Cancer (Liver) Quebec

My patient had just been told by his oncologist that there was nothing more that they could do, and that palliative care had been ordered. I had been researching alkaline ionized water for some time and had already decided to purchase a unit for my family, so I let my patient know about the water. My client and I both ordered a unit that day. Fast forward two months, and my patient’s liver enzyme count has dropped dramatically. He is feeling great, has returned to his hobbies and has just returned from a vacation. He has a MRI scheduled in the near future and we can’t wait to see the results. In light of these events, my entire family has purchased water ionizers. Today, I bought another unit for my aunt who has just been diagnosed with cancer.
Dr. T, Quebec

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  1. Hi Rob,

    Please follow up with Dr T. and let us know what the results are. We are really keen to find out to help people in Australia with the same issue.

    Keep up the good work,


    • Hi Jody:

      I hope you are keeping dry. The flooding in Oz is making the news around the world.

      Thanks for the reminder. I will try to contact the good Dr. to see how his liver patient is doing now. It has been awhile.

  2. I ready this article prior to ordering an ionizer for my brother who has just been diagnosed with advanced liver cancer and was told there was nothing more to be done for him. We are also wondering if there is an update on this dr aunt as well as his liver cancer patient. Do you have any news and can you try to get an update please?

    Take care hope you all are in great health….


    • Hi Kim:

      I never chase people for information because I don’t want to bug people. Everything you see on this website has been “donated”.


      • Ok Misty how can you help?

        • hi kim please email me my email is i have some websites you can look into for your bother to help asst him in beating the cancer, addition to the water ionizer thing. just trying to help

  3. Hi my mother has liver cancer stage 3 and they prefered her to hospice. Can Alkaline water help her and if so what about her complications due to the cancer? ie. appetite is not good at all.

    • Hi Demetris:

      You have asked questions that you should be asking your doctor. Unfortunately, there are very few doctors that would know how to answer your questions. Therefore, they answer by defaulting to what they learned in medical school or through their ongoing education. And guess what….they don’t know anything about the importance of alkalinity and they don’t deal with energy.

      From a personal perspective, I would say yes, the water can help. I have spoken to and worked with a lot of people with cancer who have benefited from drinking energized alkaline water. After saying that, the water is just part of the equation and should not be thought of as a magic bullet that will “fix” the problem.

      I have also found that the earlier you start, the better the chance of success.

      By the time a cancer patient has lost his or her appetite, the process is typically very late stage and the chances of creating a “miracle” turnaround lessen as time progresses.

      You are faced with a bit of a dilemma. You want to help and try everything. At the same time, spending thousands of dollars that may not help at all is a tough call.

      If I were in your situation, I would search online for a Kangen (Enagic) dealer in your area who will probably provide you with free water for a month on a trial basis. The reason that I suggest Kangen is due to the fact that they have a huge network of dealers who seem to be everywhere. That means you have a better chance of finding a Kangen dealer than anyone else. If you find a dealer of a different brand, it should work just as well.

      If the water helps, then it is worth the price no matter what the cost. If the water does help, you can then start looking at alternatives brands at that point in time.

    • Hi demetris,

      I am a kangen distributor. There is a distributor only website I can look up distributors in your area to give you water free of charge. Please email me at and ill send you the phone numbers of kangen water ionizers owners in your area. I’m not trying to sell you anything as I am a huge cancer advocate and just want to help . If the water helps your mom and you buy a ionizer from who ever that’s fine by me I just wanna help people beat cancer and spread the word about alkalinity and good health. Please do put kangen distributor search in the subject so it won’t go to spam mail. I will respond within 24 hours with numbers

      Stay healthy


      • Hi Misty:

        Thank you so much for helping.

        You are a shining example of why I’m a big fan of Kangen dealers.

        Maybe you could pass the idea of offering water to cancer patients to the Kangen network as a group. At the very least, it would be a good humanitarian move. It could also turn out to be a great PR move for the company. I would be happy to support your effort.

    • Hi rob


      Not all distributors are this way as some are pushy and don’t care about people. It’s just a paycheck it’s just wrong.

      I’m not just about the water. I’m about helping people with foods to eat and herbs that are good for the body as well.

      I have another job that does very well and am beyond blessed so I like to just help people. I’ve never once asked anyone to buy a ionizer as I just help as much as I can. If they choose to get a unit I’ll help them choose the one that fits them best. And then keep in contact to continue to help any way I can. There is much more enjoyment in seeing someone get well then a single check

      Stay healthy


  4. Thank you for Rob for responding to my email. I have asked the doctors about holistic alternative and Alkaline water and you’re correct, they never can answer my question. My mom is currently in the hopital for inability to eat and dehydration. I spoke with the doctors and they told me that the reason why she’s not eating is because of a galbladder infection, pancratititis infection and a lot of stool build up in her intestines. Constipation is coming from the pain patches and pills she take sfor addominal pain. Taking enemas and liquid laxatives is a big part of her routine.

    I wish I wouldn’t found out about the water and what foods to eat earlier, I know drinking Alkaline water is a small percentage and eating the proper foods. Can you recommends any foods she could eat.

    • Hi Demetris:

      First off, please check out the comment by Misty as she is offering to help you find a local Kangen dealer.

      The foods that seem to help the most are the alkaline foods you would expect…..fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds.

  5. Hi rob and demetris,

    I do have a Facebook page and Instagram page that is almost 100% about proper diet for illness. If you are interested please email me. And I’ll send you the links or I can just list foods for you demetris and websites to visit for even more diet information than I have ….rob that’s a great idea I just have no clue how to start it…


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