Updated April 8, 2018

I started this blog in 2009 when I decided to share what I was learning about drinking water.  At the time, I believed in the health benefits of machines that produced alkaline water, but was discouraged by the disgraceful business tactics of the alkaline water ionizer companies who were blatantly misleading the public.

About 3 years ago (2015) I spent about 40 hours waging battle with a bright young American Scientist by the name of Tyler Lebaron.  I contacted him to learn about molecular hydrogen (H2) as he was and still is the preeminent American scientist in the field.  After a long fought battle, I had to acknowledge that Tyler was right and I was wrong about alkaline water.  The bottom line is that the claims being made by the alkaline water industry were a myth that have never been backed by the scientific or medical communities.  That was a hard pill for me to swallow.

My discussions with Tyler taught me that the benefits that I had received and that so many of my readers had received were due to the presence of H2 created by the alkaline water machines and had nothing to do with the alkaline water itself.

This blog is dedicated to helping people understand why drinking hydrogen enriched water is incredibly beneficial for people that don’t eat a really healthy diet.   The human body is capable of producing enough H2 to keep itself healthy IF you eat properly.  Unfortunately, not many of us eat as well as we should.  I could write about proper diets, but that is not my area of expertise and it would be pretty hypocritical of me to preach about eating well when I don’t have the best diet myself.

I have consulted for a number of companies in the water industry over the years in the capacity of developing or testing new products.  You may notice that I refer to a company called Brilliantz in a number of my most recent articles. I don’t get paid by the company, but they have good products that they sell directly to the public at significant discounts to their competitors, which works for me.

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