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“Old? Ha! I’m in my 80s, and began drinking ionized water about 18 months ago. At my age I have come to expect that getting up in the morning is a chore and that energy is not something I have a great deal of. I am also aware that my memory has been going from bad to worse.

My kids call it my ‘Whatchmacallit’ syndrome as my sentences slowly fill up with forgotten words. Within a month of beginning on the water, the changes were profound. I walked from home to the beach, 2 kilometers along the beach, and up about 60 steps to a lookout.

My kids were amazed, but I didn’t even think about it. The energy was just there! I have had a recurrent eye infection for a long time and it has cleared up. My inflamed gum, another long-term problem, has also cleared, and my tinea underwent its own ‘healing crisis’ and dried out from underneath the skin. My memory, my kids tell me, is much, much better, and that’s a wonderful thing for me, having seen my sister succumb to Dementia.

I am also more aware of my food. I am aware of my choices and have stopped the ‘hungry ghosts’ ~ my need to nibble. I believe that the way the water ionizer reduces the molecule size of the water has helped my brain to re-hydrate. So many older people drink far too little. I read about a doctor specialist in Geriatrics who healed his patients through getting them to drink water. That’s true, but the water most of us drink, even filtered water, is nothing like as easy to drink as ionized water.  

I drink it and love to drink it. It restored my ‘natural’ thirst, and I only realized I had lost it when it came back. I think as a nation we are all dehydrated and all acidic overloaded. If this water was available through our taps this country would be a very different, healthier one than what it is today.”

Barbara Bond, Australia

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