Eczema – – P. Gasson, Newtown NSW


June 2010

I’m writing this testimonial because when I first heard of ionized water through a mate of mine, I thought of it as bullshit science but my wife convinced me to give it a try.

I have been drinking about a litre a day of the alkaline water for the last 3 weeks and am yet to feel any major change internally. I know that I should be drinking a lot more but its a start.

I have however in a very quick time seen a remarkable turnaround in my skin using the acid water. I have suffered for over 30yrs with A-Topic Eczema. It travels around my body finding weak spots to settle and causes no end of grief. For the last 2 years I have had it on my face and behind my ears resulting in my face being red all the time, itchy and very uncomfortable. I had been using a cortisone cream (steroid cream) on my face every 2-3 days to help keep it at bay. Since using the acid water (3 weeks) and simply splashing it on my face morning and night I have not used the cream, which is just bloody amazing! The Eczema is still there but is easily 200% better, the itching and scabs from cracking skin have gone. If only I could eat better (less dairy I am told) and cut down on the red wine I reckon it would disappear all together.

Anyway one step at a time, I will keep at it and let you know how it goes. Thanks Jody for the advice and the understanding of my skepticism.

P. Gasson. J.P
Newtown NSW

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