Energy –

Initially she noticed increased bathroom visits and a gradual boost in energy.  By the 2nd week, her IBS and allergies calmed down considerably.  Energy was great and she continued to be pain free.

By the middle of week 3, she noticed the fibromyalgia pain had decreased and if she was especially active, it calmed back down quicker.  She wasn’t thinking about it constantly anymore.

By week 4, she had her first pain free day in 20 yrs.  In fact, it became a full 48 hours with no symptoms.  No IBS, no allergies, no headaches and especially no pain.

Then I turned off the tap.  Within 24 hours, the pain began to return.  Within 48, it was a constant ache again and the IBS, allergies and headaches had also returned.

Guess what happened the flow started again?  Yep…the pain went away

Still quiet

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