Ionized Water Doesn’t Reduce the Efficacy of Chemotherapy

I wrote an article recently about a lady in Washington who used her water ionizer to help her through her chemotherapy for breast cancer.  The high pH alkaline water, which is full of antioxidants, helped her sail through her chemo treatments with minimal side effects and without her missing a day of work.

Everyone, including Naturopathic Doctors and Medical Doctors, are always demanding “hard” evidence regarding the use of ionized water.  The following article, written by Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D and submitted to this blog by our good friend Gabe at iesolutions, represents another small step in the mounting evidence for the case for alkaline ionized water.

I have included appropriate sections(to save you time) of  the article written by Dr. Hoffer below.   The article, adds to the anecdotal evidence that I have been building about the benefits of using antioxidants, in the form of ionized water, can help deal with the side effects of chemotherapy.    While the article deals with Vitamin C, as opposed to ionized water, both substances are strong antioxidants.

The following are quotes from the article “High Doses of Antioxidants Including Vitamin C Do Not Decrease the Efficacy of Chemotherapy” written by Abraham Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. :

In Dr. Hoffer’s article, he claims that high doses of Antioxidants including Vitamin C do not decrease the efficacy (effectiveness) of chemotherapy.   Dr. Hoffer states: “The idea that the use of antioxidants decreases the efficacy of chemotherapy is being used more and more by orthodox oncologists. It is based upon their hypothesis that anything which decreases the oxidant effect of drugs will decrease the efficacy of chemotherapy. More and more I hear this from my patients after they are diagnosed and chemotherapy is discussed with them by their oncologists. This opinion is not universal, but my guess is that about 75% of oncologists hold this view.”

Dr.  Hoffer goes on to say ” Their view is that chemotherapy destroys tumor tissue because it introduces powerful oxidation products, free radicals, and that anything which decreases that must interfere with treatment. They know they are using sub-lethal amounts of toxic compounds which would never pass FDA standards in any different context. The aim is to kill all the tumor tissue without killing all the other tissues in the body. This is always a close call. Therefore, since vitamin C is a good antioxidant it must not be given with chemotherapy. One of my patients was told by his oncologist that if he took vitamin C he would not be given any chemotherapy.”

Dr. Hoffer then questions the real facts.  He states ” The first fact is that there are no clinical series which show that patients given vitamin C and chemotherapy fare worse than those not given this vitamin. On the contrary, all the published series show just the opposite. I have treated over 1,100 cases with large doses of vitamin C and most of them had chemotherapy.(1-4) I have examined the follow up data and find that the mean difference on prolongation of life was heavily in favor of the use of the vitamins. In the first series I published with Linus Pauling those patients on my program lived 10 to 20 times as long as the patients not receiving the vitamin.”   Dr. Hoffer states that the patients on his orthomolecular program live substantially longer and about 40% achieved over four year cure rates.

Dr. Hoffner points out that Kedar N. Prasad et al. (5) recently reviewed 71 scientific papers, and found no evidence that antioxidants did interfere with the therapeutic effect of chemotherapy and, on the contrary, suggest the hypothesis that it would increase the efficacy.  He is properly cautious, but anyone reading his paper knows that it is clear the probability that these antioxidants prevent the therapeutic activity of chemotherapy is very low, and the probability that they do the opposite, i.e enhance the action of these toxic drugs, is relatively high. Prasad et al. (6) concluded, “Antioxidants such as retinoids, vitamin E, vitamin C and carotenoids inhibit the growth of cancer cells. These antioxidants individually, and in combination, enhance the effects of x-irradiation, chemotherapeutic agents, and certain biological response modifiers such as hyperthermia, sodium butyrate and interferon, on cancer cells. Antioxidants individually protect normal cells against some of the toxicities produced by these therapeutic agents. Therefore, the fear of oncologists and radiation therapists that these antioxidants may protect cancer cells against free radicals that are generated by these agents is unfounded. It should be pointed out that other antioxidants such as sulfhydryl compounds will protect cancer cells at least against radiation damage. This is not true for any of the proposed antioxidant vitamins and carotenoids.”

Dr. Hoffer points out that “oncologists have no objection to using xenobiotic antioxidants during chemotherapy. This includes Amifostine which decreases the toxicity of radiation but is too toxic on its own and is not used; Mesna, a drug used around the world to protect against the toxic side effects of ifosfamide which damages the urinary system; and Cardiozane, which counters Adriamycin’s toxicity. There are over 500 papers showing the safety of the latter drug. In one clinical trial using a drug similar to Adriamycin, one-quarter of the patients suffered damage to their hearts. When given Cardiozane concurrently only 7% did. Thus it appears that only orthomolecular or natural antioxidants are potentially dangerous. Synthetic antioxidants protect against the toxic effect of drugs but do not increase their therapeutic value. In sharp contrast, natural antioxidants not only protect against the toxic effect of drugs but also increase their efficacy in destroying cancer cells.” 

Geez this guy is good!

Dr. Hoffer tells us that he has followed up my patients since 1977.  Dr. Hoffer tells us that very few of his patients that received chemotherapy but not antioxidants survived very long.  He then points out that chemotherapy is used by many oncologists who know it will not extend life, because there is nothing else that they can do and they feel they have to do something.  This is the exact same message offered by Suzanne Somers in her excellent book on cancer called “Knockout”.

If you or a family member or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, I strongly suggest that you read the entire article by clicking on the following link: and also pick up a copy of Knockout.  In the meantime, do yourself a favor and make sure that you eat alkaline foods and drink alkaline diet.  It is better to avoid getting cancer in the first place, and it is your control.

If you have come across articles or research about the benefits of alkaline water, or if you want to share your own story, please let me know.  I can only do so much on my own, and the rest is up to the contributions of the readers.  This blog has been created to help educate other about the water, without any hidden agenda.  Please help me help others.

The information contained in this article is offered by the quoted parties and by the author himself.  This article is not intended to be offered as medical advice.  Always consult your care giver with any health issues.

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  1. I think you are doing a great job here Rob. This is the only website where an expert gives impartial opinions about water ionizers and purifiers. All the other water ionizer sites are just marketing hype and they just repeat what each other are saying.

    I certainly learnt something new here today. Until I read this article I did not know that chemotherapy drugs were supposed to destroy tumors by introducing powerful oxidation products – free radicals. The fact that an anti free radical like vitamin C taken at the same time does not diminish the effectiveness of chemotherapy shows how little cancer specialists really know about how these drugs work.

    • Hi Maurice:

      Thanks so much for the compliment.

      I don’t think it is possible for anyone to have an opinion that is impartial, because the very nature of an opinion is that it is an expression of one’s thoughts. For example, I think that it is outrageous that the government and big business in the USA are kicking the crap out of the EPA these days because nothing is more important the clean healthy water. I also think the antioxidant filters make a lot more sense in terms of value than water ionizers unless people purchase water ionizers for reasons beyond healthy drinking water.

      The success rate of cancer therapies are only 5% more successful today that they were 60 years ago. To make matters worse, a “cure” is measured by someone living 5 years once they have been diagnosed with cancer. Anyone that has been around cancer patients understands that a five year marker is a totally inappropriate measure of a “cure”

      Medical doctors know almost nothing about cancer. The accepted protocols are a a joke for most types of cancer. Our medical schools should be teaching people how to avoid getting cancer in the first place so that doctors can pass the information on to the public.

  2. My husband is going through chemo right now. He is stage four. colon/liver/lungs, lymph nodes. His Oncologist does not agree with the Alkaline Diet, which, as you know, is to try to level off or just below the levels most of us live with, with all the junk foods etc of today. His statement is that there is no proof that this Alkaline VS Acid Foods has any merit. He says that the body itself tries to correct this on it’s own and concentrating on alkalizing foods in diets only causes the body to fight harder to keep the levels to normal in the body. He states that ‘he would like anyone to show him proof and where has it been approved of by the Cancer Institute of America research?’ I happen to agree, even with my limited knowledge, that the alkalizing food diet, vegan diets, vegetarian diets have shown proof of healing and a healthier living, even in my husbands family. My problem is reaction as I’ve been told about substances such at Green Teas, Grapefruit drinks, any antioxidants could interfere with the Chemo treatment’s strength. I need absolute honesty and truth. My husband is 72yrs. He needs all the truth and honesty to help fight this monster that has done it’s best to take over his body. As you will understand, we want to do all we can to win this battle. We are very short of funds, and we feel we are left to fend for ourselves in some cases thru this nightmare. We do absolutely trust his Oncologist, He has only the best interest for his patients. He is top drawer in his field, but, we need to do something on our end. My husbands initial therapy right now, consists of FOLFOX3 bevacizumab. It will go to a stronger dosage as we go forward.
    Please, let me know, since I am his wife of 46yrs and caretaker. With the guidance of the Good Lord and medical help, I want to do all that I can to help him through this.
    Thank you, Florence

    • Hi Florence! I know that your letter was sent 2014…Anyway, let me share you this… my friend who was at stage 3 colon cancer only had radiation treatment for she resisted to get chemotherapy. Instead, she made herself took something that will make her body alkalinic. What she did was she took baking soda (1tsp/day) with water and drink it within a day 1 hour before every meal (taste was not good) . She did that everyday for a month and then 3x/week on 2nd-5th month. Now she’s cancer free! Tests and followups are clear.

      • Hi Bayani:

        My Dad was a medical doctor. Every night that I can remember, he stirred a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of water and drank it. He died of cancer.

        I think it is important that we let the medical doctors give the medical advice. Unfortunately, the medical doctors in western medicine have been giving bad advice about cancer for 60 years and nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

        I know a medical doctor in the USA that cures cancer. The state of Texas suspended his medical license because you are not allowed to cure cancer in the USA. What a crazy world we live in.

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