Boycott GM Canada, Disgraceful Trump, Whiny Millennials, Conspiracy Theorists, Internet Fraud

As my 62nd birthday rapidly approaches, I feel that it is time to get some things off my chest that have nothing to do with water or the benefits of hydrogen gas.

1) Boycott GM Canada.

The Canadian government injected $13.7 billion into the auto sector during the economic meltdown in 2009 which was offered to GM and Chrysler. Just 9 years later, GM has decided to close its manufacturing facility in Oshawa, Ontario despite the fact that the factory has the highest quality rating in the industry. The effects on about 15,000 families in the Oshawa area will be devastating. GM has the right to do what it wants as the company has zero interest in Canada or its citizens. What is good for the goose applies in this situation as Canadian citizens have the right to NEVER buy another GM vehicle ever again. Sending a message to GM will serve notice on others who believe there are no consequences to their actions.

2) Trump is a Disgrace

Although I believe in many of the principles of Trump’s effort to bring jobs back to America by leveling the playing field on trade deals, his treatment of the Canadian Prime Minister was a disgrace. I say that even though our Prime Minister is an incredibly weak man driven by ego. Trump’s lack of decency and decorum will cost America for generations to come.

3) I keep hearing from Millennials how hard they are working, or that there is no point to working. Gawd you are annoying. Get to work and stop complaining, or shut up while you are waiting for your inheritance.

4) Conspiracy theorists who spread fear without offering workable solutions are a waste of cyber space.

5) The people making false product claims on the internet that can’t be substantiated should be charged with fraud. The police would be better served prosecuting these people instead of fulfilling speeding ticked quotas.

My list of pet peeves is long, but without pretty pictures or references to bimbo celebrities, most people that read the headline have likely moved on already. Enjoy your life and don’t forget to tell the people that are important to you that they are important to you.

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