Pets and alkaline water

It is amazing to me that so many people treat their toys and power tools better than they treat their own bodies. Take cars for example. We give them the proper fuel (gas) and lubrication (oil). We rotate the tires and we take them in for regular tune ups. We buff them and polish them. The list goes on but you know what I mean.

As a dog lover who happens to live in a household with 7 cats (try and figure that one out), I can tell you that our cats get the royal treatment. We feed them the right food and the right amount of food. We play with them and love them. We clean up after them. They get regular check ups and our vet has a higher social status at our house than our family physician. Despite all the great treatment, we don’t spoil our cats compared to many pet owners. If you visit a PetSmart/PetValue/Petco, you will see a myriad of toys, cleaning products, and accessories that will boggle your mind.

One of the pet store chains in Canada recently began testing the VYVwater pitcher (see with the idea of offering low cost alkaline water to pet owners across Canada. The pet store chain has been focusing on alkaline diets for pets in their stores because they have taken the time to understand the benefits. I agree with their thinking as the “cat circus that we call home” has provided plenty of evidence in support over the years. In fact, I wrote an article titled “Cats know which drinking water is best” three years ago (see:

I have been writing about alkaline water for 6 years but my articles only reach about 12,000 health “nuts”. The thought that it might take the 100 million households in America that own pets to wake up society to benefits of drinking alkaline water has me shaking my head this morning. Hopefully the pet owners will have the good sense to drink the water themselves.

If you know a pet owner (that should cover pretty much everyone), please share this article with them or like this article on Facebook. It doesn’t matter how the word gets out there, it is just important that people learn about the water and how important it can be to health of both you and your pets.

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