Sleep – – Julie

Julie is by far the most complicated client I’ve met with.  Her list of symptoms was incredible…in a bad way.

Her biggest frustration was that her energy level was so low she could barely function at times.  If she did anything remotely physical today, then tomorrow was spent being sedentary.

Her initial comments were fairly standard.  Increased urination and increased thirst.  She wanted to drink a lot.  In fact, she drank so much initially that she suffered from some detox symptoms.  Muscle/joint aches and a slight headache.

Within the 1st week, she noticed her blood sugar went from routinely around 250-260 to a much more stable 150-160. She commented that her clothes were fitting better and that her energy level was up.  She was semi-functioning again.

By the 3rd week, she stopped taking insulin and her blood sugar maintained the 140-150 level.  She was sleeping better and feeling refreshed with each new day.

So I stopped the water.  The symptoms came back much quicker than they went away.  Her blood sugar was much more erratic and her energy level dropped almost immediately.

Still quiet

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