Confused By Ionizer Websites?

I receive lots of emails from people looking for advice on which water ionizer they should buy. It seems that the more research people do on the internet on the subject, the more confused and frustrated they become. I always respond to the inquiries by asking questions about what the person wants to use the machine for, what their budget is, and about their source water. The answers to the questions usually make the right choice of water ionizer easy.

Cutting through the BS in the water ionizer websites

Most of the corporate sites because their messages are straight forward: “Buy Our Machine”. I’m ok with those sites because there is no attempt at deception.

Here are some commonly used tactics which are widely used that you should ignore:
* fake review sites…they are pure marketing tools paid for by companies that want to create the illusion their products are superior to other brands
* comparison charts that show basically mostly meaningless statistics intended to make the viewer think that their product is superior to others
* fake industry awards…there are none…the awards are pure marketing hype
* celebrity endorsements…celebrities either receive the units for free or they get paid for the endorsement…even if a celebrity did endorse a certain machine, who cares because it is not like they know anything more than anyone else when it comes to water

I would also warn you to be wary of personal websites owned by individuals selling water ionizers that offer comparison testing. The owners of the sites typically have an affiliation with one company even if they advertise other brands. They use the appearance of other brands to imply that they sell many brands but they typically use a “bait and switch” strategy to get you to buy the brand of their choice rather than the brand of your choice.

Final Advice

All of the leading brands work. Choose a machine that best suits your needs, your source water, and especially your budget.

Shop around. Reading websites is only the beginning if you want to save money. Call several companies that sell the machine that you are interested in. Many owners of individual websites can and will offer much better prices on the telephone than you will see on their websites. The owners are prohibited from advertising lower prices, but what happens behind closed doors is nobody else’s business. The owners typically don’t carry inventory which means you might be pleasantly surprised how close to the dealer cost that some companies will drop their prices rather than seeing the business walk away.

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  1. Hi, I’m more confused, I’M LOST. I have hard water, I’m not sure of what kind of Water Ionizer, I should purchase! I was introduced to the Kangen Water. I’m not sure if this is the right machine for me.

    Please give me some help in this matter.
    Thank You

    • Hi Beth:

      You can use a salt free water softener to keep the calcium carbonate (hardness) in solution as opposed to precipitating out of the water and scaling up your ionizing chamber in for electric water ionizers. The problem with this is that the electric water ionizers electrocute the water so severely that there will be some scaling in the chamber anyway.

      If you use a salt based water softener, you will need a Reverse Osmosis system to take the salt out of the water. People don’t realize how bad water softeners are for their bodies. I have read that your skin absorbs up to the equivalent of 5-6 glasses of water. That means that your skin is absorbing far above the recommended guideline for salt intake. The problem with RO systems is that they take everything out of the water which means that electric water ionizers work very poorly if at all with RO systems.

      If your water is only mildly hard, you can buy a polyphosphate pre-filter that will reduce the hardness a bit. For mildly hard water, you can also try Chanson’s Ionizer Armor, which is a red magnet that you attach to the drinking line. Both systems work a little bit but they are definitely not the solution for hard water.

      The best solution for hard water is a reverse osmosis system. Unfortunately, RO systems remove everything from the water so it is important to remineralize the water with calcium or magnesium. Once again, you have to be careful of what remin filters you use because the “standard” Calcite and Corosex filters put too much calcium or magnesium into the water which can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

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