Evontis/Tyent: 4 Lawsuits And A Funeral

My wife loves movies. One of her favorites is “4 Weddings and a Funeral”, which inspired the title of this article.

The Funeral

The owner of Tyent USA is launching his new MLM company Evontis tonight with a party at a restaurant in New Jersey. If the party is received as poorly as the pre-launch videos and conference call, it wouldn’t surprise me if this story ends before it ever starts.

Evontis is about to jump into a market that is currently occupied by much more sophisticated and well financed companies such as Enagic, IonWays, and even Vollara. I have no idea whether the competitors will attack Evontis, or if they will just sit back and see if it withers away on its own.

Evontis has produced a new video featuring a perky blond actress to promote their products. While the video is a significant upgrade to its other very unusual “home made” videos, the young lady blurts out so many silly lines that you have to wonder what Mr. Boccuti and his “brain trust”, and I use those words very loosely, were thinking.

You can watch the new Evontis video on Youtube but here is the abbreviated version:

1) The young blond actress welcomes viewers to the “healthiest home on earth”. Really?
2) She demonstrates her Evontis showerhead and claims ” I can’t imagine even actually taking another shower with umm out one of these units.”
3) To a background soundtrack of squawking seagulls, she demonstrates the Evontis plug in air freshener and asks the viewer “Can you smell that?…she pauses and says with a grin “neither do I”
4) She tells us her Evontis water ionizer is “her buddy, her friend” and she says she would “marry” her Evontis water ionizer if she could. Maybe she should watch Bicentennial Man.
5) She kisses her Evontis water bottle and tells us that:
“I don’t have to worry about any of the contaminants getting into my water” and we then see a graphic of the outline of a big red heart appear on the screen. Does she think that a water ionizer or the stainless steel bottle will remove all of the bad stuff every water supply?
6) She then……. I couldn’t watch anymore and I turned it off

The one word the actress mentions in the video that I agree with is “Unbelievable”. I don’t know the prices that Evontis will be charging for their products as their website remains a work in progress, but I expect the price markups will be “Unbelievable”.

What About the Lawsuits?

You might wonder why I’m wasting time writing about a company that I think is doomed from the beginning.

Since my ultimate goal is to have a water ionizer in every home in America, and I don’t care which brand people buy, why would I care about Evontis, and Tyent USA?

I’m a huge fan of the ionized water industry, but I’m also aware of the damage that has been done to it by some of its participants. I feel obligated to report on what I have learned so that the industry can move forward. Nobody likes taking out the trash, but somebody has to do it.

Lawsuit #1

Tyent USA’s lawyer sent me a letter on Friday threatening that he would initiate a lawsuit against me if I didn’t remove all references of his client Mr. Boccuti and his companies from my articles and comments in my blog. I have been advised that this is not the time or the place to comment about the specifics of the letter. However, I can point out that the US government, the most powerful government in the world, was unable to shut down the Wiki Leaks website created by one man.

If and when Tyent wants to initiate a lawsuit, they should just do it instead of offering me the opportunity to “correct the content of your site to make it accurate”. After receiving legal advice, I’m 100% confident that Tyent’s claims will be thrown out of court. I also believe that the legal system may take a very dim view of Tyent’s business practices that will be highlighted in my counter claim. I hope somebody can talk some sense into the owner of the company before he opens up his company and his Tyent Dealers to the close scrutiny of their books and agreements, which I will subpoena to support my claims. I have to believe that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) would be interested in the evidence that would be accumulated as part of the legal process.

Lawsuit #2

Tyent’s lawyer sent three similar threatening letters to the owner of www.tyentusaexposed.com over the past month in an attempt to bully the owner into taking the site down. Wouldn’t one letter and then action suffice? Who sends three warning letters? I understand that the owner of the website is hoping Tyent USA will proceed with a lawsuit. At last look, the tyentusasexposed.com site is still up. It appears that the owner of the site is more passionate than ever to tell his story about the business ethics and actions of the owner of Tyent USA.

Lawsuit #3

I understand that some of the Tyent USA Dealers (resellers) are very upset with the company. It appears that they are working on a lawsuit against the company on behalf of all Tyent USA Dealers. It seems that the Dealers believe that Tyent USA has violated their own Dealer Agreement. It is not appropriate for me to discuss the details of their efforts. However, I think it is safe to say that if and when the Dealers launch a lawsuit against Tyent USA, the damage to the Tyent Dealer network would be significant.

Lawsuit #4

At the current time, I don’t have any knowledge of a fourth lawsuit, but it wouldn’t surprise me if one is initiated by the customers of Tyent USA. As the details of Tyent USA’s relationship with the “fake” independent review site ionizersreviewed.com come to light, I can’t help but wonder how many customers of Tyent USA products will realize that their buying decision may have been unfairly impacted by the site.


It seems that the owner of Tyent USA has created a widespread “fan” club since he has been in the water ionizer industry. Perhaps the legion of people that are angry at him for different reasons are all wrong about the man. Perhaps not.

In the meantime, I will be sure to keep the public informed of whatever I learn so that everyone can make informed decisions.

As always, the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

9 Responses to Evontis/Tyent: 4 Lawsuits And A Funeral

  1. Hi Rob,

    I had the “pleasure” of going to the evontis launch last night.

    I am a nutritionist that specializes in chronic disease and I was interested in learning about water filtration.

    I was not impressed with the presentation. It was alot of hype and no substance, it seemed a little to slick for me.

    I think the product is way overpriced for the average sick american in need of pure water. Plus, they have the worst marketing/compensation plan for an MLM I have ever seen in the industry.

    With that said I am interested in learning more about water filtration, could you please direct me to credible information on the web.

    Thanks Liz Moore

    • Hi Liz:

      Thanks so much for sending in your comments and allowing me to put them on the comments section (Liz actually emailed me privately and gave me permission to post her comments).

      As an industry professional, your comments carry a lot of weight. I appreciate you thoughts on the Evontis launch party.

      I agree with you 100% about the crazy prices that Evontis is demanding, but then it is “Tyent with an MLM twist”

      My favorite writers on water are Ian Hamilton, Sang Whang, Dr. Hayashi, and Jon Barron.

      I also read the work of Dr. Robert Young and Even Dr. Mercola.

      I like the research work of Dr. Young, but he seems to be a litte too “for sale” to me. The story of how Chanson got Dr. Young to endorse their product is embarassing.

      Dr. Mercola is a whole different kettle of fish. The man is a marketing monster who uses a time tested platform to sell his products. The man has a huge following as people believe that he can be trusted. Nothing could be further from the truth, as everything he publishes comes with a marketing angle intended to entice readers to buy his products.

      I have received a further response from Liz that provides much further detail about the lauch party. I would love to publish the comments because they are very revealing of the direction of Evontis. If you read this comment Liz, please let me know if I can publish your additional comments. I expect many people would appreciate reading what you have to say.

  2. Rob,
    I believe that anyone pursuing a lawsuit has to give the other person an opportunity to make things right. It’s my understanding that it bodes them better in front of a judge when they show a courtesy like that and it goes bad for the opposing party to ignore it.

    I did check the tyent exposed site. It is, in fact, down. Apparently statements made must have fact behind them when they are negative. We (bloggers and web site owners) aren’t, necessarily, tabloid news and still must account for reference and source when coming out and defaming another person’s character or business.

    All said, I did quite a bit of research on the water benefits and found it worth pursuing…as you would obviously guess would happen. Then it came to comparing machines. For me it came down to not only the make of the machine and what level of water it was capable of putting out (as we all know, source water will change that person by person/household by household), but also the price and the warranty.

    I didn’t get to Tyent’s doorstep because of IonizersReviewed.com. What I do find interesting about that, however, is that all other dealers for other machines focus on the fact that Rob Gray was a friend of Tyent owner or works for Tyent. He actually had a friend that bought an Enagic machine and that’s what prompted him to do the comparison. What I do find interesting is that all of these other reps doing the negative talk say nothing about the content of the videos…in other words, if there is nothing to back up what is shown in the comparisons, then they should take them down!

    I watched comparison videos from all sorts of manufacturers’ reps. All told, the top 5 brands still put out high pH water and low ORP water. Some did better than others in the comparisons, but they were all VERY CLOSE! So what’s up with all the hate-blogs? I don’t get it?

    I’m like you, as you stated in your blog earlier…I think each consumer should be able to research the machine on their own merits and what they’re looking for. Without the “personal” attacks on people.

    I chose not to go with Enagic for just this reason. All I heard was negatives against other machines when there was nothing to back it up…all hearsay. Each statement they would make or send me, I researched and found to be false. I don’t like that in my personal associations. And, they were DOUBLE the price on their machine. AND their machine involved using chemicals to get to the “turbo” levels that Tyent’s machine offers organically. AND, they (Tyent) have a lifetime warranty while the other manufacturers are 5 years or less. When spending several thousand for a machine, I found the warranty to be important as well.

    I guess what I’m saying is…if your blog site is “WaterFYI” then talk about the water and benefits and other health associated information that is something we really should be passing out and educating the public with. The real enemy in this scenario is pharmaceuticals, not fellow water machine resellers.

    If you believe in what you are selling, then sell it and forget about the competition other than to be able to speak with knowledge about the difference in the machines between yours and theirs. NOT the people that are selling them.

    It’s really time for us to be responsible and focus on educating our peers and consumers about the health benefit and stop doing the dirty gossip game.



    • Hi Carol:

      Thanks for stopping by and providing us with your thoughts. It is time consuming and I appreciate your effort.

      The owner of TyentUSA bought the tyentusaexposed.com website from the creator of the website. Any rocket scientists want to speculate on how that went down?

      I agree with you that all the top brands, and others as well, produce excellent and similar results. What nobody ever seems to talk about is that source water, which is a far more important factor in determining output than any of the differences among the machines.

      I like Tyent machines and I always have. They work. What I think about the owner of the company and his ethics should be irrelevant to anyone thinking about buying a water ionizer. My goal is to make sure that the public is not getting hoodwinked by misleading representations. I assume that the reason that I have spent too much time revealing Tyent’s dirty laundry is that I don’t take well to threats and bullying.

      In regards to Tyent’s lifetime warranty, I wouldn’t place any value in it at all. How do you think the Tyent 5050 and Tyent 7070 customers feel about their 5 year warranties when both models became obsolete in less than three and two years respectively. How do you think the Tyent IonQuench customers feel about their 7 year warranty these days as IonQuench was only around for a few months. I wouldn’t bee feeling too comfortable if I was one of Tyent’s KYK customers either.

      I have to agree with you that I spend too much time reporting the “bad stuff” from the water ionizer industry. If the owners would stop doing “bad stuff”, there wouldn’t be anything for me to report. I have been trying to focus on other issues, but it seems like I keep getting dragged back into the mud from time to time. I will try to “do better” in terms of educating and discussing other water issues and new technologies. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Rob,
    I appreciate your response.

    I did a lot of research on the water before making a choice to buy a machine. I suppose my first response to you came as a result of me feeling like the comments about companies vs. what their machines would do got in the way of the real research I wanted to complete.

    “A confused mind will say no” is a saying that merits remembering. If we aren’t responsible enough to stick to what is important (the benefits of the water) and wage war by having the consumer focus on information that isn’t pertinent to what the water does for their health, then we lose them. They get confused, they say ‘no.’ Who wins?

    When it comes down to it, I think the transparency should be about the machines and the fiction that is presented as fact. There are many manufacturers out there that make machines that work to varying degrees. And, of course, what the source water is makes a difference on how you choose as well.

    Here’s what I’ve learned in a nutshell, though:
    Transformer power is OLD technology and cheaper to put in a machine. A transformer vs. SMPS does NOT mean that you have “better” water. It does NOT mean the machine is “the best in the world.” It means they are spending their money on commissions and not on technological advances.

    Organic is always better than chemical. And safer. I don’t know about you and your consumer base, but I would not want a toxic chemical in the house or in my machine with kids around. No matter what the age…kids don’t pay attention to details–or labels. Sometimes adults can be the same way. I can speak for myself in saying that the owner’s manual is usually the LAST (haha) thing I consult when it comes to putting something together and using it. I know, I know…

    Low pH levels…well, I don’t know about you (maybe you can help me here) but I have YET to find anything that supports the fact that a pH level of 3.0 is not antibacterial but a pH level of 2.5 is.

    COST: One company does its very best to ensure you “believe” their machine is worth every bit of the $4,000 (approx) price tag. All the while they mark up the price by $2300 for commissions. They then tell consumers “if the machine is cheaper than ours, consider how cheap it must be to assemble?” Well, I don’t know–let’s think about that. If a dealer cost of one machine is $1800 (comparable machine without the transformer and chemicals, but similar sq.inch on the plate size), and THIER “cost” (prior to commission payout markup) is $1700–I don’t know, how cheap is it to assemble?

    I tire of the inuendo and half truths when it comes to the machine itself. It’s almost as if there is no real comparison going on, some simply say “you’re an idiot if you don’t buy our machine” and I don’t think that’s right.

    Here’s a good one from the “other” machine company: “I suppose if you want to just go out and sell machines one by one…….” LOL! Um…what is it, exactly, that they are doing? I had to chuckle at that response to my objection.

    Again, with a price tag that includes a comma, I would assume most would do some fair amount of research before making their decision and purchase. Let’s make sure they get the information they need when it comes to the water! I’m for it…..glad you’re on board, too!


    • Hi Carol:

      Once again, thanks for your effort.

      After a lot of work, including thousands of hours, I have come to the following conclusions:

      1) the water works
      2) all of the brands work, which makes sense as they are using the same process
      3) the source water is more important in determining results than the brand, so the key is to learn how to deal with the source water conditions
      4) people in this part of the world drink water on an ongoing basis that has a much higher pH and lower ORP than I believe is healthy for them
      5) an initial detox of a couple weeks every six months or once per year is probably a good thing, but drinking water with a high pH and low ORP over an extended period of time doesn’t make sense….it makes more sense to me to eat properly and drink weaker water
      6) the cost of virtually all of the well known machines out of the factories in Asia range between $400 and $600 (including the manufacturer’s profit) despite the claims made by the distibution companies
      7) the retail prices being charged by electrical water ionizer companies is beyond the reach of most families and will never allow the machines to become mainstream
      8 hydrogen ions, not pH or ORP are the key to the antioxidant equation
      9) naturally produced stable hydrogen ions intuitively make more sense to me than unstable hydrogen ions produced by electrolysis, just like raw foods make mores sense to me than genetically modified foods
      10) purification of source water is incredibly important and overlooked by electric water ionizer companies

      I could go on with this list but this response is already too long.

      I have a Tyent electric water ionizer under my kitchen sink. I have had the same machine in place for a few years now, going back to the days when I sold Tyent machines. I have never found a reason to change it. I would be just as happy with an Enagic or Jupiter or a EOS etc. I have an Alkastream in my home office, which is the water that I drink during the daytime. The reason that I put the Alkastream in my office in the first place was to see if it had the same effect as water from an electric water ionizer. It does.

      We give water machines as presents to our family and close friends because they are important to us. Needless to say, giving away Alkastreams is a lot more affordable than electric water ionizers. If we thought that the electronic machines were better, the money would not be the determining factor because nothing is more important than family and friends.

      I have moved on from my battle with the owners of the electric water ionizer companies. I have done my best to educate the public about the ethical issues and business tactics being employed, but to be frank, they are irrelevant. I wish all the companies well because the water that their customers are drinking is good for them. If you like Tyent, good for you. If someone else likes Enagic, good for them. It is no different than different people choosing different brands of cars or any other product.

  4. Do you know of a reputable dealer/seller in Asia?
    So far I am sold on Tyant due to 9 plates, SMPS, no chemicals and 10 year warranty.
    I am still looking into Jupiter, EOS and Alkastream.

    • Hi Shravana:

      I don’t know any dealers in Asia.

      I would caution against getting caught up in the marketing nonsense:

      * 9 plates is irrelevant as 9 is no better than 7, which may or may not be better than 5….my preference is going “natural” because they provide long term stable ionization
      * SMPS is fine but also irrelevant…again, I prefer natural stable ionization over electrocuting water to produce short term unstable ionization
      * what you are likely referring to is the Enagic additive of bleach for water that is low in Calcium….Jupiter(IonLife/IonWays/and finally called Alkaviva these days) uses granular coral calcium when Calcium is in short supply which is much healthier than bleach…my question, is why not just provide Calcium and Magnesium in the water in the first place like natural water ionizers do
      * a 10 year warranty sounds good, but I beleive electric water ionizers are already obsolete today and I don’t think anyone will be buying electric water ionizers in 5 years or less…I believe this to be true due to the fact that natural water ionizers are better for you because they ionize as well and supply the body with Calcium and Magnesium while the electric machines don’t do that AND natural water ionizers cost 1/10 the price of the leading brand of electric water ionizer

  5. ???? Enagic does NOT put BLEACH into the water!!! Where in the world did you get THAT? The machine makes a disinfectant water that cleans like bleach, and SALT water (which can be made using SALT and water, you don’t even have to use their stabilized saline solution) is used ONLY to produce the strong disinfectant water. You claim to be an expert…so why are you spreading such an obvious lie?

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