Allergies – St. Louis, MO

I have been drinking ionized water for 18 years.

I have 5 children, and the two oldest were in their late teens when I got my first water ionizer.

With the two older children, they really got to know their doctor well (allergies, ear infections, colds etc.) as they grew up because they didn’t have access to the water.  

With the younger three children, when someone came to me with an ear ache or allergy problem, I gave them extra water as my first line of defense.  They literally grew up without having to deal with all the health issues that other parents consider as normal.  

As for myself, after about a year of drinking the water, I noticed that my hay fever and other allergies had disappeared.  I haven’t been ill for years and have not had any allergy symptoms either.

C.L. St. Louis, MO

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