The Ionizer Girls are Raising the Bar in the Alkaline Water Business

Everybody knows that I support anyone in the water ionizer industry that spreads the word and puts the interests of their customers first.

I’m tough on those that use fake review sites and those that bash others.  I’m also tough on the MLM companies that force their hard working sales team to sell antiquated products at inflated prices.

I get asked everyday by people who they should purchase their machines from.  I try to stay out of that trap, as it would leave me open to suggestion that I’m on someone’s payroll.  If and when I decide to seek out work that actually pays me real money instead of comments on a blog, I will definitely let you know.  In the meantime, I have spent some time putting together a few names that I believe represent the industry well.

What do I mean when I say “represent the industry well”?   I’m referring to  people that:

* advertise honestly

* take the time to educate themselves and their customers

* put the interests of their customers first

* create lower prices  through sales or package deals

* create informative and easy to understand websites

* don’t diminish the industry by bashing the competition,

When I started to compile a list, I found it interesting to note that the people that I consider to be the best of the best in the water ionizer industry were mostly women.  That doesn’t mean that there are not any men that are doing it right, because that simply wouldn’t be true.  For example, I had the pleasure of meeting Gavin Dickinson, an outstanding representative for Jupiter in California earlier this week when I was on vacation for a few days.  Another great industry representative is Jody Spencer, who is blazing new territory in Australia representing Chanson.  I could name others, but I digress.

When I boiled my search down to a handful of names of people who I think are really making a difference, the names of a number of women rose to the top.   I don’t want to get into a man versus woman debate, as I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  Perhaps it is as simple as women being more patient and nurturing than men.  Or maybe it has to do with the fact that women don’t get involved in the nasty side of the business that turns everyone off.   I dunno!  What I do know is that the ladies listed below are raising the bar in the industry, and it is my pleasure to recognize their efforts.

I could name a lot of different people that I have had the pleasure of dealing with, both  men and women.  In order to keep this article from becoming a book, I will just provide a couple of names in Canada and a couple of more in the USA.  The people on this list are on the list because they deserve to be there.


Mary Pollice at Water Healthcare Inc ( 1-888-852-5266) offers unbiased advice on a variety of leading water ionizers and drinking water filtration solutions that they carry.  They offer products on-line, and from its testing facilitiy in the Greater Toronto Area.  The company focuses on the importance of source water conditions in determining the performance of all brands of water ionizers.   The company combines its comprehensive data base of source water conditions across Canada with its extensive knowledge of how to best deal with those different conditions to provide its customers with the best solution for their needs. 

Susan Kasper at Best Water Inc ( 1-877-770-5247) has been operating a retail store and online business out of Alberta for 6 years.  That makes the company one of the originals in the water ionizer industry in North America.  The company offers Jupiter and Ion Ways (MLM) machines on-line that services both Americans and Canadians.  The site is an excellent source of testimonials, articles, and research.  They also provide excellent descriptions of the products they carry.  The company offers live technical support and warranty work on all Jupiter/Ion Ways products in Canada. 


Cheryel Watkins at Ionizer Girls( 1-877-229-6134) runs an on-line company out of Washington.  She is a tireless worker and her passion for the water is undeniable.  She is a cancer survivor and advocate, who is happy to share her experience with others.  Her work with the “Just Say No To Cancer” campaign that she created is an inspiration, and I expect she will expand the concept with her on-line store.  She has spent the last two years building and managing a major water ionizer company in the USA, but recently decided that she wanted to get back to working one-on-one with people.  Her website has just been created, so it is not well developed, but I’m sure it will be in the near future.   Her experience in dealing with thousands of customers and dealers is unparalleled in the industry, so I expect she will continue to be an industry leader.  She now answers the phone herself so that she can focus on helping others… my kind of girl.

Romi Sink at Water Ionizer Authority ( 1-866-649-4380) runs an on-line store out of Georgia.  She has created what I believe is the best retail water ionizer website in the industry.   She has put a great deal of work into her website and keeps it up to date, which is not the case for many sites.  Romi’s site provides an excellent source for comparison shopping for various products and brands.  The website offers package deals that includes accessories, and the site offers to price match any offer from any other site.  Romi answers the phone herself for her company, and you will notice right that she is knowledgeable and experienced.   

There are many great dealers in the industry, so it has been painful leaving some of them off the list.  Someday, I hope to create a free directory that will list all of the people out there that helping others.

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  1. Hi again, Rob. Great work on the website!!! Thanks for the post on reputable women in the industry. I got my Jupiter Melody from Cathy LoGrosso of

    She was great to work with. She matched the best online price I could find, answered endless questions, was always helpful and cheerful, and offers many Ionizers and payment options. She also has a great blog section that focuses on testing various ionizers as well as links to other health related items of interest. She deserves a lot of credit (in my opinion) for making her business a passion, not just an income.

    Any way, Rob, keep up the super job, and thanks for all the work you do. Know that you will have MANY people grateful to you for helping them find a better life.

    Steve Lerum
    United Airlines

    • Hi Steve:

      Thanks for the kind words and offering up the name of a dealer that you were comfortable working with. People will naturally want to deal with someone that has received a strong referral.

      My amazing friend and ally Bernard, who does all the behind the scenes stuff for free for this blog, will be creating a directory in the coming days. The directory will allow dealers everywhere to post their name, website, phone number, and location on this site for free. The goal for the directory is to allow viewers to be able to contact local dealers wherever they live. As long as Bernard is willing to work for free, I think the directory could end up being a valuable tool for both the dealers and people interested in the water. If the blog continues to grow in leaps and bounds like it has been so far, I can see Bernard hitting me up for a real job. By then, it will be long overdue and I will have to figure out how to create revenue to pay him.

      I have seen Cathy’s site and read some of her articles, some of which she posted from this site. My goal for this site is to educate others and anyone is free to use whatever they find here. I have noticed that I receive referrals to this blog from Cathy’s site quite regularly, and I’m grateful to her for it.

  2. Thank you for your kind words about my website and my service. I feel the same about your website. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Cathie:

      Thanks for stopping by. For those of you that don’t know Cathie LoGrasso, she operates an excellent water ionizer website store where she blogs (see about water ionizers. When I wrote an article recently about the the fact that the “girls” in the water ionizer industry were raising the bar, Cathie was one of the people that I had in mind when I said it was very difficult for me to leave some people off the list. Cathie has been blogging about the water for some time now and she should be recognized for her efforts. I have had the priviledge of meeting and working with a lot of incredible people since I started blogging. Someday, when I have time, I would like to write about each and every one of them.

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