Skin – St. Lucia

I used to wake up with a puffy face, which would take 2-3 hours to go away. I no longer have this problem. My eyes are clearer and brighter, my …Continue reading »

Skin – Calgary, AB

My skin has been itchy for the past two years. While not life threatening, it was driving me crazy. I used the Tyent acid water for two weeks, and the …Continue reading »

Skin – Calgary, AB

My message therapist recently asked me what I was doing differently, as he said my skin was changing quickly. I told him I was drinking alkaline water and he told …Continue reading »

Skin (Sores) – Camrose, AB

I have had open sores (skin ulcers) on my shins for many years. My condition improved a bit when I started eating a more alkaline diet. When I started drinking …Continue reading »

Skin (Rash) – Mississauga, ON

I work in a high end fitness centre and the skin rashes on my arms were both annoying and an embarrassment. I tried two different prescriptions, but didn’t have any …Continue reading »

Skin Care – Saskatoon, SK

My skin has always be really dry and itchy, so I had to use lots of moisturizer. Once I started drinking ionized water, my skin is soft and never itchy. …Continue reading »