Nasa: USA faces a “Mega-Drought” Not Seen in 1,000 years

“You know Mom and Dad, green house gas emissions are bad and we should be doing something about it”

“I know sweetheart, but we are lucky to live in America where the air and water are clean and safe.

How bad could it be?

Pretty bad!

When NASA starts telling us that if we don’t change our thinking and start acting responsibly about carbon dioxide emissions, we may be facing droughts in the west and even the mid west that could last 30 or 40 years, maybe it is time to listen. NASA is a government agency, not some lunatic fringe group trying to grab headlines by playing on the fear of the public.

Check out the series of short videos on CNN: that should provide you with a wake up call if you don’t take green house gas emissions seriously.

It is time for everyone to start thinking about climate change and what it means to all of us. After all, life without water means no life.

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