Hybrid Water Ionizer($269) Now 75% Off

I have met some amazing people and made some great friends over the past 7 years while blogging about water. In my early years of blogging about water, I was attracted to the alkaline story and as a consequence, the people in it. In the last two to three years, as I leaned more and more about how molecular hydrogen “H2” is responsible for all of the health benefits claimed by the alkaline marketing people, I have be drawn to the people in the H2 industry.

It is interesting how the H2 and the alkaline people are similar in some ways (they both want to save the world) and how they are different in other ways (the H2 people have a strong thirst for scientific proof while the alkaline people are more willing to accept anecdotal evidence). I have a background in science so I ended up on the H2 “team” over time but I’m not judging the people on either side of the story as most of the participants are people that you would want as neighbors.

I know, get to the deal!

The owner of one of the companies that sold alkaline products for years has moved over to the H2 story and has decided to blow out the last of his inventory of Hybrid alkaline water ionizers for $269. That represent 75% off the retail price of $895. I have been complaining about the high profit margins of alkaline water ionizers for years but I never thought I would see them selling for $269.

Being a cynic, my first inclination when reading this would be to say: “So why are you pumping an alkaline water ionizer when you say you are a H2 guy now?” In fact, that is the first thing I asked myself as I was about to write this article.

I like lists as they are easier for me to read and understand, so here goes:

* Alkaline water ionizers can and do make molecular hydrogen at the cathode during electrolysis
* The problem is that the cathode gets scaled up from calcium buildup within a week or two because calcium precipitates out of solution when the pH level rises. When the cathode scales up, it stops producing H2
* That means the ionizing chamber (where the cathode is located) should be cleaned every week (if your water is hard) or 2 weeks (if your water is soft)
* IMO, the best alkaline water ionizer (which are all pretty much the same otherwise) is the unit that is the easiest to clean, or the unit which allows you to introduce citric acid or vinegar into the chamber

Now to the punchline!

The Hybrid allows you to pour water into a container at the top of the unit (like a batch ionizer) or hook it up to the tap. In my experience (including the one I use at my cottage in the summer and the two that my sons used during their university days) nobody ever hooks it up to the tap. The same easy access allows you to pour a vinegar or citric acid solution into the container which makes the Hybrid the easiest alkaline water ionizer to clean on the market.

For my money, the Hybrid at $895 has been my alkaline water ionizer of choice for years (hence the fact that my family owns three of them). At $269, it’s a “no-brainer”. If you are trying to wade through the abyss of conflicting information about alkaline water ionizers, check out the Hybrid at www.scottfilters.ca before spending thousands of dollars. Based upon my experience, I bet you never buy an expensive alkaline water ionizer because you will be happy with the $269 unit.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Rob. I just saw this article last night. I called Scott today and ordered a Hybrid. Ultimately, I’d like to get a HIM2, but in the meantime, this will be much better than a basic water filtration system alone (I live in an apartment supplied by well water, so no permanent fixtures for the time being).

    I have had Kangen Water (from a dealer) in the past with noticeable detox effects, but of course, balked at the price. I think that’s how I found your blog in the first place, while doing homework on the Kangen. Then I got an AlkaStream filter and used that for 2 or 3 years. The water tasted great, but did not give the noticeable detox of the Kangen Water. I’m very excited about the detox and other changes that will occur with unlimited access to the water. Thanks again, Rob!

    • Hi Grace:

      We have used a Hybrid for years at our summer cottage. My boys both used Hybrids in their apartments while away at their universitities.

      The carbon filter in the Hybrid is not very effective at it is constantly exposed to air. It should not be a problem for you as you are on well water and therefore shouldn’t have chlorine in your water.

      • Rob,

        I was wondering about the filter and how difficult it would be to obtain replacements.

        Our water isn’t chlorinated, but without filtration, it has a strong sulfur smell and taste. We’ve been using a Pur for the time being (I know it’s not the best, but it makes a huge difference in terms of palatability), and I plan to continue to use that as a pre-treatment for the water. We plan on moving before the end of the year, and if we buy a home (we haven’t decided on renting or buying yet), we can then invest in a more substantial water treatment system, if needed. (Do HIM systems need pre-treated water?)

  2. Hello

    I would like to buy Hydrogene making machine and to put it just after my 6 stage RO system.
    Which model is the best for today ? HIM3 or what ?

    How do you think is it advisable to put HIM after RO 6th stage Alkaline filter or just before it ?

    Thanking you in advance

    • Hi Aydin:

      I have been using a HIM3 in my kitchen for a couple of years. I love it.

      If you want to learn how to buy the HIM3 at a discount, contact me privately so that I can tell you how to do it.

      If you get a HIM3, hook it up after your RO system.


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