in Korea and Japan for over 40 years, and has been popping up in mainstream holistic health circles for the last decade in the United States and Europe. Part purifier, part electrolysis machine, a water ionizer produces two categories of water: alkaline and acid water. Alkaline drinking water is reported to offer health benefits such as bowel regularity, clearer skin, more energy, faster post-workout recovery time, and is a natural antioxidant. Acid water, is strictly for topical use, and is an excellent skin toner and organic counter-top sanitizer.

Naimi himself is now a believer in the practical uses of a water ionizer. He says he uses the acid water to wash his face in the morning.  The cut flowers adorning the tables in the Roxy are watered with acid water, according to Windy.  Acid water is a natural skin toner, a fact which Naimi has noticed from using it as aftershave on his own skin. “Besides drinking alkaline water, I use acid water to take home and wash my face, spot-clean my clothes.” He has a small puppy, which he occasionally washes with acid water, making his coat shiny and clean. Moreover, he says, the puppy likes the alkaline water for drinking too!

Article courtesy of Kathryn Wells
Photo credits courtesy of Kevin Oskow

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  1. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the shout-out. That’s quite a hefty excerpt! If you’re going to reproduce the article on your site, I’d appreciate if you would include a link back to my site,

    Photo credits should be directed to Kevin Oskow of

    I’m sure Shoja would also appreciate a link back to The Roxy.

    Kathryn Wells

    • Hi Kathryn:

      Thanks for your contribution and for stopping by. We can all learn from the work of others and we are grateful for your effort.

      You are right about the hefty exerpt, as you had a lot of information that was pertinent to those of us that are intererested in the water. I omitted the parts about the restaurant and menu because most people have a limited amount of time. I try to keep people interested in the part about water before they head off in another direction.

      I don’t know how to do links, but I will ask Bernard (the man that helps me with the internet part of this blog) about it.

      • Hi Rob,
        Thank you for the link, and thank you for sharing information about the alkaline water industry. I still can’t really understand how the water works, but if anyone offered me alkaline water vs. bottled water, I would take alkaline water every time. It tastes way better, and it sounds funny to say that some water is more “watery” than other water, but I can honestly say that alkaline water is more hydrating than regular water, because I feel more energized when I’m drinking alkaline water over regular water.

        • Hi Kathryn:

          Thanks for joining us.

          The concept of how the water works is really complex and really simple at the same time. The best scientific minds in the world don’t understand exactly how the water works. In simple terms, the water is split into two streams, one acidic and one alkaline. You drink the alkaline water and use the acidic water on your skin as an astringent. The health benefits of drinking the water are significant for many people. The alkaline water helps your body to become more alkaline, which is the natural state for the human body.

          Many other people that drink the water also find that they experience an increase in their energy levels, so you are not alone :)

  2. Rob, Fins Restaurant here in Australia has been serving alkaline ionized water for the last five years. Not everything begins in California

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