Hair – Edmonton, AB

We have also been using the acid water, which has cleared up dandruff. It has also helped with uncontrollable hair frizz and has made hair feel like silk. These are, …Continue reading »

Hair – Grand Cache, AB

I have natural curly hair which was always frizzy and felt like wire. Rinsing with acid water after shampooing and spraying twice daily has resulted in soft, shiny, silky curls. …Continue reading »

Hair – Saskatoon, SK

My hairdresser mentioned this week that my hair was shiny and full and asked me what I was doing. I told her that the only difference was that I was …Continue reading »

Hair – Mississauga ON

My hair has been been thinning in recent years. I have been drinking the alkaline water for three months and rinsing my hair with the level 1 acidic water after showers …Continue reading »