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I receive emails all the time asking me which water ioinizer I recommend. I always respond with the same answer: “It depends upon your needs”. Everyone has individual needs and that means there is no silver bullet when it comes to water ionizers. I ask people what they want to use the machine for (drinking water, cleaning, or both), the condition of their source water, how much water they require each day, and their budget of course. When you go through the checklist, the right choice of machines becomes easy.

What the water ionizer web sites are offering in terms of education and help these days:

I decided to revisit the major water ionizer websites to see what the companies were offering in terms of education and advice. Virtually every website provides a synopsis of why you should buy their machine as opposed to a machine from another company. Most sites offer a list of benefits that they have copied from somewhere as there is very little “original” content to be found anywhere. Some offer testimonials, which don’t carry a lot of weight unless you can actually contact the people. Testimonials are even less believable because you never see anything negative. The sites all have a CONTACT US button which provides a form to fill out which requires inputting personal information. Last but not least, many sites provide a toll free telephone number which you can call in and ask questions.

I decided to contact the major water ionizer companies to see what they had to say. Hey, I’m retired and a toll free number is an open invitation, so why not have a little fun. I found that they are all a little more sophisticated than they were in the past. However, by the time each call was over, I had received “the full court press”. All the old bad habits that the industry is famous for would rise to the surface when the phone operators realized that the “sale” might be slipping away.

Live Chat

I found one water ionizer company that had an online Live Chat. Hmmmmm… least I could bail without being rude. It didn’t surprise me that it was for a natural water ionizer company as those guys seem to always be one step ahead of everybody else. I didn’t have to enter any personal information at all. The anonymity factor is important because I don’t want to join someone’s mailing list in order to get a little information.

When I requested a chat, I was hooked up right away to a live person instead of having to leave a message (which requires leaving contact information of course). The person answered my questions without any sales pitch, which was great. When I asked about the comparison between natural water ionizers and electric water ionizers, the person explained to me how and why natural water ionizers are preferable in terms that anyone could understand. I wanted to see how much the person actually knew about ionized water as opposed to providing stock answers so I asked some tough questions. I was surprised at the high knowledge level of the person. The thing that impressed me the most was that I didn’t get the normal salesman “runaround” when the person couldn’t answer one of my questions. The person admitted that he/she didn’t know the answer but would get back to me if I left an email address or telephone number (which I didn’t).

I asked the person how the Live Chat service was working out. I didn’t receive any details but I was told that the company was very happy with the service and was thinking about adding more people. That was nice to hear because we need more companies that are planning to grow instead of contract.

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