Electric Versus Natural Water Ionzer Update

When I was selling electric water ionizers a few years ago, I was selling about 50 Tyent machines per month. Today, it seems like nobody wants them. I recently wrote an article about how cancer patients or others with serious illnesses could purchase machines from the leading brands for half price. That means no profit for the sellers. The dealers participating in the program tell me that there has been very little interest. How can that be? If people won’t buy electric water ionizers from an authorized dealer for half price, then the industry is in more trouble than I thought.

I keep hearing that Enagic is selling 5,000 machines each month in the USA. That may be true but I’m certainly not seeing it or hearing about it. I assume that most of Enagic’s sales are to people who get involved because of the “business opportunity”. My assumption is based upon the fact that when I listen to Enagic conference calls, they are almost entirely dedicated to teaching sales reps how to recruit new reps and how to overcome objections about the high cost of their products. If Enagic focused their efforts on educating distributors about how and why the water works, they would be doing the world a lot more good.

It will be interesting to see how long Enagic can continue to sell the “business opportunity” dream. It seems that the tougher the economy gets, the more desperate people become. Enagic offers hope to those that are looking for something, anything, to help them survive. It actually reminds me of lottery ticket sales where the people that can least afford the tickets end up buying the most.

The consensus when I talk to dealers for other brands of water ionizers is that sales continue to stagnate or fall.

Non-Electric Water Ionizer Sales Continue To Grow

The only good news as far as I am concerned on the water ionizer front continues to be the slow but steady growth of natural (non-electric) water ionizer units. The natural water ionizers make sense on many levels. However, I think the main reason for their success is the fact that people can afford them.

Traditional electric water ionizer dealers typically shun the natural water ionizers because the profit that each sale generates is small. However, the dealers that I have spoken to who sell the natural ionizers love them because they deliver the same health benefits and they are easy to sell.

As time passes, the evidence mounts that natural water ionizers produce water that is just as healthy, if not more healthy, than electric water ionizers. Given the substantial difference in the price of the two systems, it seems inevitable that natural water ionizers are the future of the industry.

More Natural Water Ionizers Coming

As usual, I continue to research and perform testing. I also spend a lot of time talking on the telephone to the leading chemical engineers in the water industry and the leading manufacturers. I have recently been testing two new natural filters on behalf of American companies and the results are impressive.

It looks like that there will be more natural water ionizers entering the American market. It makes sense that the new developments are all coming from the natural end of the water ionizer industry because of the sales trends. I like the fact that new products are being developed in the States as opposed to Asia. The safety requirements in America are much tougher than they are in Asia. Quality control is also much better in hte States. Last but definitely not least is the fact that it will be nice to support American manufacturers. I will keep everyone posted as I learn more.

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