Acid Reflux – Montreal, QC

My acid reflux has been getting worse and worse for the last 8 years. I started drinking the water today and I decided to give the alkaline water a real test right away. I had two big helpings of lasagne for dinner, which normally would have caused me severe distress. Nothing! No acid reflux at all, and no after effects the next day. I was hoping for results like this, but never really believed it would be this good.
 CM   Montreal, PQ

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  1. Is there a way to try this water without having to buy the machine and where can I do this in Montreal. I live on pie ix on the east side

    • Hi Renee:

      There are many brands of water ionizers available on the market. I don’t know the Montreal market at all, but I’m sure you can find dealers that will provide you with samples in your area. Enagic has a reputation of providing free jugs of water to prospective clients.

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