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“I have recently introduced the water ionizer to my entire family. What I found to be wonderful is that all those members who did not feel inspired to drink water before have now become water babies.

My mother, who started the day with a cup of coffee and never thought to drink anything during the day, never drank water is now drinking away, can’t get enough. Our other halves – my husband and father – both go armed to work with their 1 liter bottles of ionized water nothing else will do! My father jokes that he is glowing like a light bulb!

I used to drink countless cups of coffee for energy and now drink only the ionized water and have found that my skin glows, I have plenty of energy and require less sleep. What is great is that non water drinkers are completely converted to drinking ionized water – nature’s medicine, simply because we know it’s the best and it tastes great.

You don’t have to wait for an illness before drinking ionized water.”

Florence Niemann The Fountainhead, South Africa

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  1. Does anyone know of someone who has a Kangen machine in Durban, SA

    • Hello Marlene:
      Did you find someone who has Kangen Water in Durban, SA? I would like to know what the water source is like there and what if any additional filters may be required. I might have some one in South Africa for you? If you did find someone in South Africa, would you mind letting me know who that is and the contact info???

  2. Hi Rob? lol

    I was diagnosed with stage II cervical cancer 3 weeks ago. I am really interested in your half price offer, please could you contact me?

    With regards

    • Hi Gloria:

      How does lol fit in the same message as stage II cervical cancer? When I was incorrectly diagnosed (thank goodness) with prostate cancer last summer, lol never came to mind.

      Please feel free to contact me at and I will call you. I spend time almost every day talking to people that have recently been diagnosed with cancer. I don’t offer medical advice as I’m not a doctor but there are many factors involved that I would be happy to share with you. If you think that a water ionizer may help, I will be tell you what I have learned about the various brands and hopefully help you decide which brand works best for you.

      My wife has a company that sells water ionizers at full retail prices, but mostly, she sells the machines for half price to people with cancer. Her company in not an official NON PROFIT company, but it is definitely a “not for profit” company as almost all of her sales are done at or below her cost. I also have people contacting me with used machines for sale who are offering their machines to those in need for deep discounts.

      Anyone reading this that wants to sell their machine(s) at half price or less to those in need are encouraged to contact me. If your machine is “used” it would have to be cleaned up like new and in perfect working condition. “Near Perfect” used machines would likely sell for 75% off the retail price. I’m looking for suppliers of Enagic, Life, KYK, or lesser known brands. I won’t get involved in the sale in any way other than to put people together.

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