Erectile Dysfunction and Ionized Water

I never saw the day coming when I thought I would be writing about Erectile Dysfunction. The subject never occurred to me and nobody ever talks about it…ever!

Statistics indicate that 20 million American men suffer from ED. Really? How can that be when nobody talks about it? Don’t you find it odd that our society (through the media and internet) is so preoccupied with sex and yet nobody talks about ED?

So what prompted me to bring up such a taboo subject? Certainly not any discussion that I have had because I have never had a friend or associate even mention the subject. I came across the subject when I was researching Diabetes. My interest in Type 2 Diabetes (which accounts for about 95% of all cases of Diabetes) comes from my many discussions with people who have been able to dramatically reduce or eliminate their Type 2 Diabetes prescriptions when they started drinking ionized water and eating properly.

What has Diabetes got to do with Erectile Dysfunction?

It turns out to be a lot. Research indicates that 50% of all men who have Diabetes end up experiencing Erectile Dysfunction within ten years. Really? Yup!

Isn’t the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes escalating rapidly? Yup! Hmmm!

Facts about Diabetes

* 20 – 26 million Americans have diabetes (depending upon which studies you read)
* 40 – 79 million more Americans have pre-diabetes (depending upon which studies you read)…ie… people who have elevated blood sugar levels which means they are working their way towards getting Type 2 Diabetes….yikes!
* according to a study in the UK by a group called Diabetes UK, middle aged men are twice as likely to suffer Type 2 diabetes than women due to lifestyle (see:

Let’s Do the Math…Or…The Ugly Truth

To save an argument about which statistical study you believe, let’s use a number of 60 million people in America (the half way point between 40 million and 79 million) who will likely become diabetic in the coming years.

Let’s also assume that 2/3 of the new cases will be men based upon the UK study. Perhaps the 2/3 percentage is high, but it makes sense to me as it certainly seems that women in general take better care of their bodies than men.

So…if there are going to be 60 million more cases of Type 2 Diabetes in the USA in the coming years and 2/3 of the cases will be men, one could assume that 40 million more men will be afflicted with Type 2 Diabetes. If 50% of those men will suffer from ED within ten years, we are talking about another 20 million American men who will likely suffer from ED.

That can’t be a good thing…for the men or their partners! I know that the intimacy derived from a healthy sex life with my wife has always been important to us. I imagine it is similar for others as well. It seems to me that ED would only further complicate an already complicated world.

What can you do about this?

The answer is easy….don’t get Type 2 Diabetes.

Ok, but how do you do that?

Again, the answer is easy….build your diet around alkaline foods and drinks instead of acidic foods and drinks.

The major cause of Type 2 diabetes is an acidic diet based upon an over indulgence of sugar, and a lack of exercise. Many of us head to the gym or participate in sports to help reshape our body, but any trainer will tell you that you are wasting your time if you don’t control what you put in your mouth. You can work out all you want, but 80% to 90% of the results will be determined by what you eat.

Unfortunately, making healthy changes to your diet is more difficult that you might think. The changes required often go against the grain of a lifetime of bad eating habits. Sugars and white flour are not healthy food choices and they make up a significant percentage of what many of us eat. Replacing sugars and flour in your diet with fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds often takes time.
Many people have found that the best place to start the journey to a new and healthier body is to drink alkaline water. You need to replace the water that your body uses up every day, so why not start by drinking water that helps your body become healthy. The effort is minimal and the results are often dramatic. Many Type 2 Diabetes sufferers find that they can reduce or eliminate their meds altogether when they start drinking ionized water. You can find very affordable water ionizers (about $300) that will help you get started. In the worst case, you will be drinking clean and healthy water that will actually save you money when compared to bottled water or sugar based (and therefore harmful) drinks.

Drinking alkaline water will help, but it won’t fix everything. . Introducing more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds into your diet to replace the overload of processed sugary and acidic foods will slowly help you change the internal environment of your body. As you begin to feel and look better, you may find that, like many others who start the journey to a healthier lifestyle, you will start eating better . The benefits often begin to compound and you may find that you start to become more active.

You can definitely prevent and even get rid of Type 2 Diabetes with a proper diet and exercise. The connection between Type 2 Diabetes and ED is real. While men suffer directly from ED, the problem obviously affects couples as well. Don’t be a victim….this is something that you can actually control by making changes.

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