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As a Canadian, I have had the good fortune of living my entire life in a country with Universal Healthcare. That means every citizen in our country is entitled to free health care. I will leave it up to others to define “free” because our “free” healthcare is certainly not free. However, when our children were born, or when surgeries were required, or even for simple trips to the doctor for checkups that are required, Universal Healthcare sure seems like a good thing.

Many of our older citizens head south each winter to share the warm weather and incredible hospitality of our American friends in the United States. However, they always come back within six months so that they can continue to qualify for our Universal Healthcare system. Our senior citizens, who have their prescriptions paid on top of free healthcare are incredibly grateful for the system.

Should Every Citizen Have The Right to Free Health Care?

I try to avoid political arguments, but how can anyone argue against every citizen having the right to Universal Health Care? I love the passion that Americans have for the freedoms provided under its Constitution and I believe that the American Constitution is one of the most forward thinking and incredible documents ever written. Surely, a country that allows its citizens virtually every freedom including the right to carry firearms should provide a basic necessity such as health care for its citizens. According to Wikipedia, the USA is the “only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not ensure that all citizens have coverage”.

What Does Universal Health Care Cost?

In 2009, Universal Health Care cost the Canadian government about 10% of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product “GDP”. In the USA, the 2009 budget for health care exceeded 16% of the American GDP despite the fact that over 50 million Americans didn’t have health coverage. Hmmmm.

One of the people in the USA that doesn’t have health coverage is a friend of mine who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Her chemotherapy and radiation treatments cost her almost $400,000, which will keep her in debt for the rest of her life. Now that is expensive! The crazy part is that she firmly believes that drinking water, or more specifically ionized water did more to cure her cancer than the medical treatments. She doesn’t discount the medical care she received, but she certainly acknowledges the critical role that her belief system and her reliance upon an alkaline diet and alkaline water played.

Does Universal Heathcare Work?

We have all heard about the waiting times for operations that can happen in a country such as Canada. But then again, we always hear about the bad stuff when it comes to anything. However, in 2009, over 86% of Canadians strongly supported public health care. That is a vast shift in the thinking from the days when I was the young son of a physician. I remember vividly my father ranting and raving about Tommy Douglas and his CCF’ers who were responsible for creating the scourge of social medicine that was forced upon us in 1966 as part the Medical Care Act. I guess that “bloody socialist” had a pretty good vision, because it is hard to imagine 86% of people agreeing about anything other than lower prices or more holidays. Nobody gets turned down for care in Canada, and if non-critical surgeries have to wait a little while, I think it is a small cost.

I see a definite downside to Universal Healthcare, but it is not what you would expect. The reliance upon our doctors and medical system is far too high in Canada, just like it is in the USA. The reliance is greater in Canada because we believe our doctors will take care of us when we are sick and it won’t cost us a thing. How good is that? Unfortunately, our doctors are ill equipped to deal with health care. Our doctors are in the repair business, not the prevention business. The docs write prescriptions by the millions to deal with symptoms instead of educating us about lifestyles that will eliminate the need for cures. Therefore, our Universal Healthcare system actually works against us. Neglecting your health until you get sick just doesn’t make sense anymore than waiting for the engine of your car to blow up because you neglect to put oil in the engine.

The Role of Water in Universal Healthcare

Our bodies require air, water, nourishment and rest. In addition, adding joy and removing stress are a lot more important than most would imagine in terms of staying healthy. Our bodies are truly the most sophisticated machines in the world, but they do break down just like any other machine if we don’t take care of them.

Your body is made up of 60% to 70% water, depending upon your age. The older we get, the more dehydrated we become in most instances. In fact, the entire aging process can be tied directly to insufficient hydration. The recently departed Sang Whang wrote a wonderful book called “Reverse Aging” which illustrated the healing power of proper hydration. Most people would be surprised to learn that if their body becomes dehydrated by as little as 3%, your mental capacity drops 10%. If you don’t want to drink plenty of water and be at your best, at least make your kids drink it.

How Does Water Help Us Stay Healthy?

If you research anything about personal health care, you will definitely read about the importance of staying properly hydrated. You will read about the importance of drinking plenty of water from sports enthusiasts to people who simply want soft skin, to virtually every health journal and health blogger.

On a personal note, I was full of arthritis in 2008. In fact, I couldn’t walk down a flight of stairs without assistance. I was taking medication for arthritis and I was visiting a chiropractor three times per week to loosen me up so that I could live a somewhat “normal” existence. I was also on medication for acid reflux (heartburn). When my physician indicated that he wanted to prescribe Lipitor for high cholesterol, my wife took over. She got me drinking alkaline ionized water and the results were astounding. After 8 years of managing my acid reflux with prescription drugs, it disappeared in a week. Within a month, my arthritis, along with that prescription disappeared. My allergy to ragweed also disappeared.

I started feeling better and was able to enjoy life again. I got back into sports and being active. The next step was to start eating better, which comes and goes for me, but overall has improved dramatically. I have talked to hundreds and hundreds of people who have experienced similar results after drinking more water, or to be more precise, drinking more ionized water. The benefits of proper hydration can be seen in obesity, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and hundreds of other health issues.

You can experience all of the health benefits of ionized water except for the hydration aspect by eating an alkaline diet. It is all really simple if you let it be simple. Eat fruits and veggies and cut back on the junk food… and leave the sodas in the stores and vending machines. Drink plenty of water (the only liquid your body actually needs), get some exercise and rest, remove things from your life that cause you stress, and start smiling again.

The opinions in this article are those of the author and are not meant as medical advice.

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  1. Hi Rob,

    What an inspiring post. It is my opinion that universal health care (like all subjects) is like a stick with two ends. But, you personally have a choice which end of it you pick up.

    My story on ionized water is very similar to your story. Within 10 days of drinking it I was noticeably feeling much better. I was already eating fairly decently most of the time, so my response to drinking it may have been quicker than some peoples. The point I’m trying to make, though, is eating and supplementing with the best nutrition alone is not enough.

    I would like to add one more thing to your list of eat and drink better, more rest and exercise recommendation. I would also add get yourself out of stressful situations! No matter what they might be. If your health is challenging you, the diet advice mentioned here will help free up that stress source big time!

    But, there are always going to be some stressful circumstances pop up in your life from other sources. Find some sort of spiritual outlet (or practice) that works for you in helping you release toxic (acidic) emotions. Job losses, unemployment, divorces and many other unexpected, emotional life events can put a huge burden on your body. It is probably the biggest contributing factor of ill health to begin with.

    But, when things get a little tough for me in that arena, I work to clean it up as soon as I can. I have learned not to let it sit around in me festering. And, I drink a truck load of ionized water all the while knowing it is helping me neutralize those brief moments when I’m feeling a little bit down.


    • Hi Brenda:

      Thanks for your wonderful effort.

      I agree completely that reducing stress is a vital component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I appreciate the reminder. I will incorporate your thoughts into my post.

      I find that most stress is controllable. Bad things happen in life no matter who you are. It is up to the individual how to react to the bad events and as such, how much stress those events will cause. In fact, bad events can actually provide valuable lessons or wake someone up to make positive changes that might not have taken place under normal circumstances. When bad things happen in my life, I drink it all in….experience the pain to the fullest…and when I’m done with it, I move on. From that point on, the bad experience acts as a reference point to compare how wonderful things are. Same thing goes for people or events that diminish my life. I go with the things that work for me and remove myself from situations that cause pain/stress. Stress is a killer that none of us need.

  2. Hi Rob,

    My efforts in spreading the good news about ionized water is an enjoyable hobby that I love doing. I appreciate the health edge advantage it has given me so much! I feel it is the least thing I can give back by telling others about it.

    I like your story about how you handle ‘unwanted’ painful/stress experiences in your life. A lot of folks would see them as nothing more than pure annoyances, overlooking how valuable those unwanted emotional experiences really are. Without them, the more positive experiences that are born out of those would not taste so sweet when they finally made their way to us.

    As you say, those awful feelings (when experienced to the fullest) until we let them go of them completely is the catalyst for the changes we are so wanting. So everything we experience is really good for us in what is learned from it. The fine line is…don’t take any of it too seriously for too long. Laugh often, and as fully as you can cause it’s all temporarily changing all the time my friend.

    Bless you for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate your efforts too Rob.


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