Drink Your Bubbles

I was watching a video the other day from one of the water ionizer dealers. The commentator was pointing out the bubbles that formed in the glass of water that he had just filled from his electric water ionizer. He informed viewers that the bubbles showed all the healthy generating benefits of hydroxyl ions produced by his machine.

The comments sounded good….too bad the information is incorrect. The entire electric water ionizer industry has been built upon incorrect “facts” offered by companies and sales people. The industry has focused on mechanical features such as power and plates, and on measurable results such as pH and ORP. However, nobody ever bothered to explain to people how and why the machines provide such wonderful health benefits. It’s actually very simple. The health benefits come from hydrogen atoms, which are split away from water molecules during a process called ionization.

Despite the fact that the electrical water ionizer sellers have their facts all wrong, the good news is that the machines work and provide wonderful health benefits.

The bubbles that you see forming in your glass when you first receive water out of your machine are hydrogen gas bubbles (H2). They are produced by electrolysis during the “ionization” process used by electric water ionizers. As water passes over the electrically charged plates, the violent electrical action causes water molecules to separate into hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions. The unstable hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions immediately begin to reform into stable water molecules, or two hydrogen ions join together and form stable hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen provides incredible health benefits derived from water ionizers. Therefore, it is important to drink the water before the hydrogen bubbles, which are lighter than water, float up to the surface of the water and are lost into the air.

Does that mean that there is no benefit to drinking ionized water if you don’t consume the water in the first 60 seconds? Not at all. Free hydrogen ions will continue to remain in the water as long as there are minerals in the water. Ultimately, the degree of natural/sustainable ionization for any source water will depend upon the concentration of minerals in the water. But, the massive initial production of hydrogen bubbles will quickly disappear if you don’t drink the water right away. Therefore, always try to drink the water produced by an electric water ionizer before the bubble float to the surface

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  1. Hi Rob,
    It’s refreshing to see such simple and accurate info being shared to dispel the typical hype being promoted concerning energized water. You’re right on with your focus on Hydrogen. I’m more convinced than ever that the extra unbound Hydrogen is what’s been keeping our family healthy given what would normally be a stressful but ever exciting period in our lives. Keep up the good work – I look forward daily to seeing your excellent and pertinent information!
    Best regards,

    • Hi Kirk:

      I love the fact that the some of the most experienced and emerging leaders in the industry like yourself, Ian Hamilton, Bob MacCaulay, Ross Bridgeford, Jody Spencer, and Gabe Hunninghake feel comfortable enough with this site to join in.

      The water ionizer industry has been dominated by the disgraceful behavior of the owners of the various companies in the past. I hope this blog plays a role in ending the nonsense and creating a spirit of cooperation among the leaders. If the owners stop screwing around with each other and focus on educating the public, there will more business than anyone in the industry could possibly hope for.

      People need to drink ionized water so that they can obtain the benefits of the hydrogen created in the process. It doesn’t matter to me which brand people buy, or whether they buy electric water ionizers or antioxidant filters……people just need to drink the water.

  2. Hi

    Now I got a little bit more confused :)

    “…The health benefits come from hydrogen atoms, which are split away from water molecules during a process called ionization. ..”
    This is the part which confuses me the most… I will be gladly corrected…
    A water molecule splits to OH- (for alkaline) and H+ (for acidic).
    Positive hydrogen ions, which are actually only protons, are oxidative and should therefor come out with the acidic solution.
    Are you referring to drink the acidic water? No, cus I know you want us to drink the alkaline water :)
    There must be something I am missing between “splitting the water molecule” and “free hydrogens” during the electrolysis process.

    “The unstable hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions immediately begin to reform into stable water molecules, or two hydrogen ions join together and form stable hydrogen gas. ”
    So here the abundance of electrons and hydroxyl ions (OH-) pair up with the few left of protons and form either water molecules or hydrogen -hydrogens wich in turn forms to hydrogen gas?
    With the lack of protons in alkaline solutions, shouldn´t there be minimal of hydrogen gas?

    Seems like I am the only one confused about this, and I did try to read your other article – “ORP, pH, and Hydrogen…A New Perspective” where you indicate about the free hydrogen when water runs through a magnesium filter. So is the free hydrogen (H-) in this case 2 electrons + 1 proton ?

    And to my last wondering… Isn´t there magnesium added to the electrolyzed water and if so, shouldn´t it create the same free hydrogens when the oxygen bonds with the magnesium, as it does with the antioxidant filter?

    There – I hope i didn´t confuse you aswell with my confusing questions :)

  3. Hi,

    I am consuming Alkaline Water with Panasonic brand, and wondering, how many liter of Alkaline Water should be consumed in a day?

    • Hi Amanda:

      It is generally accepted that a human body uses up 2.5 litres of water per day. Most people consume about 0.5 litres of water from their food. That means that a person should consume about 2.0 litres of water per day. You can drink water in many forms including milk, coffee, tea, sodas, juices, and even alcohol. Your body only requires water and anything else detracts from pure need and forces your body to work harder to eliminate unwanted substances.

      If you exercise, or live in a hot climate, you water intake requirements will increase to compensate for the increased consumption.

  4. thanks Rob.

    Something to share with you here. i have referenced from this website (http://www.alkalizingforlife.com/page/page/4744104.htm) to advise to consume 4 liters of alkaline water per day, that able to cure sickness.

    i am not sure how true can alkaline bring health to us, as because from a case of my friend, she has been drinking alkaline water for 1 year and a half, but she just discovered a lump in her breast 2 weeks back, and doctor said it is an urgent lump to be removed, and it may turn to cancerous.

    i am wondering, if alkaline water is that good to cure sickness, why is my friend getting a lump?

    please share your thoughts, and i am doing some online research for remedy for her, so your thoughts will be a good reference during my research.


    • Hi Amanda:

      I have been asking myself the same question for the past few weeks since my doctor told me I have prostate cancer. You can imagine my relief when my urologist, who is a specialist said he believes I don’t have cancer at all. The decision is still up in the air for me. I find it hard to believe I have cancer when I have been drinking the water for years. However, I still eat a diet that is quite acidic.

      By the time someone is diagnosed with cancer, they have probably had it for at least two years and perhaps a lot longer. In fact, everyone has some degree of cancer in their bodies.

      Your friend may or may not have cancer. I like the approach of my specialist much better than the approach of my family physician. In fact, I’m really angry with my family physician for saying I have prostate cancer based solely on my PSA reading without doing a DRE. The doctor scared the crap out of me and my family and friends without doing his homework. Shame on him. Even if he is correct, he has no business scaring people without having the tests done. Your friend may be in the same situation.

  5. Hi Rob,

    Great to know that your cancer has been cured. that means, alkaline water do serves a major cures in our body i believe…could you share, how many liters of alkaline water you taking per day, and do you follow the frequency of drinking plan in each hour?

    • Hi Amanda:

      I don’t know for sure if I have cancer or not. Four doctors say yes and one specialist says he doesn’t think so. Time will tell.

      I drink about 2 liters of water per day plus extra water if I exercise or spend the day outside in the sun. I should spread my drinking out more, but I just drink when I’m thirsty.

  6. Hi Rob,

    Hope you are getting better, and go for another scan to be sure on the result?

    • Hi Amanda:

      I feel like a bit of a lab rat these days. I have been poked and probed and provided blood and urine tests a number of times. I have another appointment with my urologist next Tuesday. Hopefully I will receive good news. In the meantime, I have been able to refocus on life which is a wonderful thing.

  7. We’ve had an alkaline water tap installed in our kitchen sink, but what happens when the bubbles are almost never there anymore? Is it still considered alkaline water? When they first put it in there were tons and tons of bubbles and now a couple months later there seems to be less and less is it still good?

    • Hi Stephanie
      By alkaline tap installed in your kitchen sink… what kind of alkaline tap are you reffering to exactly? Alkastream Antioxidant filter?

      • well i guess tap was the wrong word. it is a filter that was installed in the sink area and there’s a separate place for the alkaline water to come out. But i just wanted to know how important the bubbles were to it being alkaline water. Since there is hardly anymore and most of the articles i read about alkaline water always have a reference to the bubbles.

        • Hi Stephanie:

          If you have an electric water ionizer, the bubbles are important. They are important because the bubbles that you see are hydrogen gas molecules. Electric water ionizers create hydrogen gas as byproduct of electrolysis. The electric machines essentially electrocute the water and as a result, the liberated hydrogen atoms are forced together to create hydrogen gas.

          If you don’t have bubbles coming from your machine now, it doesn’t have to mean that there are no hydrogen atoms present in the water. However, the lack of bubbles could be an indication that your machine is not working properly. If the electrolytic cell is caked with scale, or the cell has stopped working altogether, the machine won’t be creating hydrogen. If the source water has changed and has less mineral in the water, you won’t see bubbles. If your filters are old and no longer provide any minerals to the water, you won’t get bubbles.

          If you have a bottle of pH reagent drops, try testing the water. Don’t use pH test strips as they don’t work. If you are getting “green” water with the drops when you press a button that dispenses alkaline water, then you know your machine isn’t producing alkaline water. If that is the case, make sure you test the waste water with the pH drops or select an acid water button and test the water that comes out of the drinking rod. If you find that the drops turn the waste water yellow or orange or even red, you know the the electrolytic cell is working which is an indication that the alkaline side of the plates are coated in scale.

          Scale builds up on the alkaline side of the plates when calcium carbonate (CaCO3) precipitates out of the source water during the process of electrolysis and forms a hard scale on the plates. Some of the water ionizer companies offer descaling filters for sale. The filters contain citric acid and if you run water with citric acid through the machine, it will probably clean up the scale. I have cleaned the scale off hundreds of machines over the years. I create a citric acid solution by placing 1.5 ounces of citric acid in twelve ounces of water. I place an aquarium pump in the solution and send the water to the intake valve on the ionizing chamber. If you collect the water exiting from the acid and alkaline valves and run them back into the citric acid bath, the results are great.

  8. I bought a water filter with this alkaline, acidic and oxygen functions couple days ago. Water coming out has bubble and I was wondering why. I did ask the salesman and he just said “that’s good”. Well, the answer is not strong enough to answer my curiosity. But I found my answer here. Thanks.

    • Hi Kenny:

      The bubbles are hydrogen gas (aka molecular hydrogen). They are the source of therapeutic benefits for at least 80 human diseases.

      You may want to direct the salesman to the “Drink Your Bubbles” article or to the Tyler LeBaron’s website http://www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com

  9. Hi Rob
    Greetings from Malaysia!

    Thanks for the wonderful clarity in your article about molecular hydrogen vs ORP and alkalinity. I own an alkaline ionizer (Panasonic model TK-AS40). When I turn it on to get the desired product – electrolyzed, reduced water – I don’t see a single bubble in the water. I am wondering why this is so when you say that lots of bubbles get formed. Does this mean that there is something wrong with the apparatus?

    [2] Is the level of molecular hydrogen causally linked to the respective level of ORP and alkalinity in the ionized, electrolyzed water?



    • Hi Cjuan:

      I have a friend that lives in Malaysia and she says it is a beautiful country.

      If there are no bubbles, you are not getting any hydrogen gas escaping to the surface of your glass. That could be either good news or bad news with it most likely being bad news.

      The potential bad news is that the plates in your ionizing chamber are not working. That could be attributable to a number of factors such as there is an electrical issue in your machine that is stopping electrons from being delivered to the cathode in your ionizing chamber. Another possibility is that the plates are so heavily scaled up that the electricity is unable to make its way through the scale.

      The potential good news is that all of the H2 is being delivered in solution meaning that no H2 is escaping via bubble formation.

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