Arthritis Pain Halted by Ionized Water When an Alkaline Diet Fails

When I was in the water ionizer business and more recently with my blog, I have had the pleasure to speak with many health conscious people who have asked me about ionized water.  Many of the people have been vegetarians or vegans, while others have been careful with their diets.  In most cases, these well informed people restrict their diet to 20% or less acidic foods as recommended, but they find it is not enough to achieve a body pH level close to 7.0. As a result, they sometimes feel short of energy or they have symptoms such as arthritis.  

When I speak to the same people after they have been drinking ionized water for some time, they report back that their body pH level has increased and they feel better.  

This video below has been provided by Ian Hamilton of Alkaway in Australia:

Untitled from Ian Hamilton on Vimeo.


Ian has sponsored 30 day testing trials of the water from his Jupiter machines, and the results speak for themselves.  The video features a testimonial from Sandra, a professional nutritionist for 25 years.  She has eaten a proper alkaline diet (80% alkaline and 20% acidic) for years, but had been experiencing joint pain for a couple of years.  Prior to testing  Sandra’s body pH was very acidic (pH of 4.5) .  After 30 days of drinking 1.5 litres of alkaline water per day, Sandra’s body pH increased to 6.5.  Her arthritis started going away after a few days and disappeared completely after 30 days.

The results that Sandra experienced matched my own very closely when I started drinking alkaline water.  I suffered badly from arthritis in several joints, and the arthritis was severly restricting my quality of life.  I don’t remember specifically when the arthritis started getting better, but I was completely free of arthritis within 30 days.  I have not taken any medication for my arthritis since I started drinking the water about 28 months ago.

Please take 5 minutes and watch the video that Ian has sent to us.  I find that the video bogs down after about 70 seconds on my computer, but then it picks up again.  If you have arthritis, you will find the video encouraging.  Thanks again Ian.

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