What’s Wrong with People…or is it Just Me?

That’s a pretty wide open question, so I will narrow it down to health choices.

I have been drinking ionized water for more than 3 years now. The water changes your life….for the better.

I have been blogging about ionized water for a year and a half, and have had nearly 60,000 hits. Is it me that is delivering the wrong message, or are people just too ambivalent about their health to get it.

How Ionized Water Can Help You

Ionized water helps the human body in so many ways. It improves hydration which helps people look and feel younger, it acts as a powerful antioxidant and reduces acidosis which help prevent disease, it helps with weight loss, and it helps athletic performance by providing burst energy and more efficient recovery from lactic acid buildup.

Why Are You and Your Family Not Drinking Ionized Water?

Is the concept too difficult to understand? I suggest you ignore the marketing mumbo jumbo and read the benefits above. Does it really matter how it works? Do you know how your computer or your cell phone work? It just works.

Is it too expensive?In the past, this could be a legitimate argument, but the Antioxidant Filters are now priced in the $300 range and they also remove contaminants very efficiently. The Hybrids, which can be used like a regular water ionizer or can be used without hooking up to a tap can be purchased for $495. The previously high priced electric water ionizers can now be purchased for $1,000 which is a fraction of the previous prices.

Does the Marketing of Various Companies Turn You Off or Confuse You?I can certainly see how this could be the case, but once again, ignore the nonsense. If you are confused, email me and I will help you decide what the right product is for you and then direct you to where you can find the best price.

The economy is scary, but not as scary as being unhealthy. You have a chance to do something really positive for yourself and your family. Now that prices have come down so much, healthy water that will improve your life is now affordable.

If you are not interested in buying a water ionizer, please contact me and tell me why. I would really like to know. Perhaps your comments will help me understand why such an important product is wasting away in virtual anonymity

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  1. Hi Rob,

    Nope, I don’t think being ambivalent about their health is what’s wrong with certain people. I’m just guessing, but I think it’s their ambivalence towards committing to drinking more water than other beverages that wigs them out. There is a lot of stiff competition in the beverage industry trying to market you, and sell you on loyalty to a certain taste preference.

    That being said, I find it amusing that our animal friends (family pets) don’t have these funky taste preferences for certain types of beverages. We provide fresh clean water for them everyday, that is if we love them we do. Clean water, along with a little sea salt sprinkled on their food everyday helps keep unwanted health challenges away. Testimonials of animal health improvement attributed to plain old salt and water added to the pet’s diet here: http://www.watercure2.org

    Pet owners are so amazed, they eventually wonder if this regimen can work for them too! Duh?

    I suppose you could get your dog or cat to like another type of beverage if you train them to like it. Maybe we’ve been trained to like, and want them too?

    Dr. Batmanghelidj M.D. spent over 20 years of his life trying to get the conventional medical health industry to embrace the water/salt connection to good health. It was shunned because the potential job loses associated with the concept was just to high.

  2. Hi Rob,

    I couldn’t agree more, why don’t people pay the small amount it costs comparatively to ensure they are drinking water that gives them the best opportunity of living a healthy long life?

    I believe it comes down to the same two reasons that govern every single action we take in our life.
    Pursuit of pleasure or the avoidance of pain.

    For most, the of benefit of a long disease free life (pleasure) is not strong or tangible enough and too far away compared to the cost (pain) in terms of time, money, effort it takes to be healthy today. We have a real problem in a society of instant gratification around long term planning of health. This isn’t helped by the amazing machine that is the human body that tolerates year after year of abuse before disease manifests in a symptom. I know of no other machine on the planet that runs on the wrong fuel as long as the human body.

    In your heart you know what the right the thing is do is for your body. Don’t let your mind tell you lies like it will be ok if I don’t take care of business. Ignorance is not an excuse.

    If you don’t think that’s the case just look at the longest lived populations on the planet.
    They all have a source of mineral rich energized water.

    Enough of my little rant. Please if not for yourself, give the best water you can to the people you love and care about.

  3. It’s just you.

  4. I wish to filter my water. Very confused between reverse osmosis with an aklalizer or he ionized system.
    I wish to filter chlorine and possibly fluoride. Are mineral supplements to be taken orally by me to add back the good minerals being stripped by either system?

    • Hi Risa:

      Reverse osmosis removes almost everything from the source water (below 10 parts per millions of total dissolved solids). Removing bad stuff is good, but removing good stuff is bad.

      It sounds to me like you should be getting a water ionizer and a pre-filter system.

      If you purchase an electric water ionizer, you can expect to pay in the neighborhood of $2000 to $4000. The electric machines will remove chlorine, but not much else. In order to remove fluoride and other contaminants, you will need a pre-filter that costs about $250. If you do your homework, you can purchase the electric water ionizer for $1,000 or less, but people will try to scare you into thinking there is something wrong if you don’t pay the high retail prices.

      If you purchase an antioxidant filter the costs $329, it will provide the same health benefits from the drinking water that is provided by electric water ionizers. In addition, the antioxidant filters will remove fluoride and many other contaminants. The antioxidant filters are perfect for people that want to maintain good health or want to improve many of the problems that ionized water has had success with. However, the antioxidant filters don’t provide acidic water for cleaning.

      Choosing the right product is always a personal decision based upon one’s needs. I don’t care what machine people buy as long as they start hydrating….preferably with ionized water.

  5. I tell you what´s wrong with people 😉
    People are evidence horny with a big touch of arrogans, and still they absorb everything what the government/eviromentalist/food administratives tells you.
    Just look at many different forums, and it is not just about ionized water, it´s about almost any product that just seems too good to be true that have not gone through any double blind clinical studies.
    ALSO…. many of the “nay sayers” in forums are actually only trying to win the discussion and not the actual cause. And as long there are debunkers and unexperienced readers there will be narrow-minded nay sayers. Some debunkers have been rebutted but there are still at least one big debunker I have not yet seen any rebuttal of.

    The most vicious about this one is that he is not as pathetically persisted against ionized water (as Dr.Stephen Lower for an example) or even destilled water, he just claims any filtered water will do just fine and doesn´t believe any of the health benifits either of those “special” waters.

    I have once made a comment about a new forum which is about ionized water and it is sadly self dying, perhaps no one cares or there are simple not enough visitors. I would really like to see some experts go on a crusade on forums where there are many negatively false comments. I have seen Ian on a forum once trying to explain…. but then again, I fear the battle will never end and will only make a bigger mess, as I was saying – Nay sayers are only there to win the discussion and not the actual cause.

    How about we make a section at least (Debunkers Debunked) where there are rebuttals of every “serious” debunker we can find, so it can easily be referred to when one links to the debunker´s site on any forum, blog or whatever?
    Then make a comment that the debunked debunker has been challenged to reply the rebuttal, if there are no answer then it is called a withdraw and the debunker has lost. If the debunker do reply then post the entire mail or phone-transcript text conversation so the event can be followed.
    I believe this would help quite alot to all readers searching for the truth of ionized water, because they will search first before trying it for themselves.

    Of course there are some people who are positively open-minded and have felt great benefits of this water.. but where are they? I can only mostly find quoted anecdotes on commercial sites.
    On Facebook I have come across a page where real people come to ask questions and post their experiences with colloidal silver. Thousands of fans and experiences as well as questions are pouring in. The author replies very fast which keeps the page very much alive.
    This is a very good idea to gather people and collecting experiences but the structure is quite difficult on facebook and it is most likely One will only read the first page of comments… which is also most likely why there are so many repetitive questions/comments.

    I know you, Rob, mentioned about collecting testimonials for everyone to read. How´s it going with that?

    Well this was some of my thoughts and what I felt to contribute which tended to be a bit longer than I imagined :)

  6. Great article!
    Too bad that many people don’t believe in its health benefits.
    I’m drinking ionized water for 1.5 year now and I feel great!
    My mother in law has a water ionizer from Enagic (Kangen Water).
    Which water ionizer do you use?

    • Hi Mickel:

      I use the Xcell from H2FX (www.h2fx.com). The Xcell is a HIM (Hydrogen Infusion Machine) which is based upon electrolysis (like alkaline water ionizers) but it is designed to produce high concentrations of molecular hydrogen (H2) dissolved into the water. The Xcell can achieve the high concentrations of H2 (the alkaline water ionizers are unable to do this) across a wide spectrum of source water conditions (which the alkaline water ionizers are also unable to do). It has been proven by a large number of independent scientific studies that the H2 is responsible for all of the health benefits claimed by the alkaline water ionizer industry.

      • Hi Rob

        Thanks for the information. I don’t know much about all of this, but I’m interested.
        Health is an important thing, so I like things that can help to improve health. I will read more about alkaline water and about your machine also.

    • It’s not you. It is hard for people to believe water is different.
      I have been drinking Kangen Water for over 4yrs and I feel great.
      Actually it saved my life. Being a Pharmacist I was sceptible at first.
      It took me 3 months before I tried it. And I am so thankful that I did.

      • Hi Dorcia:

        I’m glad to hear that you feel great and that you believe the water saved your life.

        Like yourself, I had great results initially when I first started drinking alkaline water (from a different brand than Enagic/Kangen). That is what set me on my journey with blogging. What I didn’t realize at the time was the fact that the great results had nothing to do with the water being alkaline. All of the benefits (beyond drinking water in the first place) can be attributed to the hydrogen gas produced by the alkaline water ionizers during electrolysis. Unfortunately for the owners of alkaline water ionizers, unless your source water is very soft (doesn’t contain much calcium or magnesium), the alkaline water ionizers stop producing hydrogen gas within a couple of weeks to a month unless you clean them with citric acid or acetic acid (vinegar) once per week or so.

        The good news for you as a Kangen owner is that Enagic offers its owners a cleaning solution, which if applied once per week, will do a pretty good job of keeping the plates free of build up and therefore allow them the capability of producing hydrogen gas. If I was a Kangen owner, I would make sure I cleaned my system once per week. If I was considering buying a Kangen unit, or any other unit, I would buy a HIM2 (above counter) or HIM3 (under counter) hydrogen generator from Brilliantz (see: www.tryh2.brilliantz.com) because those units are much more efficient at producing dissolved hydrogen and they do it across virtually all potable source water conditions. The fact that both of the HIM units sell for $2,000 is a nice bonus.

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