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Outstanding results for Athletes as seen by professional trainer

Personally I have never feel better since I started drinking ionized water. I feel so much more alert and sharper. It’s like a fog has lifted.

As for the athletes I train, I would never have believed it unless I had seen it. That ionized water could make such a remarkable different to ones performance. They have more energy, don’t fatigue as quickly under stress and stay hydrated for longer. As their bodies are not as stressed they are more settled and relaxed in themselves. This allows them to make and execute great decisions under extreme pressure. Isn’t that the aim of every professional sports person?

Regardless of who you are, if you take your health seriously you must be drinking Alkaline Ionized Water. Let the team at Water Healthcare help you get to the next level of health.

Ray Giles – World Champion Professional Trainer, Coach and Conditioner

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  1. Hey Rob
    I´ve been commenting alot nowadays…
    I didn´t know where to place this comment but I thought it may belong here at Sports Testimonials, which mostly relates to a gym owner and a sport nutritionist expert as explained below.
    Yesterday I just dicovered a site I haven´t came across during my almost 1 year of reading and researching, which also led me to listen to one Live presentation of a remarkable energized man and one radio interview with a Leading Sports Nutritionist together with a private gym owner. I have searched your site and haven´t found anything related to them so this would perhaps be of some interest to you….
    John Swindle – A huge site with tons of information… including:
    – The Leading Sports Nutritionist Shan Stratton is mentioned inside the Athletic Link
    – The Private Gym owner John Mancuso is mentioned under the subpage of Athletic -> Gyms and Fitness…
    – Molecular Hydration Scientist, Michael Kinnett is mentioned about his DVD under the sublink of Distrbutor Corner
    – The most highly credentialed engineer/scientist since Albert Einstein by the name of Ray Kurzweil is also mentioned a few times on this site. Especially under the most readable page “Sceptical??” where he comments the sad Dr Lower´s statements.
    Live audio presentation of Michael Kinnett talking to first timers audience about Body pH, medicins, diet and ionized water. And also some Kangen water consumer testimonials at the end. Mostly I get tired listening to such sort of presentations, especially with no visuals. But I could hear him out the entire hour without even yawning!
    Radio Straight Talk interview with both the gym owner, John Mancuso, and the sports nutritionist Shan Stratton. the first minutes are just small talk. But after about 15 mins they start to talk about his Gym and Ionized water. Shan starts to talk a little bit more at about 23mins.
    There is also Q&A in this site from Ray Kurzweil
    I have no idea of how old or new these news are. Have you heard of them? If not then they are sure interesting enough to perhaps dedicate an own article… ¿ especially the interview from Straight Talk :)


    • Hi Dan:

      You are always welcome to leave comments.

      I will check out the sites. I will only add testimonials with the approval of the person leaving the testimonial, or with the prior approval of the owner of the website that has generated the testimonial.

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