Better Water, Better Prices

What is the perfect drinking water?

Researchers claim that the unspoiled mineral rich “glacial milk” that seeps out from under the tremendous weight of a glacier produces water that is “the best of the best”. Perhaps it is, but I just don’t see myself up rooting my life to move to Pakistan to live in the Hunza Valley. I’m also not prepared to spend Madonna-like money to have water shipped half way around the world.

What I can do is continue to search for the best water money can buy…but not too much money. I’m prepared to do what it takes within reason to drink great water because I understand how important great water is to my health.

What has become clear during my search for the best drinking water is that it must be clean and healthy.

Clean is easy to understand because it simply means the water is free or almost free of contaminants. The most cost effective and efficient way to get clean water is to use a Reverse Osmosis “RO” system. The RO membrane removes almost every dissolved solid from the water. The problem is that the membranes are too effective as they remove healthy minerals and leave the water acidic.

Healthy water refers to water that provides energy for your body. The energy from water is derived from hydrogen atoms that become disassociated from water molecules when alkali metals are present in water. The “free” hydrogen is almost pure energy, and is used by the mitochondria found in every cell of your body. The hydrogen also acts as the best antioxidant in the world because the free hydrogen combines with the free radicals (unattached oxygen atoms) in your body.

The cleanest water has never been healthy. Healthy water has never been very clean because the water ionizer industry has never put any effort into removing contaminants other than chlorine.

How To Create Perfect Drinking Water

This should be simple. Make clean water healthy! All you have to do is find a way to make RO water alkaline.

Unfortunately, a simple solution has elluded the water industry for years.

The primary roadblock to finding a solution to great drinking water has been the attitude of the owners and sellers of RO systems. They have maintained for 30 years that the most healthy water in the world is produced by their RO systems. They also preach that the human body doesn’t absorb alkali metals from water because the calcium and magnesium are inorganic (molecules that don’t contain carbon). The RO industry has been wrong on both arguments and is only prepared to acknowledge the truth now because of overwhelming evidence.

The secondary roadblock to finding a solution to great drinking water was overcome when it became known that you can effectively ionize water naturally without the need of an electric water ionizer.

Current Solutions Are Flawed

The simple solution would be to combine a RO system with a water ionizer. Good concept, but it doesn’t work. The RO systems take the alkali minerals out of the water which render the electric water ionizers almost useless. The reason for this is that electric water ionizers can’t ionize pure water. When I was selling electric water ionizers a few years ago, which was long before I understood natural ionization, I would include a Calcite (calcium based) or a Corosex (magnesium based) remineralization filters with the water ionizer for customers who had soft water. The remineralization filters were installed “in-line” before the water ionizer. The results were great because the water ionizers were able to ionize the alkali metals that leached into the water before the ionization process. So why not just apply the same remineralization filters to a RO system?

Unfortunately, when it comes to RO systems, the aggressive nature of the acid water produced by the systems works too well with Calcite and Corosex filters. The acidic water chews through the calcium or magnesium filters in a hurry and leaches too much of the media into the water. As a result, the filters typically deplete very quickly. The cost of replacing the filters is annoying but that is not the real problem. The real issue is that the abundance of calcium or magnesium that enters the water supply can surpass the filtration capabilities of the kidneys. It is a case of “too much of a good thing”. When kidneys can’t handle a surplus of calcium or magnesium, a number of things begin to happen. One of the results can be the formation of kidney stones. I have never had kidney stones but I have talked to enough people that have passed kidney stones to know that you want to avoid them at almost any cost.

A New Solution That Works

I’m sure you have heard about time release capsules that are used by drug companies. The time release process is achieved by the capsule releasing portions of a drug bit by bit as the acid in the stomache dissolves the capsule. The slow release allows just the right amount of drug to enter your system over time. The solution to great drinking water lies in the ability to use a RO system that doesn’t release too many alkali metals into the water.

I visited a company that manufactures non-electric water ionizers in America last fall. The company has a reputation as the best manufacturer of filters and components in America. My objective for the visit was to see if their high standards of quality control could be adapted to water ionizers in a cost effective way. Water ionizers have been the domain of Asian countries since they were invented. Anybody in the industry will tell you that dealing with Asia is not easy. It turns out that high quality products can be made in America at competitive prices.

While I was at the factory, I watched a demonstration of a Reverse Osmosis machine that used bioceramics to remineralize the water. When I saw and the results, I couldn’t believe my eyes….clean water with amazing ionization capabilities that didn’t cause health issues by releasing too many alkali metals into the water. The water flow rate during the test was 5 liters per minute, which blows away any electric water ionizer. When I asked the technician how long the filter had been in use, he replied 13 months. I asked him how long the bioceramic remineralization filter lasted and he replied “two years or more depending upon usage”. I was stunned…… Bingo….the solution! What made it even better for me was that the company has been using the solution for 8 years and it has been certified by the WQA (the Water Quality Association who uses NSF standard testing).

I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t heard of this amazing product because the results were far better than anything I have ever seen in terms of “clean and healthy” water. Then I found out why. The product was being sold through a small number of water dealers for more than $3,400. No wonder nobody knows about it.

I talked to the owner about the possibility of dropping the price by a substantial amount so that people could afford it. He didn’t think that made sense as there wouldn’t be enough profit in the product for dealers to make money. I continued to work on him during numerous phone calls over the last few months. I ended up making him a promise that I would promote his product on my blog if he would drop his price. I also told him that I would find a network of ethical water dealers who would buy his product and promote it on their website. He was slowly coming around but the math still didn’t make sense.

The next step was to find a company to represent the product who would put their desire to help others above maximizing profits. That may sound easy to do, but it wasn’t. Despite what you might hear or read about companies and dealers wanting to help people with the water, I have found that profits come first baby…and second…and third!

I connected with people I have worked with over the years that I trust (it was a short list). They agreed to take on the product. I don’t mention company names in my blog because that is not what this blog is about. I will be happy to share the name with anyone in private off the record if you contact me.

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  1. Hi Rob, this is just what I have been waiting for :). I wonder if something like this would makes it way to New Zealand. atm I dont have any kind of water filtering system in my home, just tap water. I have resorted to bottle water, but it seems that this is not good for you either :(. After reading your other blogs, it seemed that best way to get the best drinking water is get rid of the contaminants and then reminerailise/ionise as suggested above.

    I have a question though, do you think this system would have enough strength for:
    – rinsing/soaking fruit & vegs to get rid of herbisides, pestisides etc (or is this a myth)
    – treating acute disease effectively
    – cleaning and hydrating contact lenses both hard and soft for more comfortable wearing.

    Thanks Rob
    Hope this system comes out to NZ :)

    • Hi Sherman:

      Based upon the testing the I have witnessed, the system is as powerful as any electric water ionizer.

      I haven’t done any emulsion testing (mixing oil and ionized water) with the system, but I have no doubt it would pass with flying colors.

      When it comes to talking about acute diseases, I will never say that the water will cure anything because you never know how an individual will react to the water. The good news is that the water won’t hurt you because it is water…no drugs that the body could react adversely to.

      I’m not up to speed on the cleaning contact lenses. Perhaps you could share your experience with us.

      I have been told that there are plans to launch the system in Europe, North America, NZ/AUS, and Asia in the near future. I’m a bit skeptical about Asia, but the company tells me that American made products are very popular in Asia.

      Even though I’m very familiar with the effectiveness of non-electric water ionizers, I was amazed by the results. Even the RO dealers that were in on the testing have been bugging the company about when they can get started. That blows me away because it is hard to imagine anyone more skeptical than an RO dealer when it comes to the whole alkaline/health equation.

      Based upon what I’m hearing, I think that the system will be available almost everywhere in the near future.

      • Thanks Rob,

        Please keep us informed about the product/company, as I would love to know where I could get one.

        • Hi Sherman:

          I will post the details as soon as the company provides them. I’m told it should be by the end of the this month (May).

      • Hi Rob, I am starting to understand how one should go about creating clean and healthy water. This is what I understand so far.

        To get clean water one should use a RO system. This removes almost everything leaving the water clean but unhealthy. One should then introduce a remineralization system to add the necessary minerals to make the water healthy.

        Now here is where I get confused. Now that the water is remineralised, and the water is now alkaline…Is it also ionised as well? is this the nonelectric way of ionising the water.

        Now I guess, if you wanted to increase the ionised state, or make the water more alkaline (I think they are one of the same), you could use an electric water ioniser…I think this is where im getting confused. Is it when the water becomes alkaline the water becomes ionised? And the more the water increases in alkalinity, the more ionised it gets. So if I wanted to get a higher level of alkalinity I would need to use the electric water ioniser…

        Am I on the right track?
        Thanks rob

        • Hi Sherman:

          You are definitely getting it. The “clean” part is easy. The energy part is more difficult to understand. I have been working on it for years and I still feel like I’m just getting started.

          I wrote a long description of the terms and what I believe are the relationships between minerals and ionization and alkalization and energy. However, I erased it as it got to be long and complicated. Here is what I think is an easy way to explain it:

          Ionization can be created with cations (energy donaters such as the alkali metals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, of phosphorous) or with anions (energy consumers such as sulphates, salts, and chlorides or fluorides). In the presence of the cations, the pH of the water becomes alkaline. Therefore, ionized and alkaline water become aligned when natural ionization occurs using a base metal such as magnesium. I don’t know if this helps.

          Most people that hear about water ionizers want to know whether the electric or non-electric machines are best. The answer is neither as they both work. The electric machines create very temporary and powerful pH and ORP numbers. Ultimately the pH and ORP are determined by the alkali metals in the water. I’m a fan of the natural ionizers because they add alkaki metals whereas the electric machines don’t or they only add them for a short time. If the sellers of electric machines added more alkali metals in their filters (EOS does the best job), they would perform much better over the long term. Electric water ionizer companies rely on customers not checking the pH and ORP over the life of their filters. But then, they would be admitting that natural ionizers work (which they do) and one would have to question why you would need an electric water ionizer in the first place. That is a question that I mused over for a long time. I eventually came to the conclusion that you don’t need an electric water ionizer at all.

          So, to answer your question, if you remineralize water after submitting it to reverse osmosis, you don’t need an electric water ionizer because the remineralization process using a good alkali base metal filter will ionize and alkalize your water. There is no need to waste money on an electric water ionizer.

  2. Can you share the name of this product as I would like to order one. I’m in Ireland but I could order through my family in Texas if the company don’t want to ship international just yet. As its not electric (as I understand) there is no issue with the difference in voltage.

    kind regards,

    • Hi Rachael:

      The company that is introducing the products has requested that I don’t publish any information until they are up and ready to take orders. Based upon my discussions with the owner, I believe it will be late next week, or more likely the beginning of the following week as they want to tinker with the back office stuff (whatever that means).

      I will write an article about the subject as soon as I’m allowed to disclose the information

      You are correct about the fact that there is no concern about differing electrical supplies as there is no electricity required. Good point!

  3. Please do keep us posted, this sounds like an amazing solution!

    • Hi Shane:

      I hope to be able to write about the company by Monday as I’m told they are ready to go.

  4. I just heard of this product called ViteV ( sounds good too – have you heard of it and if so what do you think? Please do continue to keep us posted! Thanks again!

  5. Hello Rob, Did I miss the announcement on the water solution that is coming?

    I’ve been researching because I was introduced to a Enagic and Kangen a couple of weeks ago. I’m a researcher by nature so no purchase until I’m fully confident in the reasons to drink alkaline, negative and micro-clustered water.

    Thanks for the info… It’s kept me busy for a couple of hours and I’ve only scratched the surface. -M

    • Hi Michelle:

      You haven’t missed anything as I haven’t published the information yet. I’m frustrated as they are all ready to go but there have been a few little glitches. They could have had this “out there” about a month ago but they don’t want to end up looking foolish like IonWays, who always over promise and under perform

  6. Hey Rob,

    I am new to the study of Alkaline water and I can’t believe I just heard about it last week.
    I have almost become obsessed with the study of it this past week, and now I arrive at the
    point of waiting for the unveiling of a new “wunderkind” product with great promise. I wish
    they would hurry up as I am getting an itchy trigger finger to get a machine and start drinking
    this water I’ve been reading so much about.

    Two things I do believe since I found your site are that you are more trustworthy than any site
    by far I have read, and if you are excited about the new machine I should wait until it comes out.

    Very Best Regards,


    • Hi Wayne:

      I’m frustrated as well. I have been sitting on this for what seems like forever. I have heard that they have shipped their first order to Europe and that the follow up order for USA distribution is being produced this week. I will send you a personal email to let you know where you can find it as they are letting me do that.

      • Hi Rob. Any chance you can email the company’s info over to me too?
        Why is this better than kangen or other ionized water machines?
        Great website.
        Matthew Levitt, Santa Monica, CA.

        • Hi Matthew:

          Thanks for the compliment on my site. I have to admit that I have not been keeping up during the summer, but summer and spending time on a computer don’t mix very well for me. I emailed the website that you are looking for to you.

  7. I am slightly confused by the notion that acidic water from an RO system will cause “remineralization” systems to overproduce via quick sacrifice of the filter media, and then overload the body.

    Why not just fix the pH of the water first? In fact, why isn’t that the first stage of any remineralization filter?

    I have very aggressive well water, with iron & mangenese. Currently we use a softener and a charcoal/carbon tank after. but there are trace amounts of iron in the drinking water, because the shower curtains develop rust stain every 6-8 months, even when softener is fresh. so, worrying that too much ferrous iron is beating up my kidneys and pancreas, i am considering RO — but agree for the need of subsequent remineralization.

    The unknown, undistributed system that cannot describe due to non-disclosure…it is simply a more effective remineralizer? Again, why isn’t the first step of this system to neutralize the water via some salt, and THEN add the other trace elements?


    • Hi Doug:

      You make a good point about “fixing” the pH first. Now that “fixing” the pH from a RO system has been safely and effectively accomplished in such a simple and cost effective way, it makes me shake my head why it has never been done before.

      I don’t like telling anyone what to do, but your situation is crying out for a Reverse Osmosis system. Iron and manganese are BAD for you so you need to get rid of them. Check out the ULTRA from as it is the best of the best imo when it comes to a top quality RO system combined with a proper remineralization filter. If the $995 price tag is beyond your reach, you can buy a low cost RO system from a box store and install Vitev’s “Remineralization Filter” which costs $249. The remin filter is the key to making clean water healthy and safe over the long term.

  8. What about using Santevia after RO process ?

    • Hi Dennis:

      I have never tried the Santevia. I have seen them at shows and I know a store that carries them. I have read their literature and it looks ok as a base unit, but given the low price and how many fingers are in the pie before you buy it, I have my doubts about how it performs. I would like to pick one up, but I promised my wife that I wouldn’t buy any more water machines. If anyone has tried out a Santevia, I would like to hear what you think.

  9. Hi Rob,

    any news about this non-electric water ionizer? I would be also interested in selling it over the internet in Europe. Thanks!

  10. Hi Rob,

    I am currently trying out the Kangen water from a Enagic Leveluk SD501 machine and am seeing the health results especially through my husband. Higher energy, better mood overall, happy again, not as sickly as he used to get, and blood pressure was lowered without his bp medicines. We are researching for the right machine that will give us the same health benefits, but with the right price. We’d love to not have to spend the $4000 price tag for one of these. Can you please provide me with the information on the other non-electric product that can provide us with similar, healthy water as this Leveluk SD501?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Cassie:

      Your comments are a great endorsement for water ionizers.

      Higher energy is experienced by users of all kinds of water ionizers.

      Not as sickly and lower blood pressure are great results that I have heard time and time again.

      Better mood and happy again…..that should be written into every marriage vow or contract:)

      I supported the electric water ionizer industry for years and I still endorse the concept of ionization. However, I converted to my preference for natural water ionizers a couple of years ago. That doesn’t mean that I’m against electric water ionizers at all….I just think natural makes more sense.

      I have had conversations with a number of people over the past couple of years that people prefer the electric machines because they get better results. By that I mean “more energy” and in greater relief in some cases of fibromyalgia. I still recommend the electric machines for active cancer patients due to the incredibly high ORP numbers that they can produce for a short period of time. Outside of those situations, I prefer the natural units because they work (more gently) and intuitively, they make more sense.

      As far a brand preference, I joined Vitev a few months ago for a number of reasons. The company is way out in front of the curve compared to the industry and they will be introducing a couple of new products in the near future that are game changers imo.

  11. Hi Rob,

    I enjoy reading your blog and comments posted by the others.
    My husband drinks bottle water for years. Though we have RO system under the sink, he refuses to fill the water in the jug, because he does not like the taste of it. Lately, I heard the water from RO system is bad for our health. I see the result for drinking water without mineral, I have suffered osteoporosis and low energy.

    A neighbor introduced Kangen unit to me, but I think the price tag is too high.

    Any comment on keeping the case of water bottles in the trunk for a week or two, and we live in Los Angeles area?

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