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Rob, one of my clients sent me this testimonial … he also gave permission for me to forward to you.

Hi Robyn:

My life has changed so much thanks to your alkaline water filters. For approximately the last 7 years I had been drinking reverse osmosis (demineralised water) due to the bad taste of the tap water here in Karratha. I did not want to keep buying bottled water and a reverse osmosis system was suggested by a few people. It did improve the taste of the water and I thought it was great. Up until about a year ago, I had a very bad run of health issues including constant muscle pain, Ross River Virus, dehydration, insomnia, chronic fatigue and depression. I would go to the doctor almost weekly. I had various blood tests, scans and tried all sorts of pain medication with little or no benefit. Finally I decided to try to work out for myself what was causing this as I felt as though I had exhausted all options medically. I started looking at online diagnosis sites for possible causes and would spend a few hours a day searching. After a few months of studying, I found the World Health Organisation had a document on demineralised water, which is what reverse osmosis water is, the negative health effect of longterm consumption and recommending that it not be consumed regularly without remineralising. This information shocked me as I could see and had experienced most of these symptoms. I knew I had found my problem and needed to try and reverse it as quickly as possible. I now knew I had a condition, metabolic acidosis or high acid levels. Still remaining skeptical, I started drinking your alkaline water and within two weeks noticed my muscle pain easing, something I almost had given up on. With that pain going, my depression and low mood eased as well. Having been unable to work due to my health for the past few years, I can now look to the future with a positive outlook.

I have also given some of your waterman filters to family to try with only positive results for arthritic pain relief and general wellbeing. This has inspired my plan to start selling your filter systems to people up here.

Thanks again Robyn

Simon Carroll

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