Great Prices On Electric Water Ionizers….It’s About Time

I know from first hand experience that electric water ionizers work. My positive experiences with the water have been experienced by tens of thousands of others, including several hundred that I have spoken with. I think every human being can benefit from purified ionized water. While naysayers like Mercola and Lower deny the benefits of ionized water, they clearly haven’t tried drinking the water for extended periods of time, or they have simply sold their souls for money.

Unfortunately, the fact that the machines work well doesn’t help an industry that won’t help itself. The failure of the industry to put a stop to the nonsense spouted by Mercola and others boggles the mind.

I’m seeing companies getting out of or scaling back electric water ionizer sales. The company that took over the machines that I had in my inventory when I retired is an online company that sells various types of electric water ionizers and an antioxidant filter. Despite their belief that electric water ionizers provide wonderful benefits, they have decided to focus on the much more affordable antioxidant filters. They are offering great deals on some of their stuff. You can reach them at 1-888-852-5266. They won’t advertise their prices because they don’t want to bring harm to other resellers in the industry by setting a precedent. I can’t see how you will ever be able to get a better deal.

If other electric water ionizer dealers decide to get out of the business and want to liquidate inventory, I would be happy to pass along the information to the public so that they can take advantage of the deals.

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