“Disconnect” Movie: Exposing The Cell Phone Radiation Cover Up

When you watch the speech by Aaron Eckhart’s character to the Telco industry boys in the trailer to the new documentary “Disconnect” below, you can’t help but think about how similar the Telco cover up of the dangers of cell phone radiation mimics the Tobacco industry.

When I started learning about cell phone radiation from Howard Kalnitsky www.waveshield.ca, he indicated that the cell phone industry has been covering up the dangers of radiation from cell phones for years. He also informed me that the companies that own the Telco’s also control the media in Canada so it was very difficult to “spread the word”. I assumed he was just another frustrated businessman and didn’t give his conspiracy/cover up theory a lot of thought The Telco’s controlling the media….c’mon. Turns out the man was right. Here are some examples:

Newspaper Advertising Blackout: Mr. Kalnitsky indicated to me that he has sent emails to editors of every major newspaper in Canada about the dangers of cell phone radiation. He offered to write educational articles and advertise in their publications. Not one newspaper returned Mr. Kalnitsky’s emails. Hard to believe but true. Surely the papers must be looking for stories to fill their pages and revenue to fill their bank account. Do you think it might have something to do with the that fact that the newspapers feared losing their piece of the massive advertising pie handed out by the Telco industry?

Television Advertising Blackout: Mr. Kalnitsky contacted numerous television stations offering to participate in talk shows or to advertise his cell phone radiation blocking product on their stations. No interest. Hmmmm.

Radio Station Blackout: No interest from any station. His latest rejection came with the message from the manager of the advertising department:

“I’m not putting my career on the line on this one”

Do the above examples smack of conspiracy, or is it simply a matter of businesses wisely avoiding any potential conflict of interest with the Telco’s? The Telco industry is the second largest industry in the world and heaven knows they advertise like crazy. The news today that the two largest Telco’s in Canada teamed up to buy 75% of the local hockey team in Toronto for $1.32 billion tells you how powerful they are. Strange bedfellows for sure. I assume neither of them could pass up the opportunity to peddle their wares to hockey crazed Canadians.

Disconnect…the Movie

While big business can and does manipulate the media, they can’t control the internet. I assumed that the inevitable exposure of the risks of cell phones would eventually come as a result of the efforts of the “do gooder” bloggers like yours truly. After all, everybody loves a conspiracy story. However, I never expected to get help from Hollywood.

In 2010, Devra Davis wrote a great book called “Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What The Industry Has Done To Hide It, and How To Protect Your Family”. Reading Devra’s book should be a no-brainer but in our ADD and time-rationed society, most people won’t respond to anything if it doesn’t come in sound bites.

I’m 100% convinced now that the next big “tobacco style” cover up is taking place right now and nobody seems to care. If you have any interest whatsoever in learning about the dangers of cell phone usage, please take 4 minutes out of your busy life and watch the YouTube trailer of the new documentary “Disconnect”.

Is all of this telephone radiation conspiracy stuff just another alarmist point of view? The WHO (World Health Organization) doesn’t think so. The US government National Institute of Health (NIH) website which publishes scientific studies from all over the world doesn’t think so either as seen in the following link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2569116/ In the article in the website, you will read the following:

The NIH article quotes Dr. Lennart Hardell (oncologist and cancer epidemiologist):

We found that cell phone use is linked to gliomas [malignant brain tumors] and acoustic neuromas [benign tumors of the brain’s auditory nerve] and are showing up after only ten years,

I could go on and on about this subject as there are hundreds of scientific studies that support the position that unprotected cell phone use can be dangerous. However, we all know that time is precious. The statement at the end of the Disconnect movie trailer offered by Dane Snowden, the VP of CTIA (the International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry) sums up the position of the Telco industry perfectly when he tells us:

the industry has not said once…once that cell phones are safe


It appears to me that this is not a Telco conspiracy at all. How can it be a conspiracy when the industry clearly tells us that it has never claimed cell phones are safe?

I believe the strategy of the Telco’s is irresponsible to society, but I also have to admit that their strategy is brilliant. How can any company or industry be sued when they instruct users to hold their cell phone away from their head in the owner’s manual, and never claim that cell phones are safe? After all, people won’t listen to warnings about cell phones any more than they did about tobacco….until family members start dying.

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  1. I want to add something to this story..a week or so ago I spoke to an account executive at 680 news in Toronto about doing an ad campaign..While he was hopeful we could work together he intimated to me that perhaps we should keep things under the radar about my company and what I do and if we have to talk about it we will do it at the time and place when necessary. I told him that I either wanted to do this out in the open or not at all. He actually called me back and told me that the creative department at 680 news which is owned by Rogers communication approved the campaign but it was a manager that made the comment” I am not putting my job on the line for this”. The account executive told me that the decision would have to be made in the “corner office” at One Mount Pleasant Rd. in Toronto. That is the office of the President of Rogers Communications, one of the big three Telco companies in this country. Needless to say more than a week has gone by and even though this account executive said he would be in touch I have neither heard from him nor do I expect to. Rob Thomas may not think this is a conspiracy for many of the reasons he has laid out in this article. However I have been at this for almost ten months and to me this is a conspiracy of silence, denial and worst of all, the collusion of the governments here in Canada and in the United States that are allowing their citizens to be exposed to radiation levels from wireless devices that are ten to one hundred times more powerful than in many countries that I would consider less advanced than North American ones .Powerful lobbingy by the CTIA has taken care of this. Even the Canadian Cancer Society has taken a wait and see attitude. They could care less about people as long as they get money form outside sources. Guess where this money is coming from? At the very least they should not be adopting a wait and see attitude. They should be telling people exactly what to do to limit exposure while we wait for confirmation. Instead they are supporting the flawed IARC report that is biased and inaccurate because a large percentage of the report was funded by telecom money. Are you getting the picture now? Truly sad!

    • Hi Howard:

      A conspiracy of silence. Good point.

      The media in Canada is obviously controlled by companies that also own the Telco’s. Rogers and Bell etc don’t actually manufacture the phones, but they do provide the service. So, who should shoulder the blame? I would say both sides must share the responsibility. While the service providers can point a finger at the manufacturers, they are so powerful that they could easily force the manufacturers to act responsibly. If the manufacturers decided to take consumer safety into consideration, I suspect they could provide much safer phones for a minimal cost.

      You are obviously frustrated with what you consider to be a conspiracy, but I hope that you stick to solid reasoning as opposed to attacking. People have so much going on in their lives that they are oblivious to many things, but they are not stupid. The evidence is on your side. Keep providing information and those that want to learn will do so.

  2. Just a follow up..It is January 28th 2012 today.. I have yet to hear back from Rogers about advertising on their radio station 680 news in Toronto..Am I surprised?…not at all..this is exactly what I expected and I told Daniel Kirsch, the account executive at 680 news that this is what would happen.

    I should also mention that I just returned from Milpitas California which is a suburb of San Jose and headquarters for the tech industry in the world (Silicon Valley). I went there to conduct testing at Cetecom, a world class testing facility for the telecom industry. If you want to bring a product to market it is tested at Cetecom in order to prove it’s in compliance with FCC/CRTC standards in North America. What I found out is that the tests they use to determine the safety of cell phones are completely flawed. They are under reporting the radiation from cell phones by as much as 5 times. I also discovered that the testing protocol was designed around the direction for such testing as set forth by the CTIA, the association that represents the telecom industry. Nice huh? More deception..more under reporting the truth…Devra Davis nailed this in her book Disconnect…if you care about this issue..please read the book and speak out!

  3. March 7th 2012….Never heard back from 680 News in Toronto…..exactly what I said would happen!

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