Ragweed Season: Don’t Forget Your Alkaline Water

I have had a crazy summer in terms of blowing away my daily routines. I personally think that closing a house sale in the middle of summer should be illegal…I also feel the same way about summer weddings!!!!

Our summer “Move” has come at a great cost in terms of a displacement of daily rituals. One of the costs is the fact that I was without ionized water for a couple of months now. After more than four years of drinking the water, the negative affects have been less than I anticipated. My acid reflux has been minimal (I suspect that a little better diet also plays a role) and my arthritis has been virtually non-existant. Now those may not be big issues to people who don’t suffer from acid reflux or arthritis, but for fellow sufferers, you know how wonderful the relief can be. The one real difference I have experienced since being off ionized water is that my allergy to ragweed has returned after a four year absence.

I have been allergic to ragweed since I was a teen. The period from mid August to the first frost was always a very difficult time for me despite the annual needles in the spring and trips to the pharmacy. I was literally a walking advertisement for a flu commercial for 35 years before I started drinking ionized water. As soon as I drank the water, my allergy to ragweed “disappeared”.

I recently went out and purchase a couple of jugs of ionized water because my units are packed away somewhere in storage. I’m happy to report that as soon as I got back on the water the sneezing stopped and I can breathe again :)

Still quiet here.sas

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