Hydrogen Rich Water: Why It Really Works

I haven’t blogged much for the past couple of years. The water ionizer industry didn’t create much worth talking about other than the continued growth of affordable nature water ionizers. That doesn’t mean that I was idle, or that I stopped caring about why the water helps so many people. After reading this article, I hope you will agree that this is the most important article that I have ever written about water.

I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t disclose that my early writings were often based upon information that I believed to be factual at the time. The information that formed the basis of my early articles was usually gleaned from the information offered online by companies that sold electric water ionizers. However, for more than 8 years, I have been trying to understand why water ionizers actually work as opposed to accepting the non-scientific explanations offered online and in self serving books. My father was a medical doctor, my first university degree was in biology, and my wife earned a PhD in biochemistry, so it it easy to understand why non-scientific explanations didn’t satisfy my curiosity.

I used the downtime away from writing to research and test molecular hydrogen after reading about its health benefits a couple of years ago. When I first started my research, there were nearly 300 scientific studies or peer-reviewed articles that supported the claim that molecular hydrogen was beneficial for 80 diseases. Today, the numbers have jumped to over 500 studies/reviews and the beneficial results have been identified and recorded for every major organ in the human body and for more than 150 diseases.

There is absolutely no denying the scientific evidence that the health benefits derived from drinking alkaline water come from the presence of molecular hydrogen in the water. The historical writings about the benefits being derived solely by the water being alkaline and having a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) are simply not true and have never been verified by science. Over the years, “scam” labels associated with the alkaline water industry have often appeared that have been written by scientists and medical doctors. None of the “scam” claims could ever diminish the fact that drinking the water helps people, but the fact that the claims couldn’t be verified by science has always created doubt in the minds of consumers, thereby preventing mainstream acceptance.

The statement above will likely bring a flood of criticism headed my way from sellers of electric water ionizers who have been pumping the pH/ORP story for years. I have taken the time to learn why water ionizers work (meaning they produce molecular hydrogen) and why they stop working (meaning they stop producing molecular hydrogen) if you don’t maintain them often and properly. I have had numerous battles with Enagic dealers and the Enagic corporation itself (as well as threats of lawsuits and actual death threats from other water ionizer companies) over the years so I’m prepared. Those who want to criticize the undeniable scientific evidence will always get their say by way of commenting on this or any other article that I write. However, please understand that unsubstantiated “evidence” will be challenged by scientific facts as I don’t suffer fools lightly.

This articles is not intended to tell you that drinking filtered alkaline water is bad for you. On the contrary, drinking alkaline water is definitely good for you. First of all, the primary health benefit from drinking water simply comes from drinking water. More than 99% of the cells in your body are water cells and they make up 60% to 70% of your body mass (water cells are really small as opposed to larger cells which explains the difference in the math). It is intuitive that the best way to replenish or repair those water cells is with water. For example, studies show that being as little as 2 percent dehydrated can cause a 10% to 15% decrease in both mental and physical capacity. Second, alkaline water is better alternative than the multitude of acidic drinks on the market such as sodas or sports drinks that are filled with sugar. Thirdly, alkaline water produced by affordable natural water ionizers add electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium and sodium to the water which help balance your body after it becomes depleted following physical activity or during the “in-between” meal times when people often reach for unhealthy snacks.

This is the first of a series of articles that I will be writing to share my understanding of why hydrogen rich water is so beneficial to your health.

In the meantime, I recommend to those that are interested that you visit the website www.molecularhydrogenfoundation.org to begin your learning process. The Molecular Hydrogen Foundation “MHF” is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating, promoting, and sharing research in the study of molecular hydrogen. The site is backed by a number of the leading researchers in the world in the study of molecular hydrogen. I have spent countless hours reviewing the contents of the MHF site. Tyler LeBaron (the founder of MHF) has spent hundreds of hours patiently guiding me through the process of learning and understanding the science behind the benefits of hydrogen rich drinking water and debunking the myths propagated by the marketing people in the water industry. I owe Tyler my deepest gratitude.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Would love to hear more about the specific diseases ionized water helps prevent. And the layman’s explanation of how it works.

  2. Hello,

    I am looking into getting a machine for making alkaline water and came across this post. I will have to head to the MHF site you linked next to do some study. Not entirely sure just yet if you have a suggestion on whether or not the machines are worth the money or which are best but I am hopeful to discover this info with my research into this. If you have a suggestion I would be most thankful in a reply. If not, I am sure I will discover why.

    • Hi Nate:

      I know of 4 different ways to get hydrogen rich water. They all have their plus’ and minus’

      1) Alkaline water pitcher- generates H2 when water reacts to magnesium in the filter – positve: by far the most cost affordable way to generate H2 – negative: when the H2 is formed, magnesium hydroxide is also formed which coats the Mg and slowly reduces the ability of water to reach the Mg which makes it ineffective over time and requires a regular cleaning of the filter with a vinegar wash
      2) electric water ionizer – sends electrons to the cathode which react with the H+ of a disassociated water molecule before it reforms H2 and then one H reacts with another H that has undergone the same process to form H2 – positive: generates a lot of H2 if the plates are clean – negatives: very expensive and the plates need to be cleaned once per week to maintain H2 production that is small enough to remain in solution (otherwise, you need to drink the H2 bubbles that form in your glass in the first few seconds or else the H2 is lost to the atmosphere when the bubbles reach the top of the glass and disperse into air)
      3) you can buy tablets with react with water and form H2 – positive: the tablets are based on Mg which doesn’t react to the air until they contact water and they produce good H2 results – negative: currently pretty expensive and you have to wait 20 minutes for the Mg to disperse in the water
      4) Bottled hydrogen water – positive: instantly available and good results – negative: far too expensive for most people


      • Hi Rob,

        Thank you so much for a reply. Can you recommend a particular product\line. I like the sound of the first two items listed as I would also like to have the water filtered from other pollutants for my household.

        Thanks again,

  3. Rob, how are you?
    Thanks for your effort and great work. I was reading your posts from last few years and I would like to ask you if you can recommend few good alkaline water ionizers machines?
    Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Milan:

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I use the VYVwater (see http://www.vyvwater.com) pitcher at home which is similar in looks to a Brita pitcher but it makes the water alkaline and more importantly, creates molecular hydrogen if properly maintained.

      We also have a Vitev Maxx (see http://www.vitev.com) hooked up to a tap at our kitchen sink. My wife likes to have her alkaline water instantly available and in large volumes for cooking.

      • Rob,
        Thank you so much for sharing those informations with me. I am sure after many years of yours research of alcaline water ionizers machines, you decide to purchase and use VYV pitcher for a reason. Thanks again and good luck to you and your family.

  4. Goono has used the water after a TBI, Mercury poisoning and Cipro Toxicity. I am happy to report that my friend, Goono Conquapolamadosca From Italy country is on his way to a great recovery. Goono used to be athletic and a BRAND before Goono went to the Metrpoiati Hospiti and become sick from Lu Cipro. This was last year but Goono has much incredible strides

    Thanks for the blog. I just wanted to give some feedback

    Goono Conquapolamadosca’s Friend

  5. Fantastic Blog post. I have much to learn !

    • Hi Garry:

      We all have much to learn when it comes to H2. The scientific community is just scratching the surface as the current collection of 700 studies and review papers are the proverbial tip of the iceberg of what we will know five years from now.

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