VYVwater: A Sensible Alkaline Water Solution

VYVwater_pitcher_01Happy New Year everyone.

It is time for me to start writing again after a long hiatus now that I finally have something new to talk about.

I began blogging about water and specifically alkaline ionized water almost six years ago. The focus of my blog has always been on educating the public about the benefits of drinking alkaline water. I started my blog because I felt morally obligated to share my personal story about how the water helped me. Then I began sharing the findings of my research on the topic. After that, I took some time to work through my frustration with the electric water ionizer industry for the rampant use of incredibly misleading and unethical marketing practices. Eventually, I became a champion of creating water ionizers that everyone could afford because I recognized that the high prices that were being charged for something so simple were hindering the growth of an industry that is so important to people’s health.

I have never used my blog sell anything. I have been asked hundreds of times over the years why I haven’t used my blog for profit (and have been wrongly accused of doing so many times as well). I don’t really have a clear answer to that question. I have always believed in the purity of having a voice that comes from a desire to educate and help others as opposed to disguising an underlying intention of making a profit. I also believed that the industry still had a long way to go in terms of delivering good value to consumers.

Approximately three years ago, I began helping companies on a consulting basis to create more affordable and effective water ionizers. It had become obvious that expensive electronic components were no longer required to produce alkaline ionized water. It turned out that the key to performance for water ionizers was the media used in the filters so that is where I focused my efforts. After all, why would anyone want to pay for an expensive and complicated delivery system when the only important factor is the quality of the water produced by the machine.

Helping companies create water ionizers that cost three to four hundred dollars each instead of thousands of dollars was very satisfying for me. At the same time, I realized that prices still needed to be much lower before the public would adopt alkaline water makers on a mass market basis. Until water ionizers became so affordable that people wouldn’t have to think twice about buying one, the health enthusiasts would continue to buy expensive bottled alkaline water that filled our landfill sites while the vast majority of the public would continue to drink “clean tasting” water. In other words, until someone created an alkaline water maker that could compete on price with a basic (and extremely limited) Brita filter, alkaline water machines would remain locked into in a tiny niche market.

The VYVwater Pitcher:

You would not believe how many times you have to test and retest products to get them right. Finding the right combination of media and the proper proportions to maximize results is incredibly time consuming. You also have to work and rework the delivery system until you get it right as well. All in all, the process is a tremendous pain in the butt. After working on the development and redevelopment of the VYVwater pitcher from VYV Inc. for more than a year, I’m finally prepared to recommend it as a product that makes sense for almost anyone interested in drinking healthy water.

After all these years, why did I choose this particular product? To keep it simple and avoid the typical marketing nonsense, I will summarize the product as being very effective (produces excellent molecular hydrogen levels responsible for most of the health benefits from water ionizers, significant pH elevation of tap water, and significant reduction of ORP from tap water levels), it is simple to use, it is affordable for everyone, the water tastes great, and the annual cost of operation is the lowest of anything on the market including the simple Brita filters. If you want the specifics, you can go to their website (Canada) at www.vyvwater.ca or (USA) at www.vyvwater.com

Do I have a financial interest in the company? Yes I do. I have two sons that are recent university graduates of highly regarded business schools that are both involved in the company. I couldn’t be more proud of them for making the choice to be part of a business that produces products which actually help others and offer good value.

There, I did it. I’m out of the water ionizer closet after all these years. It feels good to be able to commit to something that I care so much about.

What Does the VYVwater Pitcher Cost?

The suggested retail price for the pitcher is $59.95 and $19.95 for the filter in Canada and the USA, but prices will vary from website to website. The filter typically lasts 2-3 months depending upon usage and source water conditions. The best price I have seen is at www.Costco.ca website in Canada which offers the pitcher plus a filter for $59.95.

Where can you find the VYVwater Pitcher?

VYVwater intends to achieve mainstream distribution by focusing on working with buyers from big box stores and the process is well under way in Canada. The buyers from the big chains are attracted to the affordable pricing for a product (alkaline water) that is rapidly gaining public awareness in North America. In order to support its distributors, VYVwater does not intend to sell its products directly to the public once the distributors are up and going.

Canada: Check out www.Costco.ca and www.thesource.ca (this is the Canadian version of Radio Shack with its 700 stores). The pitcher is also available at typical online websites such as www.shop.ca and www.amazon.ca

USA: You can find the pitcher in the USA at www.vyvwater.com or at www.vitev.com

Australia: The VYVwater pitcher is available at www.vyvwater.com.au/.

Sweden: The VYVwater pitcher is available www.vyvwater.se/

I hope that my endorsement of a product doesn’t offend readers after so many years of remaining unbiased. If it does offend some, all I can say is that it is worth it to me to be able to be part of something that offers so much for so little to those that are looking for this type of product. If you do like this article, please share it with your friends as the current offer is for ten days only represents exceptional value. As always, thanks for reading.

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