Please Help Me Make WaterFYI More Effective

The story and video from Dr. Mercola last Friday could have been a huge blow to the water ionizer industry in North America. Fortunately, we, and by that I mean everyone in the water ionizer industry, jumped all over the story and Dr. Mercola ended up looking like a greedy marketing guy that didn’t bother to do his homework.

The “shot” taken by Dr. Mercola wasn’t the first, and it definitely won’t be the last. We have witnessed the dubious, but successful, website efforts of the infamous Stephen Lower in the past.  Stephen Lower is an ex-chemist who created the website that claims ionized water is “snake oil”. A number of people, including myself (see have written articles that clearly illustrate that the quack watcher is indeed the quack.  I have documented proof that the man has admitted that he believes the water probably works, but he won’t admit it on his website.  The fact that Stephen Lower is referenced as a source on Wikipedia under the topic of water ionizers is an abomination.  If anyone here knows how to edit material on Wikipedia, please feel free to right the wrong. 

The point of bringing up Mercola and Lower, is that anyone with a Dr. designation (as in Medical for Mercola and Chemist for Lower) can and do say whatever they want without any evidence. Both of the gentlemen in question have admitted that they have never tried the water, or tested the water, or made the effort to contact people who have benefited from the water.

I don’t have the hundreds of millions of dollars and ten or more years of my life to dedicate to get water ionizers approved by the FDA.  Even if I had the money and the time, I doubt that water ionizers would ever be approved because the pharmaceutical companies would never allow it to happen.  When I started drinking ionized water, I was taking Arthrotec for my arthritis, Pantoloc for my acid reflux, Polinex R for my ragweed allergy, and my physician wanted me to start on a Lipidor prescription to control my cholesterol. I have been drinking the water for over two years without taking any drugs, and all of the health issues have disappeared. Imagine the degree of  financial devastation that would be inflicted upon the pharmas if people actually started getting healthy.

Can We Make a Difference?

Somebody or something needs to stand up for the water ionizer industry and spread the story. As a retired person who is passionate about the benefits of ionized water, I volunteer for the job. Unfortunately, I’m only one man, who doesn’t get paid for his efforts. I can’t begin to compete with the pharmas, or even the research team of someone like Dr. Mercola. While this site now receives over 100 hits per day, Mercola’s site receives 20 million hits per month.  I have a long long long way to go.

Here is how you can help

1) If you are a water ionizer dealer, please share your stories with us.  You don’t have to worry about competitive issues because I’m not in business. I will be happy to post your name and website as a reference as a thank you for your contribution. You won’t have to worry about the authorities contacting you, because this site will be responsible for the testimonial as I will write the story.  I will need to verify that accuracy of your story of course so that readers can rely upon the truthfulness of the story.

2) If you are a water ionizer dealer, please add a link to this site on your website so that your potential customers can read about water and water ionizers from an unbiased source.  People will appreciate your desire to provide information for them without you having to spend the huge amount of time that I have spent on this blog.

3) If you are a person that drinks ionized water and want to share your story so that others can learn from your experience, I would love to hear from you.  I can’t offer any financial incentive, but I can offer my sincere thanks for helping with the cause. 

I’m doing my best, but I can only do so much on my own. While waiting for the numerous scientific studies to be completed in America to prove the value of the water, we can be compiling a mountain of evidence from true stories that can be verified. If the evidence is created through altruistic means as opposed to having a financial agenda, we can make a real difference.  I can tell you first hand, that it is incredibly rewarding to receive the phone calls and emails from people telling me that the water has helped saved a loved one’s life or made their life better by reducing or eliminating a physical problem. 

Come and play with me….the sandbox is big enough for all of us.

10 Responses to Please Help Me Make WaterFYI More Effective

  1. Hi Rob,

    Count me in. This site is a wonderful resource for people from all over the world. I couldn’t agree more that we (the people) need a centralized site to come and share our stories.

    Testimonials coming your way soon.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Hi Jody:

      Great to hear from you. I understand you are making great strides in Oz. They are lucky to have you down under!

      I look forward to hearing how your customers are making out with the water.

  2. Deal. You’re site is already linked on my blog [].

    I started drinking the water around the first of March 2010 and have not suffered from allergies since. it took a few months to notice, but after 30+ yrs of miserable springs/falls, this year has felt great. Boosting my alkalinity is the only thing I’ve changed.

    Thanks for what you do Rob.

    • Hi Gabe:

      I was hoping you would participate. You are a true friend of this blog.

      I have had the same success with my ragweed allergy which had ruined my life for about 6 to 8 weeks every fall. At the start of the ragweed season this year, I didn’t have my water for about a week and I was sneezing and miserable. The worst part was being unable to sleep because I couldn’t breath through my nose and my mouth would get dry and wake me up. A couple days of being back on the water fixed everything right up.

  3. Rob,
    Will help whenever I can. I have been drinking the water for 3 weeks now and honestly don’t know if I’m noticing anything at this time. But I understand that time is often a factor. My big hope is that having been exposed to Agent Orange that this alkaline water will help offset some of the effects that I’ve started to notice.

    By the way. Great articles lately. A few of us have had our questions on stomach acidity and alkaline water answered by what you have posted.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi David:

      Thanks for your continuing support.

      When my wife and I got started on the water, I noticed tremendous improvements in my acid reflux within a week, and my arthritis in about 4 weeks. My wife on the other hand didn’t notice any significant benefit for about six months when she realized that she no longer suffered from constipation or bloating. Before starting on the water, my wife’s diet was very good while my diet was very acidic. It appears that everyone reacts differently to the water.

      Thanks for the compliments on the articles. It is nice to see that Dr. Young came through with an intelligent piece instead of resorting to the cut and paste for his first effort.

  4. Hi, David,

    may i suggest Detoxamin? It’s a chelation product for serious detox like yours. I use it myself and I am impressed. Ask them for their DVD. Very impressive science.

    • Hi Ian:

      Thanks for the info. I hope David has success with it

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    • Hi Varun:

      You have come to the right place to find people interested in water. Good luck with your efforts.

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