Debunking Water Ionizer Myths

I have witnessed a lot of crazy “myths” being spun about water ionizers over the years. It is difficult to identify who are the “baddest” of the bad guys when the competition for the title is so deep and so fierce. The end result of all the nonsense has kept the water ionizer industry buried in the muck for years.

Water ionizers work in terms of creating health benefits. Let me restate that: they work until the plates in the water cell get scaled up from calcium precipitating out of the high pH water. When that happens, all the benefits, real or mythical disappear.

The introduction of the Hydrogen Infusion Machines (HIM’s) has given the industry a much needed new breath of life as the technology eliminates the formation of scale on the plates and infuses the hydrogen gas created during electrolysis into the water. It is the hydrogen gas that provides all the health benefits, not the mythical stories created by alkaline water marketing people.

Myths (False Claims of the Alkaline Water Ionizer Industry

The list is long but to spare you the pain of reading a mini-series, I will just list a few of the really nasty ones:


Doesn’t exist. The idea that alkaline water ionizers makes water molecules smaller and therefore give them the ability to be absorbed faster or more efficiently is absolute crap. The Enagic gang (and all the alkaline water ionizer pretenders) have propagated this pseudo-scientific nonsense for years despite the fact that the scientist debunked this marketing ploy years ago. It is mind boggling that Enagic would allow its sales representatives to use this mythical crap while knowing that the information was false. It is amazing what some companies deem “acceptable behavior” in the name of business.

    A Long List of Health Benefits Attributed to alkaline water:

The anecdotal evidence supporting the health benefits of alkaline water is long and well documented. Unfortunately, none of the benefits are attributable to the water being alkaline. The much fabled pH is a measure of the ration of H+ to OH-. Nothing more and nothing less. The scientists and medical communities never supported the alkaline story but more then 600 independent scientific studies support the benefits of hydrogen gas that can be produced by water ionizers to a limited degree if they are properly maintained (as in the necessity to clean the water cells weekly with citric or acetic acid).

If you want to learn the actual reason why water from water ionizers provide health benefits, you need to get away from the alkaline water ionizer company websites and check out the science. I suggest you visit (a website dedicated to the study of hydrogen gas), or , (the website of a company that actually took the time to learn about the science and then actually put in the work to come up with the industry leading Hydro Infusion Machine (HIM) unit.)

    Drinking alkaline water raises the pH of the body:

Any scientist or doctor can tell you that is simply not true. The notion that drinking alkaline water raises the pH of the body is ludicrous. The human body is incredibly efficient in maintaining a number of homeostatic balances and the control of the pH level is one of them. The pancreas emits bicarbonate (a highly effective buffer) at the point where the contents of the stomach leave to enter the small intestine. No matter what the pH is of the foods and drinks you consumer, the pH of the contents entering the duodenum is 8.1

    Alkaline water gives you energy:

You may feel more energy when you drink water because even a 2% drop in your level of hydration can decrease your mental and physical capacity by 10% to 15%. The solution is to drink water. The alkaline function has nothing to do with it. The alkaline industry seems to have blended the words alkaline and alkalinity together despite the face that they have nothing to do with each other. Alkaline water can give you energy if the water contains dissolved molecular hydrogen because gas penetrates at a sub-cellular level and delivers the needed hydrogen to mitochondria which creates energy in the Citric Acid (aka Kreb’s) Cycle. It is all about the hydrogen and has nothing to do with the pH of the water. If the plates of a water cell in an alkaline water ionizer are not cleaned once per week, they are unlikely to produce any dissolved hydrogen.

    The antioxidant properties of alkaline water

Once again, the properties are 100% attributable to the presence of dissolved hydrogen gas and has nothing to do with the pH. Are you detecting a pattern here?

    Cancer can grow in an alkaline environment:

This is not true and is perfect example of a salesperson misinterpreting the scientific evidence.

As I mentioned above, there are many alkaline water myths that have all been debunked. I can’t see how listing dozens of additional false claims would add to the conversation. If you don’t “get it” by now, you either don’t want to “get it” or you can’t be bothered.

7 Responses to Debunking Water Ionizer Myths

  1. extremely good and important information. Amazing, that I am the first to comment.

    • Hi Michael:

      Most people in the water ionizer industry don’t like the article because it questions many of the “accepted” beliefs that they use to sell their machines

  2. Anyway, extremely much information on this page. Thank you.

  3. Dear Rob,
    Thank you for this great article which woke me up to recheck some of my understanding of the pH water subject.

    1. I originally thought that by eating more green food, it helped to raise the overall pH in one body and whereby reduced the opportunities for cancer and other acidic-based disease. Since most people can’t eat enough green, drinking high pH water may help turned an acidic prone-body to an alkaline body. After reading your article about the stomach doesn’t care about pH level food or drink and probably neutralize everything, I am confused and wonder what is your thought about the benefit of eating whole alkaline food vs acidic food and drinking high pH water discussion? In other word, do you mean there is no benefit to eating green food or high pH water?

    2. If ca+ and magnesium+ mineral is all that needed, then should we just take mineral supplement which contains those essential mineral rather than drinking mineral water?

    As I am still learning about this subject, I sincerely appreciate any honest answer which you have been generously providing. Thank you.


  4. Thank you so much for your article. I have been researching water filters just recently because of some health issues I’ve had. I have been using RO water for 5 years and have had indigestion issues, constipation, and decreased bone density every year. I was surprised to find out that RO water strips all minerals out of it. No wonder I’ve had so many Muscle spasms in my legs. I was never told it took all minerals out. I have just purchased a Vitev filter system (non electric) and am hopeful that it will improve my health. It is difficult to get good information because everyone is arguing about this subject and trying to prove that they are right. Hooray for your information.

    • Hi Gwen:

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m sure everyone would appreciate it if you would let us know the new product works for you.

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