Teach Your Kids About Sodas…Before It’s Too Late

When will our legislators wake up and stop companies like Coca Cola and PepsiCo from destroying the lives of our citizens and contributing to enormous health care issues and expenses? Probably NEVER!

The people who run the companies selling Coke and Pepsi know that their products are ruining lives and contributing to disease and death all over the world. They don’t care. Hey baby, it’s all about freedom of choice. Besides, harmful acidic drinks full of sugar puts smiles on the faces of hundreds of millions of unsuspecting, uneducated people every day….and lots of money in their pockets.

The people who run Coca Cola and PepsiCo are not dummies. Far from it. They know that the world will eventually figure out that their products are far more harmful to society than cigarettes. Before you say that can’t be true, think about what sodas are doing to our society. Obesity, diabetes, and even cancer, can be tied to the insanely high consumption of sodas in America….and all without a warning label. The burden on our health care system from sodas is unbelievable. Yes, other factors such as McDonalds et al contribute, but sodas are the key to the downfall of the health of our society.

Want to lose weight?

Stop drinking sodas. If you change nothing else in your life other than switching from drinking one soda per day to one glass of water, you will lose 14 pounds per year. Want to gain weight? Drink sodas as the opposite of the above is true for putting on weight.

If you think that drinking diet sodas is better, think again as you will see below.

It gets worse!

Coke has a pH of about 2.5. So what? Since the pH scale is logarithmic, much like the Richter scale which measures earthquakes, a pH of 2.5 is 50,000 times more acidic than pure water. Hmmmm…..sounds bad, but what does it mean?

Your blood needs to be slightly alkaline in the 7.3 to 7.4 pH range. If the pH of your blood strays outside that tight range, the consequences are bad and can lead to death. Your body will do whatever it has to do in order to maintain the pH in your blood in the proper pH range. The only defense your body has is for the blood to confiscate alkali minerals from other parts of your body. Your body will steal calcium from your bones and teeth leading to osteoporosis and dental problems. Your body will steal magnesium from your bones and cells. While calcium loss and calcium supplements get all the headlines, your body can’t even process calcium without magnesium. Your body will also grab the limited amount of iodine that your body stores from your thyroid, which controls metabolism in your body.

Must See Video

The following video is the best health related video I have ever watched. It is simple and easy to understand. Please take the next 9 minutes of your life to watch the video. The time will fly by as it is simple to understand and interesting. You will want to share it with your kids and anyone else that you care about.

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  1. love the clear, concise explanation on this video. Just mind blowing. thank you!

    • Hi Catherine:

      Please pass the link on to anyone that you love or care about. Every one of us can make a difference and that video helps.

      The real thanks should go to the company that financed the video and the simple genius of the guy that made it. As usual, I just research and pass on the messages that make sense to me

  2. I for one am grateful for your input and the information you spread. I “steal” ideas and pass them on to the swedish population in newsletters :) Thx


    • Hi Robert:

      You don’t have to “steal” anything from my blog. Everyone is welcome to use whatever information that they find on the site. This is all about sharing information.

  3. Hi Rob,
    Great site, many great articles. I did like the video as you suggested I/we would.
    I do however have one correction to suggest – tomatoes…. are not alkaline – in fact they are pretty ‘badly’ acidic. Not only can you “google” to see this fact, but almost every “GERD treatment script” lists tomatoes (in pretty much all forms) as BAD for you.


    • Hi Kevin:

      Thanks for the head up on tomatoes. I focus on water and leave the “food stuff” to my wife. I will check it out.

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