Will H2 sales ever catch fire?

There is a huge amount of scientific evidence to support the fact that molecular hydrogen gas (H2) is beneficial for many human diseases. Annual sales of H2 products in Asia exceed a billion dollars despite the propensity of Japanese scientists and medical practitioners to take a “wait and see” attitude to new technologies and product innovations.

A group of medical doctors are working diligently to get H2 tablets approved in a number of Latin American countries based upon the results they have seen with patient testing. Many more tests are being conducted in Europe and America that I’m aware of with “thumb’s up” results.

Current sales of H2 in America?

American consumers are well-off compared to most of the world. California in particular continues to be a leader in the adoption of health trends and yet awareness of H2 in American barely exists.

Other than a couple of articles posted in health oriented magazines a couple of years ago, there is nothing in the news and virtually no advertising of H2 products to be found.

There has been a “grass roots” effort to create sales by a group of non-medical doctors (naturopaths, chiropractors, etc) that have introduced H2 tablets to many thousands of Americans over the last couple of years via their private practices. One would think that the word would spread from those consumers to their friends and family, but that has not been the case. It is almost like H2 is a private little secret in America.

Why are sales of H2 products failing to explode in America?

There are many possible answers to why H2 sales are not taking off in America:

* Americans are slow to adapt to anything not prescribed by medical doctors unless the products are backed by a recognizable influencer
* Other than a couple of articles posted in health oriented magazines a couple of years ago, there is nothing in the news and virtually no advertising of H2 products to be found anywhere in America
* Health trends are typically driven by healthy people looking for an edge. Since the human body produces enough H2 on its own if one eats a very healthy diet, healthy people don’t experience much if any difference with H2 products.
* Unless one consumes a significant dose of H2 in a short period of time, there is no “ah-ha” moment that is typically associated with “something is happening” or “I can feel it working”. It should be noted that a number of scientific studies indicate that consumption of H2 by athletes does increase performance and reduces recovery times, but the fact is not well known.
* The alkaline water industry should be embracing the H2 story because H2 has been proven to be effective and their business’ could easily be adapted to H2 sales. However, the alkaline water guys don’t know how to tell their customers that the alkaline stories they have been telling for the last 20 years to support the sale of $2,000 to $5,000 machines are false. None of the alkaline water industry players have had the courage to make the switch.
* Maybe the H2 products are just too expensive for the perceived value.

What is it going to take to create interest in about H2?

My best guess is that the trigger to make H2 sales explode in America will occur when either Coca Cola or Pepsico finally commits to selling H2 based beverage products. Both companies have been exploring the market for the past couple of years with an American company that specializes in beverage containers. Backed by an enormous advertising budget and distribution channels that reach virtually everywhere, it is not difficult to see a premium serving of a H2 based Pepsi or Coca Cola health drink gaining widespread acceptance in the American marketplace in the future.

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