When will you notice your health improving after you start drinking alkaline water?

Water ionizers provide incredible benefits to the people that drink water from these simple machines.  Some see significant benefits right away, while it takes months for others to notice a difference at all.  Regardless of the timing, drinking alkaline water helps.  

I noticed the results the first week, as my 15 year battle with acid reflux disappeared in days.  The arthritis in my joints that was ruining my life disappeared in weeks.   My wife on the other hand didn’t notice any changes for a few months until it suddenly occurred to her that she no longer had problems with constipation or bloating.

The difference in timing for recognizing the benefits is usually related to the diet of the person drinking the water.  The more healthy your diet, the less noticeable the effects of adding alkaline water.  People with acid reflux, arthritis, diabetes, or those who are overweight tend to notice the benefits much faster than people who have a healthy diet consisting primarily of fruits and vegetables.   I was a terrible eater, so the changes came quickly for me.  My wife has always loved her greens, so it took awhile for her.

The 3% of people in our society that eat a diet that consists of 80% alkaline foods probably don’t need a water ionizer, but the rest of us do.  Even vegetarians benefit from drinking ionized water.  I have spoken to a number of vegetarians that were unable to attain an alkaline pH for their body fluids (measured by a saliva swab) until they began drinking ionized water.  

Your health is not all about being alkaline, but it is definitely an important factor.  Your body is supposed to be alkaline but we keep filling ourselves up with acidic foods and drinks.  Converting to an alkaline diet is difficult, but it is a worthwhile exercise.  During the conversion process, you can rely upon ionized water to help.  Once you start drinking alkaline water, you will never stop.  Your body knows the difference, whether you become aware of it right away, or it takes awhile.

 This article is not intended as medical advice and is the solely the opinion of the author.

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