The Story Behind the Alkaline Water Quackwatcher

I spent a long time in the past working on debunking the alkaline water ionizer quackwatcher Dr. Steven Lower (PhD in chemistry).


At the time, I was drinking the alkaline water koolaid because of the help I had received from the water and from the hundreds if not thousands of readers who contacted me with the personal stories of how the water helped them as well.  As such, I was determined to prove the ex-science professor wrong.

I reached out to the professor and offered to test out the water in the lab of his choice using whatever methodology of his choosing.  He refused, which furthered my conviction.

I had another scientist reach out to the professor.  Dr. Lower told her that there was probably something worthwhile about the water based upon the mountain of anecdotal.  However, Dr. Lower refused to back down on his assertion that the benefits that were being attained were not from the alkaline water itself.

I wasn’t satisfied with DrLower’s explanation that the body balanced the pH of any contents leaving the stomach heading to the small intestine.

It took a few years before a young American chemist showed me the error of my thinking by explaining to me that the benefits that I and thousands of others had received from the water were due to the presence of hydrogen gas (H2) as opposed to the alkaline story.

It turns out that Dr. Lower was right about the alkaline water fallacy.  Dr. Lower never said the water didn’t have benefits, he just said the benefits were not due to the alkaline water story.

Oh crap!

Where do the benefits come from?

People did experience benefits from drinking water from alkaline water ionizers.  However, it turns out that the benefits come from the consumption of hydrogen gas (H2).  More than 700 studies and review papers indicate that consuming H2 is beneficial for more than 170 diseases and is beneficial to every organ in your body.  The studies provide me with the comfort that I never really felt about the alkaline story which never had any scientific backing.

Do you need to consume hydrogen rich water?

Technically no, but most of us can benefit from consuming H2 through H2 enriched water or by breathing it from a machine that dispenses H2.

The human body produces enough H2 on its own if you eat well….really well.  The problem for most of us is that we don’t eat what is optimal for our bodies and the result is a shortage in the production of H2.

Do alkaline water ionizers produce H2?

Yes.  They produce lots of H2.  The problem is that almost all of the H2 is lost during the dispensing process or within one minute after the water is dispensed because H2 is lighter than water and dissipates into the air.

Is there a better solution?

Yes.  Asian manufactures came up with a method of diffusing the H2 created during electrolysis by ionizers back into the water.  That means the H2 stays in the water for a significant period of time as opposed to the gas bubbles created by alkaline water ionizers which rise to the top of the container of water and dissipate into the air.

The ionizers that produce hydrogen enriched water that remains stable long enough to be able to drink the water at your convenience have been coined HIM’s (Hydrogen Infusion Machines).

What do HIM’s cost?

There are a number of HIM’s offered in the market place which sell in the range of $2,000 to $3000.  My personal choice is the HIM2 (above counter unit) or its under the counter counterpart the HIM3 from Brilliantz (see  which have been selling for $2,000 for the past couple of years.

Brilliantz recently decided to change is business strategy from selling through an affiliate network to selling directly to the public.  The end result is that Brilliantz cut the prices for their H2 products in half.  That means consumers can now buy the HIM2 and HIM3 directly from their website for $1,000.  That is by far the best value on the market.

Are there cheaper  ways to try H2?

Yes.  Brilliantz offers a portable H2 unit for $150 and a month supply of magnesium tablets (60 tablets) for $30 which produce therapeutic concentrations of H2.  You can buy similar products on the market, but you will pay double the price.


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  1. Interesting article. There are numerous testimonials from people who have transformed their health because of alkaline water. Water ionizers are recognized as a medical device in Japan. Those who have questions about how well ionized water works haven’t tried it yet themselves.

    • Thanks for the comments. I have personally spoken to hundreds of people that have had their lives improved by drinking ionized water. Now that I have separated myself from the industry, I will start posting the testimonials.

      In regards to ionizers being recognized as a medical device in Japan, that is true. However, the recognition is for acid water only, for use as a disinfectent.

      I stripped out the self-promotional aspects of your post. If you want to advertise, you are encouraged to do so to spread the word….just not here! If I can’t make any money doing this, nobody else can either.


      • Hello Rob,

        In your passion for stripping yourself of industry, you paint a broad brush.
        Hard to get down and do the needed thorough investigations without buying machines and taking them apart to see for yourself.

        I personally know one who buys every ionizer as soon as they are on the market. He does take them apart to see for himself. One can’t argue with what one sees and tests for oneself.

        As to advertisement, I can only give info from where I am. I don’t care where you get ionizers from, I am, as you are, passionate about the truth.
        Believe what you want, however, as I said: All ionizers are not equal.

        I’ll stick to what I know. I’m exiting your blog for now. I do education with proofs. That takes my time.

        Thanks for your responses.


        • Hi Patricia:

          Thank you for all of your contributions.

          I agree with you that not all water ionizers are equal. My claim is that they all work, not that they are all equal. Different machines work slightly better or worse under different source water conditions. Changing the power or the number of plates does change performance in the short term. However, the stablehydrogen produced during ionization, is and always will be entirely dependent upon the mineral content of the water. Electrolysis, creates temporary conditions that people can measure with an ORP meter (a device that measures electrical charge).

          I don’t buy every machine the hits the market, but I have bought 12 different brands that I have tested thoroughly. They all work.

      • Rob,

        That is a total false statement you just made. I have a DVD in my hand this second. It is from Japan. The entire DVD is about Kangen water. They speak only Japanese but there are subtitles on it. In the DVD is shows how they use the acid water for a patient with a completely black foot and part of his ankle. Instead of amputating it like they would in the States, they used the Acid water to completely heal his foot. It was a progressive video so it shows start to finish. In the end, the man only loses a very tiny part of the tip of one toe. The patients are also drinking the alkaline water. Not only does it show it, but they also state how much the patients are to drink every day. The patients in the hospital are drinking the Kangen water! So are the elderly in Old Folks Homes. They are very honorable people and really take care of their elderly.
        They show the acid water being used on bed sores the size of softballs and how it healed them. There is also news clips on here in Japanese, toting the wonders of this water.
        I don’t know what the DVD in Japanese is called because it’s all in Japanese, but there is another English title over it called “International Health & Wellness Special Report. I certainly hope people can look and find this DVD. I am not giving mine up…but I do share it with a lot of people that come over here.
        I love the Kangen water and it really and truly works wonders.
        Don’t be fooled. All the other ionizer companies are just marketing companies. Research their certificates and read the wording then look at Enagics. You can actually look the certificate numbers up but make sure you read why they were issued and what for. Don ‘t be fooled by them people…be smarter than that. They don’t have any certificates like the WQA or ISO certification. Read the words carefully, and you will truly see how they manipulate it to make it seem as if they are comparable to Enagics. There is none. 6500 doctors….actually…over 6500 doctors in Japan have endorsed this medical device. Japan is number one for health and longevity in the world for a reason. I feel badly for the people who by the cheap imitations. They won’t last. Buyer beware..that’s for sure.
        So Rob, I’m sorry buddy to burst your bubble. But there are actual videos that prove you wrong.

        • Can you tell me how you know all the videos are specifically about ‘kangen’ water? I have been looking a the same videos for the last twelve years. They all came from a Japanese TV special on the water and have been floating around for years. What makes that interesting is that Kangen didn’t even exist when the videos were made.

        • Hi T:

          The Japanese videos are about the benefits of ionized water, not specifically about Enagic water. Please see Ian Hamilton’s comment.

          The other water ionizer companies are not simply marketing companies. Some are agents for manufacturers while others manufacture the products themselves. Enagic in the USA and other countries are agents for the manufacturer. In fact, Enagic machines were originally made by Toyo. To be more specific, the Enagic SD501 was originally created as the PURE PORT II and it was given a cosmetic face lift when Enagic purchased the rights to the machine and started selling them in 2004. You may not be too happy to learn that the price of the PURE PORT II was under $1,000 before Enagic performed its magic.

          It is a well known fact that Enagic paid the association of Japanese medical doctors for their endorsement. The practice is not uncommon. Do you actually think that 6,500 medical doctors in Japan have tested and sell or endorse the Kangen machine? I would love to see proof of that.

          I must be one of the people that you feel badly about. I bought one of what you would call the “cheap imitations”. In fact, I bought 450 of them before I retired…and sold them. In addition, my wife has bought a much larger number of various brands of machines in her company….and sold them….most at or near her cost in order to help cancer patients who can’t afford the more expensive machines. To the best of my recollection, only 3 machines have ever been returned during the risk free trial periods, none of which had to do with the performance of the machines.

          It has been almost 3 1/2 years since I started selling the Tyent machines. They do last, and so do the machines from the other companies. Tyent now offers a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, and so do the other companies.

          My bubble is still fully intact…and living large in technicolor

          • Hi Rob,
            I read in Aqualiv Water website that ionized water is “artificial” and has side effects. They claim their alkaline water is “natural” without any side effects. I want to get into drinking alkaline water to better my health and the I want my family to do the same. But I’m very confused at this point as to what is good out there in the market. Can you provide some professional opinion? Thanks.

          • Hi Lynn:

            Where do I start?

            Aqualiv is a public company (people can buy and sell shares in the company). Having worked in the financial industry in the past, my only comment would be that the primary focus of any public company is to make money for its shareholders….nuf said!

            When Aqualiv claims that ionized water is “artificial”, they are talking about the process of electrolysis which temporarily boosts the pH and reduces the ORP, which they refer to as “unstable” ionization. Aqualiv uses a non-electric system to produce “stable” ionization, which is derived from water molecules interacting with alkali metals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

            As far as I can determine, Aqualiv’s claim that the artificial ionizaton has side effects is unsubstantiated. Perhaps they are referring to the Asian study performed many years ago that extreme use of ionized water caused an elevation in heart disease in laboratory rats. The study was later shot full of holes by other scientists.

            I’m a big fan of the natural (aka non-electric) water ionizers. They naturally provide the same health benefits as electric water ionizers at a fraction of the price…unless you are paying the crazy high price charged by Aqualiv. Take a look at and click on the page that compares their product to Enagic. There are a couple of short videos that explain the process in simple terms that are easy to understand.

            I would never call myself a professional when it comes to water. I research water and write about it. After a few years of studying, I have learned a few things, but I’m just a beginner.

          • Alkaline water is probably great stuff, cleaner, tasty; naturally rumbled over minerals, is even better.

            How well it actually helps heal documented pathology, remains to be seen [i.e., I have yet to witness it personally; while I do listen to a certain number of testimonials, I tend to want to see it happening, or experience it happening].

            The larger problem I see, is that MLM companies take over good products and jack up prices stratospherically, to support all the up-lines. MLM’s have a polish of authenticity, but buried in so much marketing-blabber, it makes it increasingly hard to discern any of the facts [‘market-blabber’ does not lend credibility].
            Jacking up prices of products effectively puts them out of reach for those who really need them.
            Of course, IF the units got retailed at reasonably low prices, thousands more who really need them, could, and that would result in escalated sales…..

            But of course, if they don’t really work, retailing them might pose a problem, as they’d be bought, found not to work, and the mystique would be OVER–as would sales.
            MLM tactics helps feed the flames of economic inequality, inflation and downturns, as well as increasingly poor health in billions of people [of course, MLM is not doing this alone; other factors apply–MLM is simply a ravenously greedy market model w/only superficial benefits, covering up long-term adverse effects].
            [[i.e., I really, REALLY dislike MLM model lack of ethics]].

            The Hunzas get their water from their local sources.
            There is no earthly reason that creating filtered, clean, alkalinized water, should cost more than pocket change.

            Industries bent on profiteering by controlling water, taking over basic necessary resource none can live without, are dangerous.
            Let one company get away with it, and others follow–they already have.

          • Hi Chi:

            That was quite the rant. Putting the woes of the world on the shoulders of MLM is a little over the top.

            I agree with you that good water should cost a lot less. In fact, I have been hounding the water ionizer industry for years to do exactly that. I got tired of waiting and did something about it. Voila….natural water ionizers. Now we can spend $400 and get a unit that provides superior drinking water to the $4,000 machines.

            Pocket change is a relative term. Who knows what pocket change is to Bill Gates. If manufacturers sold direct to the public, prices of everything could come down. That is why we are seeing the popularity of places like Costco which mark up the price of products by 8% to 14% but even then, there are typically middle men involved. As long as there is a demand for retail merchandise, we will continue to see retail prices

    • I appreciate Rob and his blog’s commitment to the truth and to health. This is great!

      As to the medical device, the Japanese health organization has endorsed only one
      ionizer out of hundreds out there, and that is the Enagic one. Enagic has the only water ionizer that is a certified medical device in Japan. It is also the only one endorsed by the Prestigious Geriatric Disease Prevention Association of Japan. The Korean ionizers are self-certified. That is, they issue certification in-house.

      Also noteworthy, out of hundreds of water ionizers again, there are only two main manufacturers. Some smaller ones, but these are the main:

      1.The ones from Korea and Taiwan out source their parts from a company called Emco Tech.

      2. The Enagic one manufactures their own parts in house. As such, they are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

      Enagic is the only ionizer company that is a member of the prestigious Direct Sales Association (DSA). The DSA has strick standards that very few companies qualify for.
      They are the only water ionizer company that is a member of that association.

      And now the latest: Enagic was just awarded the Gold Seal Certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA).

      Most importantly, and why it is the Gold Standard in quality: are the only ionizer company that does not have to use minerals to make drinkable ionized water. Solely and strictly with the ionization process alone.
      This is important for a number a couple of reasons: 1. The use of minerals to make alkaline water has a potential danger of making kidney/gall stones. 2. The use of stricty electrolosis
      process means that the Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) rate is steady and stronger, and stays longer. 3. consistent successful micro-clustering of the water, whereas other machines have difficulty. 4. Because of their method of ionization, they are the only ionizer company that has the ability to make 2.5 strong acid for use as a disinfectant, and 11.5 strong alkaline for use as a de-greaser (This is the only time there is use of an eloctrolysis enhancer that passes through a separate chamber in the machine). Those waters also have volumes of research documentation in Japan for successful wound care, among other things.

      It is extremely important for best health of the above points. Enagic does not use minerals to ionize their drinking water. They use the more expensive, but more stable transformer to make 230 watts of power to pass through solid titanium plates. And because of this, it requires the dipping of those plates in platinum for protection.
      That is a huge reason for the expense of their product. They insist on it for maximum results.

      Other ionizer companies do not use enough platinum to be able to get 230 watts of power to pass through those titanium plates without breaking the plates. Or, they don’t use platinum at all, and use mesh plating to cut manufacturing costs, which again, forces them to use minerals and an on/off power source to keep those plates from breaking down.

      That is why they use the “on again, off again power SMTP? system to pass the plates for ionization. The result of this system is that the ORP rate is not consistent, and failure to microcluster the water.
      This is why all ionizers are not the same. Some have better results than others, some have no results. Quality matters. Homework must be more than blogging, or internet searches, because as Rob knows, many distributors are out there just trying to make a buck. I strongly recommend that the above associations be contacted for verification:

      The Water Quality Association (WQA)
      Geriatric Disease Prevention Association of Japan
      The Japanese Health Organization
      The Direct Sales Association (DSA)



      • Hi Patricia:

        I appreciate the time you have taken to write your post. I know from experience how time consuming the process is.

        Everything you say about the Enagic machine is true except your reference to why the Enagic machine is so expensive. My best guess is that the cost to manufacture the SD501 is approximately $500, which puts it in the same ball park as other competing machnes. In regards to the materials used and the membership in the various associations, your information is correct as far as I know. The associations are all bought and paid for, but at least Enagic went through the process and paid the fees.

        What you say about other machines is not necessarily true. It is very important that you are able to prove your statements about the products offered by other companies. When you call the Enagic head office, they will not verify anything about other products and they are extremely careful about making claims. The Enagic Dealers should take heed and follow suit.

        To my knowledge, Enagic doesn’t provide evidence of their machines being able to provide microclustering, or that other machines are unable to do so. I could provide many more examples of unsubstantiated claims being made by Enagic Dealers, but that has been covered many times.

        I like your enthusiasm for the water and for your specific brand. Keep up the great work, but be careful about making claims that you personally are unable to prove.

      • Patricia,

        I appreciated your well written post but I would agree with one point, in particular. The process of ionization strictly with the use of electricity creates a much less stable, not more stable ORP. The true electron rich water will react with everything around it and decrease its ORP rapidly. So if you want to know if you have electron rich water, rather than mineral dissociated water ( not providing valuable free electrons) test your water’s ORP and watch the value either rise quickly (electron rich) or remain the same or even decrease ( mineral dissociated).

        This is why it is so difficult to water share – Kangen Water, as the ORP value dissipated rapidly. People should either buy the machine and try it for a free 30 day free trial or have a distributor place a trial machine in their home.

        Lisa Edwards

        • Hi Lisa:

          Ionization is really about creating free hydrogen. The free hydrogen generated is almost pure energy, which is why it is so valuable to the body. The process can be accomplished with electric or non-electric water ionizers. Ultimately, the amount of ionization will depend upon the mineral content in the water.

          You are correct when you say that it doesn’t make sense to share water from an electric water ionizer. The reason for not sharing is due to the fact that the energy created by an electric machine is unstable and thus very temporary. As such, it is really important to drink the water from an electric machine in the first thirty seconds to one minute. Try putting your hand over the top of a glass of your Kangen water and shake it vigorously for ten seconds and then measuer the ORP (energy content). You will be very dismayed with the result. The energy content of the water produced by the ionized water will return to its “stable” or natural level based upon the mineral content of the water.

          I’m a big fan of Enagic’s free trial or loarner program. People who do try the water will notice a difference.

          The reason that I’m such a big fan of the natural (non-electric) water ionizers is due to the fact that they put lots of minerals into the water which creates the natural ionization. Therefore, they keep producing free energy as long as the minerals are present in the water….and they are very affordable :)

  2. Rob,
    I appreciate your integrity it is evident that you understand how benifits of truth over shadow personal gain, Thankyou. However I still wonder how irrelevent the good Dr. Lower’s points are. What makes his scientific explanations irrelevent. I understand the concept of pure water and it being unable to produce ionized water and agree that his point on this matter is irrelevent because our water is not pure, but how is it the body accepts this reduced water exactly? I am hopeful that we are evolving our sciences to include the proof that alternate medicine is our only alternative. I understand you may not have equations but any further explanation would inspire our belief in this seemingly amazing advancement. Thankyou

    • Hi Eric:

      I’m not a scientist, but I have experienced the benefits of the water myself, and I have spoken to hundreds of people that have benefitted from the water. I will be writing a article in the near future about how and why I believe the water works so well. I have read the ex-professor’s theories, I have read Dr. Mirkin’s theories. Neither of these gentlemen have ever tried or tested the water.

      Ionized water and alcohol are two of only a very limited number of fluids that pass directly through the stomach. While regular tap water or bottled water take approximately three hours to pass through the stomache, ionized water passes in a few minutes. How can I be sure of this? Try this simple test. Drink three 16 ounce glasses of tap or bottled water (48 ounces) in two minutes and take note of how you feel afterwards. You will feel bloated and uncomfortable for a significant period of time. The next day, drink 48 ounces of ionized water in two minutes. Within minutes, you will note that you don’t feel anything at all other than you might find yourself energized.

      I will address what I believe to be the truth about how and why ionized water is so effective for so many people in an upcoming article. Remember, everyone that comments on the water, including the so called experts, are only guessing as science doesn’t have an answer to water yet.

  3. Rob,
    Could you please help me! I am currently doing reasearch to buy a water ionizer as I have heard many great things about alkaline/ionized water. I was thrown for a loop when I discovered a website that spoke about the hydrogen rich water stick by Dr. H. Hayashi and I also found an article about the Aqua Liv System. I was most impressed w/ the fact the you can drink this hydrogen rich water anywhere you go and get the full benefits rather than losing some of the effects of the alkaline water when you have to bottle-on-the-go. As far as the Aqua Liv System it would appear a good buy as the entire home gets the benefits of its water vs just one tap. I may have not done enough homework, but do you think I’m going to be spending money on a scam or do you think they are the real deal?

    • Hi Desiree:

      I must have missed your comment when I was in Korea last week. I went to meet with engineers and quality assurance people, and to inspect factories. I wanted to learn from the people that are actually making the machines, as I have heard enough from the domestic marketing people.

      In regards to the hydrogen sticks, I have used one a number of times. They sticks contain minerals which do increase the pH to about 8.5 and reduce the ORP to around zero (plus or minus). I think the sticks have a worthwhile function as they can be used in an emergency, or to freshen up ionized water that has been sitting for awhile. However, the sticks don’t actually ionize the water or create micro clusters and should never be substituted for a real water ionizer.

      I had never heard of the Aqua Liv system, so I just checked out their website. They sell a filter system, worth about $250 and they claim their vortex system creates hexagonal water. The site provides virtually nothing in terms of statistics about performance. I don’t know enough about the technology to provide a proper review. I’m willing to learn, but in the meantime, I would go for proven technology from a well established company that can offer great results for less money. Water ionizers have a 30 year track record in Asia, and they have helped hundreds of people that I have spoken with. If you do purchase a system, I would like to hear your comments. If the company sends me a unit, I will test it and publish my unbiased opinion.

  4. Thanks Rob for posting this. If you can believe it, I am a RN working in surgery. And when I told a couple of the Dr’s about this water, the Snake Oil guy appeared on one of our bulletin boards.
    Of course the doctors all think they have all the answers. Obviously, for many people, they do not.
    I am a new Enagic distributor, and am really excited about how tyhe water has changed my life, and also those with whom I have shared this water.
    Let me know if you need any help.
    Sincerely, Richard Anderson RN San Diego

    • Hi Richard:

      Great to hear that you are excited about the water and how it has made a positive impact in your life and the lives of others. I’m not a big fan of the MLM aspect of Enagic, but as long as you are spreading the word about the water, I grateful for your efforts.

      • In May 2011 Enagic finally got a patented “Compensation Plan”. It took them 7 years but they finally got it. Enagic is not an MLM. It is direct sales. Please stop perpetuating a lie, Rob.



        • Hi Trena:

          OK. I wasn’t aware of their revolutionary new name for their compensation plan, so I stand corrected. I have no interest in lying to anyone.

          I don’t really care what Enagic calls its compensaton plan. Why don’t they modernize their equipment and drop the price by $3,000 so that people can afford them?

          • Hi Rob,

            Would you ask BMW to drop their prices also so everyone can afford them? Are you serious? You get what you pay for. Enagic does make top of the line products.

            Modernize their equipment? Their equipment will outlast everyone elses and they are the number one sellers for a reason. There is no need to change their internal parts at all. They are built to last. I love the way the outside looks too.

            They don’t need to change?



          • Hi Trena:

            You have suggested that you always get what you pay for. I can see your point of view because a purchaser buys on perceived value. You are happy with the fact that your machine for $4,000. Nobody has the right to question your judgement. The fact that so many people are willing to spend $4,000 on a water ionizer that is based upon 15 year old technology is a testament to the brilliant marketing job done by Enagic.

            You mentioned the BMW automobile in your comments. Would you be happy buying a brand new BMW that was built to the exact standards of their cars 15 years ago? Would you agree that BMW has made a multitude of improvements to their cars in the last 15 years? Now ask yourself what improvements Enagic has made to the Pure Port II/SD501 in the last 15 years. If you believe that their have been no technological improvements in 15 years in the industry then you really are drinking the Enagic “Kool Aid”.

            I can debate this topic endlessly based upon facts, rather than sales pitch. I have to wonder if you are actually an Enagic customer, or if you are really just a certain IonWays dealer who likes to play games on this blog.

  5. Hey Rob.
    Great to see someone started out a blog regarding this subject.
    About Dr Lower, I wonder if you have seen the replies which were answered to his most criticized statmements? I have seen them posted on two different pages and it is a pleasant read :)

    I Live in Sweden and have started to drink this water since aug ’09 and have never had a cold or allergies since then. At first even I was sceptic of cource when I first heard about it :) Not until a few months later I began to read a bunch of articles regarding why this water works… and I must say it is total logical.

    I have started a topic in a well visited forum in my country asking how much they know about ionized water in general. And it is terrifying to know how little knowledge they hold about water and its structures and most are even strongly for distilled water to be the purest and healthiest water to drink!?! That is sooooo 70s when pure water was popular, but now it is 2010 and it is still being sold world wide!

    • Hi Daniel:

      Welcome to the blog. Nice to see a response from Sweden, which I’m told is a beautiful country.

      The water is slowly gaining a foothold in Europe, just like it is in North America.

      I have had enough of Stephen Lower. Myself and others have called him out a number of times and he has admitted that he won’t try the water or test it, but he does admit that it probably works. So much for being a scientist.

      Distilled water has its place, just not for drinking unless there is no alternative such as in a disaster situation. When raw sewage is being dumped into drinking water supplies, distilled water will save your life.

      • hai, heve u ever heard
        Samsung 9-Plate Vesta GL Water Ionizer, it is new and have night plate, 2,570k, it has more plate than kagen , so is it good?pls i really need help

        • Hi (insert name here):

          I toured the manufacturing facilities of several water ionizer companies in Korea a couple of years ago. During one of the tours, I had the good fortune to meet with the owner of a company that makes the plates for most of the water ionizer companies in Korea. At that time, the first 9 plate machine was being introduced to the market. When I asked the owner if he made the 9 plate ionizing chamber for the machine, he said no. He told me that he was offered the opportunity to make the chamber for the new machine, but that he turned it down as it was a waste of money. He explained that 9 plates were no better than 7 plates and that in most cases, 7 plates were no better than 5 plates. He provided a live demonstration where I witnessed a 4 plate machine produce incredibly high pH results. It was during the visit that day when I realized that all of the extra plates are just marketing hype.

          I also learned that day that the plates only cost $15 each. Maybe IonWays can explain why their Vesta GL (9 plates) machine sells for nearly $1,200 more than their very reliable and effective Melody, which has 5 plates. The extra plates are not needed, but lets say somebody wants one anyway. I can see an additional charge of $100 to that they can make a few extra buck. They have also used a new SMPS that generates more power. The new SMPS can’t cost more than $10 more, but lets allow the company to charge an extra $100 per unit for the $10 item. If IonWays raised the price by $200 over the cost of the Melody, the company would make well over $100 of extra profit. But instead of making a nice score on the new unit, IonWays increased their price by $1,200. Can you say RIPOFF?

          IonWays has done a lousy job at almost everything they try. The fought and lost the branding battle to Enagic. The fought higher price battle and lost. When IonWays decided it was better to join the Enagic way of thinking by establishing their own MLM, they failed miserably. Then IonWays tried to get into the natural water ionizers which blew up on them because they priced their model 4.5 times higher than the leading brand and the project was quickly scuttled. After correctly resisting the “plate race” for years, IonWays is now getting into the 9 plate machines and raising the price by $1,200.

          If you like IonWays, I recommend that you buy their Melody for $1,575. Better still, take a look at their Venus for $1,175 as it is basically the same machine without the automatic self cleaning feature. Even better, check out some of the competitive sites where the Venus is offered at $695.

          IonWays continues to get in their own way with their “superiority” attitude. They suck at just about everything other than making simple and effective machines that sell for reasonable prices. They keep trying to reinvent themselves instead of taking a look at their core strength.

          In summary, I would recommend against spending $2,750 for the 9 plate Vesta GL. I warned people not to buy their ill fated Elita natural water ionizer for $1,495 at it suffered a quick and painful death.

  6. Learn more about Kangen Water and the Alkaline Diet.

    • Hi Herbert:

      Enjoy the free advertising. You may have a tough time selling water ionizers for $3,980 to people who read this blog, so this might not be the best place to advertise. However, free is free.

  7. Hi Rob, it is not so much advertising as it is providing readers with a factual resource related to Kangen Water. Thanks.

  8. Hello again Rob!
    Hehe, the funniset thing happend as when I saw my earlier comment in here also have been posted on another vendor site selling ionized water.

    Now to my main purpose… you should really create a new category something called “Debunkers Debunked” and list all the sites you come across which debunks ionized alkaline water. I have found a few more which have a quite convincing text which may very well confuse those who are new to this water. As you already know.

    But there is one study I found which I have not found any real comments on, is the study on newborn rats given ionized alkaline water during 15 days which may give them a marked myocardiac necrosis and fibrosis than the group drinking tap water. The study says it is caused by a degeneration of myosin (a needed protein) that affects the contraction of heart muscle. And also showed a leakage of myocardinac creatine kinase (an enzyme in muscle, brain and other tissues). Can tell you more about these medical terms .
    This study was written 1998 on pubmed by Toshi Watanabes

    Is it not possible to comment your comment on my first comment, instead of posting a new comment to comment your comment? :p
    What I mean is, the reply link does not work for me, or is it only for you (admin) to use?

    • Hi Daniel:

      Nice to see you back on the blog.

      The battle against the quackwatch/debunkers will never end, but I will keep doing what I do. I have been working on an a new article about the validity of water ionizers which should be up on the blog soon.

      I don’t have a comment on the small study on newborn rats. What I do know is that ionized water has been around for 30 years and it has helped millions of people. To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a claim made against the water legitimate or otherwise. Now there is a thought for the debunkers and their pharma backers….just launch a lawsuit. I wouldn’t put it past them.


  9. Hi Rob,

    I have experienced what you were talking about with the snake oil on tap guy – My brother-in-law saw Lower’s website & posted it on our facebook page saying how sad it was when family members are taken in by a scam. I was furious! He also did not want to see a demonstration or read any of the scientific articles I sent him… We just left it alone & figure one day there will be so many people with these machines he will eventually realize how silly he was. Here’s a link for an article about scientist Ray Kurzweil that does a good job debunking some of those myths you were talking about on the internet:

    I also wanted to comment on what you referred to as the MLM aspect of Enagic. My husband is an Enagic rep & this company is actually a direct sales company with a multilevel marketing twist to it. The compensation plan only pays out 8 points for each machine (which may or may not go 8 levels deep depending on what each person’s rank is in the company). For example, if someone who is a 6A sells a machine they get 6 points and the person above them would get the other 2 (assuming they are at least a 2A in the company). That would be as far as it would go, so each person has the potential to advance in rank and/or make more money than the person who brought them into the business. It is definitely NOT a pyramid scheme & there are no start up fees or quotas or any requirements other than being a satisfied customer yourself. If you think about how much platinum & other materials that go in the Kangen water machines compared to the “cheaper” machines on the market, their markup for sales & marketing is actually much lower! Every single product that you can buy has a markup for sales and marketing; Enagic simply gives this money to the distributors rather than paying ridiculous advertising fees for internet marketing, etc. I have personally seen many people gladly pay $3,980 for a medical device that changed their life & their family’s health. I’ve also spoken to people who have drank alkaline ionized water from some of the weaker machines and not seen the same results. I truly believe Enagic is the top-of-the-line in this industry.


    • Hi Theresa:

      Thanks for your comments. I know how much effort it takes to make comments, so I appreciate what you have contributed.

      If people think that a product is worth a certain amount, then it is. For example, I would pay $100,000 for a water ionizer if there was not other way to get one.

      I believe that the Enagic dealers are the best thing that ever happened to this industry. However, I know the prices of Enagic machines could and should be a lot lower. I also know that the things that some Enagic dealers sometimes say about their competition is not true, but that doesn’t mean that every Enagic dealer behaves that way. My greatest wish for the water ionizer industry right now would be for Enagic to modernize their lineup and sell the machines for $1,495. That price would allow for good profits for the company to maintain the business so that it could advertise and stick around for the long run, and it would allow the dealers to be well compensated for their hard work. That way, the machines would be affordable to many more people. The real goal should be to get as many people as possible to be healthy.

  10. I agree that the price of the SD501 is more than some people can afford, but many people don’t realize that Enagic does offer cheaper machines (with smaller plates/less platinim & lower wattages) that are competitively priced. My brother is a college student & couldn’t afford the SD501, so he uses the Sunus unit that only costs $1280. I think this unit is a good alternative for those on a lower budget.

    • Hi Theresa:

      I think most people are aware that Enagic offers less expensive machines. Unfortunately, it is human nature to want the best, especially when it comes to our health. I have found that many of the Sunus sales are to people who want to become Enagic dealers and purchase the Sunus as the least expensive way to join the MLM system. I have tested the Sunus and I think that there are much superior machines available in a similar price range. All the same, the Sunus works, just like all the other machines out there.

  11. I’m curious as to what machines you are referring to that are the same price as the Sunus – most of the ones I’ve seen are around $2000. My experience has been that most are attracted to Enagic first for the health benefits and then get excited about the business opportunity. I’m sure there are some who are looking for the business, but they usually go for the SD501 because the stronger wattage & larger surface area makes this water much more stable. The water produced by the Sunus is weaker and should be consumed straight from the machine because it won’t last very long if given away in jugs. Given that we market by sharing water and performing demonstrations, the Sunus unit would not be a good choice for someone interested in the business. Besides, there are options to become a distributor without purchasing a unit and the commission checks are simply held until enough money has been earned to purchase a unit. Once they have earned their unit, then they begin receiving the commission checks. Like you mentioned before, the other companies are usually selling their products to people who were first introduced to Enagic. I think if they could market their product by demonstrating and giving away water, they would do so rather than focusing on putting Enagic down to steal their customers! Kangen machines usually end up selling themselves because people experience the results first hand & want one in their own home. On the other hand, the other companies put most of their money into creative marketing designed to convince consumers their machine will do the same thing. Why does everyone compare to Enagic if they aren’t the gold standard of the industry?

    • Hi Theresa;

      Heh, my wife will be getting jealous if we keep meeting like this…I’m kidding!

      The actual price of some of the leading machines is a lot less than you see on line. My current favourite is the EOS Platinum at $1,695 but the units were recently on sale in the States for $1,395. The price is back up to $1,695, but dealers offer filters etc to entice customers and good hard negotiation will likely produce better prices. Tyent has introduced the IonQuench which they sell for $1,440 and the dealers offer incentives. Tyent has now picked up the rights to KYK and they dealers are offering the machine at $1,525 plus incentives. All of the above machines are good 7 plate machines with the latest technology. The competition is heating up and the consumers win….as my kids would say….kewl

      I agree with you that Enagic does it best when it comes to marketing. Getting people to try the water is the most effective sales technique possible because the water actually works. The great thing about Enagic is that the reps actually take the product to the street. The companies that sell on line out of their home office can make very good money, but they are not reaching out to anyone.

      I love your use of the words “creative marketing”. I assume you mean the creative license that they take with their “unbiased” reviews etc. Enagic itself has by far the most “real” creative marketing.

      Everyone compares themselves to Enagic for two reasons and neither have anything to do with Enagic being the “gold standard”. First off, Enagic creates all the awareness, so others must do the comparison to draw the attention of consumers who are looking for a less expensive alternative that still produce good results. Second, Enagic is such an easy target. The entire concept of paying $1,500 or $2,000 for a machine that makes water seems ludicrous to most people when they can get water for free from their tap. Enagic machines are $4,000 which makes them seem even more ridiculous. Of course the water is different, but unless people are actually sick, they tend to choose to put their money towards other things.

      I like the way that you support your company. You are proud to be an Enagic rep and that is good. You don’t slam the competition and that is good. You don’t make a bunch of false statements and that is good. Keep up the good work.

      • Do you know Rob that the Enagic SD501 can be taken apart so the plates can be deep cleaned. The build up of calcium on Ionizers is the biggest danger that will stop the ionization process. Enagic machines are the only ionizers on the market that can be taken apart and deep cleaned. No other ionizer can do this. When the buildup gets to be too much on the other ionizers and they stop ionizing, new plates must be bought at a hefty price. The Enagic Ionizers can be taken apart and deep cleaned.

        The old saying, “You get what you pay for”, is a very true statement. This in itself makes it worthwhile to put up extra money in the beginning. I would have thought you would have known this fact beforehand and posted it for all to see? There are many reasons why the Enagic products are more expensive, but they are well worth the extra dollars. Their machine will outlast any of the other machines.

        I strongly urge anyone looking to buy an ionizer go to the manufacturer of the ionizers. Do some of your own research. Would you go Doctor shopping just to get the cheapest doctor? Or would you want the best doctor out there?

        No….I am not a distributor of Enagic products, but I did do my research and bought the SD501. My friend bought the KYK model. It’s only been 4 months, but she is very unhappy with her machine and wishes she had bought the Enagic product.

        I urge everyone out there to do your own thorough research. Don’t just get online because anyone can write anything.


        • Hi Trena:

          To answer your questions and statements:

          Yes…everybody knows that

          Your statement about the need to buy new plates for other ionizers when calcium builds up is not true. I have cleaned the plates for hundreds of machines over the years from various brands. I think that only one person ever had to buy new plates and the cost was about $200 including the labor for the change over. Since the customer paid $1,500 for their machine, they still ended up being out of pocket $1,700 after two years. Once they had their plates changed, they followed the cleaning instructions and never had another problem. Enagic and most other companies now offer cleaning cartridge which are basically cartridges filled with citric acid. Customers pop them into their machine and run them for awhile and voila….just like new. There are much less expensive ways of cleaning a machine, but most people opt for the nominal cost of a cleaning filter.

          Value is in the eye of the beholder. If someone believes that $3,980 is a fair price to pay for the benefits one receives from an Enagic SD501, then more power to them. If there was only one water ionizer on the planet, I would pay $100,000 for it because of the benefits I receive from the water. However, anyone can purchase great electric water ionizers for $1,500. People can also receive all the same health benefits from antioxidant filters (non-electric water ionizers) for $329 which also remove most of the contaminants from the water including fluoride and chloramines (which the Enagic SD501 does not do).

          I’m happy that you are satisfied with your Enagic. If your friend isn’t happy with her KYK, she should contact Tyent USA (or whoever they have designated as their representative). The service manager (Jim) at Tyent has always gone out of his way to help people.

          Yup…anyone can write anything…even me. I don’t have any grudge with Enagic. In fact, I think they did a great job for years of spreading the word. I don’t like the fact they threatened to suit me over my blog. Fortunately, they immediately backed off when I indicated that I would write ongoing detailed reports of all of the inaccuracies broadcast by specific individuals from the weekly conference calls I would be listening to for the two years that it took to get me to court. They really didn’t like the fact that I said I would take the comments down if they won in court, but I would then set up new sites in 100 different countries where they would find it virtually impossible to take me to court. Having the truth on your side and nothing to lose is a powerful combination!

          Enagic people are not bad people. My only issue is with the inaccurate information that some of the sales people spread to support their ridiculously high prices.

          • Hi Rob,

            And now the truth comes out. Sounds like you do hold a grudge by everything you just said. “Call Jim”, sounds like you have a personal relationship with Tyent.

            I am one of those people who like to purchase the best out there that I can possibly afford. This would also include my car, air conditioning, windows etc. The ionizer is for my health though and my childrens’ health. This is the most important investment I could have bought for us. And I am one of those people where when it comes to health, I am not going to compromise and buy a ‘cheaper’ machine. I know full well and so do you, that Enagic products are top of the line. Yes, they do cost more if you choose to purchase the SD501.

            I won’t shop around and get the cheaper doctor and I wouldn’t advise anyone to shop around just to get the cheaper product. If you are putting your money out, then buy the best. You want it to last a lifetime. Enagic products have been around the longest. The Japanese have done all the extensive research themselves. They didn’t just hop on board and start making cheap ionizers.

            One technician makes one machine from start to finish. Every piece of that machine comes right from the factory.

            Every single other cheaply made machine gets the cheapest parts it can and puts it together. Most of the machines have the same brand, EMCO making it’s parts.

            People can make up their own mind. But for goodness sake people, please do your own research and find out the truth before you invest any of your hard earned money. It is well worth it. I know, I did it.



          • Hi Trena:

            The truth is that the people at Tyent USA despise me because of several unflattering articles that I have written about their business tactics and ethics. In fact, they had their lawyer send me letter threatening a lawsuite. I told them to go ahead and suit me as I would have a field day exposing all of their dirty laundry. Regardless of what I think about the behavior of the ownership of the company, I have always maintained that they make good machines and they honor their warranty. I have also written in the past that their warranty guy “Jim” is top notch. I just report facts without getting emotionally involved.

            I see that you have been drinking the Enagic “cool aid”. They make a decent machine, but it is not the best machine by any stretch of the imagination no matter how many times they repeat the story to their distributors and customers.

            Enagic has only been selling water ionizers since 2004. Bob McCauley introduced the Emco (Jupiter) machines in the USA in 1996. Perhaps you are are referring to the fact that Mr. Ichiro purchase the rights to the Pure Port II (one of 19 water ionizer machines produced by the Toyo corporation) on behalf of his new MLM company in 2001 as a basis of your statement about the machine being around the longest.

            The last few statements that you make indicate that you are definitely reading the company “line”. This is OK if it works for you. I have no issue with people buying Enagic machines because they work….I do have issue with dealers making false claims and making up stories to support the massively over inflated price of the SD501.

            Based upon your comments in your posts, I doubt that you did your own independent research on the matter of electric water ionizers. By that, I mean testing other machines and talking to owners of other machines. Regardless, congratulations on your purchase as you are now drinking ionized water and you will undoubtedly reap the health benefits.

  12. Hi Rob,
    Great article, nice to see some grounded information on a subject for which everyone seems to have “all the answers.”
    I do like the concept of the Aqualiv, but was wondering if you’d had a chance to look back into it yet. I ordered a Hydrogen stick to check it out, particularly as an inexpensive way to get started on improving water quality.
    This isn’t a commercial for these products, lol, I just don’t want to spend over $2,000 without confidence.

    Appreciate all the hard work,

    • Hi Todd:

      I have tested the hydrogen sticks and I’m wary of them. The manufacturers won’t tell us what is in them and the water tastes strange if it sits for awhile. I’m not against the hydrogen process itself, I just don’t like the unknown.

      I’m currently testing an actual hydrogen machine that I really like so far. It is too early to tell as I just got the machine, but the early results are good. The machine comes with a great brochure that explains how it works, and what is in the filter. It also details the many contaminants the machine eliminates or reduces from the source water including chlorine, fluoride, VOCs, lead, mercury and more. The hydrogen machine produces water quickly with a pH or about 9.5 and an ORP of about -200. I want to see how the unit stands up over time in terms of producing pH and negative ORP before I would give it the thumbs up. If the hydrogen machine continues to perform as it has so far, I see it as having the potential to be a breakthrough product in the industry because it will cost a fraction of the price of all the water ionizers that are currently available. Let’s see….alkaline water that is ideal for health benefits and hydration that removes the nasty stuff from the source water…at a low price. Yup, I will be a huge fan if it works. In the meantime, I will continue to do more testing while I’m waiting for the company to provide additional independent test results from a certified lab that I have requested.

      • Hello Rob,

        Great site. Do you have any updates on this machine for us? it seemed like it had some potential. personally i would love to know the name of it so I can do my own dilligence on it. Thanks for all the work you do on this subject for those learning the ropes.

        we look forward to hearing the update!


        • Hi Mike:

          I posted an update yesterday on the electric water ionizer industry. I’m not sure if you are asking about a specific machine or not.

          • Hey Rob, thanks for responding. directly above my initial question in the paragraph above you mentioned this

            “I’m currently testing an actual hydrogen machine that I really like so far. It is too early to tell as I just got the machine, but the early results are good. The machine comes with a great brochure that explains how it works, and what is in the filter.”

            this one was the one I was referring to! Did you get any positive results on this machine and if so can you share them with us?

            What do you think of the Chanson machine Robert Young pimps on his site? Every now and again he has it on sale for 1400 bucks which is a fair bit off his regular price and I was thinking of buying that one the next time it goes on sale.



          • Hi Mike:

            The unit you are referring to is called the Alkastream. I first started testing it about 6 months ago. I really liked the results, but the unit and the filter had a lot of problems. Ian Hamilton, the owner of the company asked me to help him. I decided to help because of my respect for the man, and because the new technology held so much promise at a price that people could afford. After months of testing and retesting, and me driving Ian crazy with all the changes that I recommended, I think Ian now has a great machine. I believe they made 11 changes to the machine and the filter plus 3 more changes to the media in the filter.

            I’m amazed by the response of Ian and his people. When I worked in the electric water industry, I asked Tyent to make a couple of changes that would make their product better and they totally ignored my ideas. Instead, they kept bringing out a new model every 6 to 12 months without making the units any better.

            The story of how Robert Young became involved with Chanson is rather sordid and I would rather not go into the details. It makes me sick to my stomach to see Chanson benefit from the way that the Robert Young’s endorsement took place. However, I’m a fan of Robert Young’s work, and I don’t want to distract him from his efforts by drawing attention to the matter. As far as the machine itself goes, it is a decent machine, which makes it like many others. In regards to price, you can purchase the machine for less (see one of my recent articles).

          • Thanks Rob!

            Have you done a side by side comparison to the Alkastream and the chason or any of the other 1000 dollar plus machines and have you any numbers to share with us?

            Obviously if we can get the same quality out of this filter as opposed to buying a 1-2K machine this is the way to go but if it is significantly better results yeilded by a proper ionizer then it might be better off to get the ionizer.

            Looking to hear your thoughts or hearing about your tests on it.


          • Hi Mike:

            I did side by side comparisons of the Alkastream to the Chanson VS70, Tyent 7070 Turbo, EOS Platinum, and the Enagic SD501 in my lab. I used the same source water and the same testing equipment. I used the same water temperature and did the tests at the same time. I also ran the tests several times over different days to see if the results varied as the source water changed. People think that the water coming out of their tap is always the same but the reality is that the source water is changing all the time.

            I set the power level for each of the electric water ionizers at their respective “drinking” water levels as prescribed by the manufacturer of each machine. The Alkastream doesn’t use electricity, so I ran the water flow at one litre per minute as prescibed by the manufacturer.

            Every machine performed really well. The results, as measured by pH and ORP were remarkably similar and consistent. The range in pH values only varied by 0.07 across all the machines and the ORP varied by less than 30 points across all the machines. If I had tinkered with the power settings on the sub levels, as opposed to pressing the major setting buttons, I expect that I could have tightened up the range even more.

            I didn’t do a statistical analysis, but my guess would be that there was little if any statistical difference between the results of any of the machines. The results are great news in my opinion. The machines all performed well as advertised. I believe anyone can feel confident in buying any of the machines, including the Alkastream.

            The electric water ionizers offere the ability to generate acidic water, or very high pH and very low ORP levels. These additional qualities will be appreciated by people who want to use the acidic water on their skin, or for cleaning solutions. The high pH levels allow for faster removal of pesticides from fruit and vegetables when they are soaked in the water.

            The antioxidant filters allow for much superior removal of contaminants from the source water.

            My understanding is that drinking water is used 30 times more than acidic or high pH water by the average consumer of electric water ionizers. Choosing which machine to buy really depends upon a person’s needs. I replaced my electric water ionizer with an Alkastream in my home office several months ago and have not noticed any detectable difference in terms of changes to my health.

            The pH and ORP results were remarkably similar and consistent across the board. Every

          • Oh and one other point, if this machine is simply a filter that ads elements like magnesium, logically then that filter with use will no longer add elements and you will need to change it. Any idea how much these filters will last under normal use and what it will cost to replace a filter?

            This seems like the best way for a neub to stick his or her toe in the water literally and test out the whole concept but I am curious what the ongoing costs are for it compared to a proper ionizer!

            Cheers and great work!

          • Hey Rob,

            One last question before I pull the chord and get one of these things. On the Alkastream, you have to swap out teh filter every 6 months or so so that is 100 bucks + every 6 months so in a few years you are out the price of one of the ionizers. Are there any reoccuring charges for the ionizers? Once you drop 1500 or whatever for the ionizer is that it in terms of no more to pay? Are there any filters or parts that need regular replacing on them?



          • One last last question! hehe (Sorry Rob!) I have a hose type faucet in the kitchen that is removeable. There is no way to fit the end of the Alkastream on to it. Is there a way you can plumb it off the water line directly and put a tube up from under the sink right into the counter top with it? Do you need any special attachments for that? I vaguely recall seeing something saying you need special gear from the company to do that.


          • Hi Mike:

            I have seen Alkastream’s plans for their new “under counter” cap that will allow for an under sink installation. I believe that they will have the new “kit” ready in the near future, as they were talking about an April or May delivery. My past experience with all the manufacturers would lead me to believe that later is more likely than sooner when it comes to new product introductions.

          • Hi Mike:

            Is this the last question or the last-last question…just teasin’ ya!

            It typically costs about $200 per year for filters for most electric water ionizers despite what they advertise. The unfortunate part of electric water ionizer filters is that they are not designed to remove much in the way of contaminants from the water. Therefore, the cost is usually another $100 or more per year. This may sound like a lot of money but would you rather “buy a filter, or be a filter”?

          • Hey Rob,

            Is the new “under counter”” Alkastreram a whole new device entirely or just a simple addition to the regular pre existing filter? IE is the new under counter system filter system going to be the exact same filter with just a new attachment or is it going to be a whole new and improved contraption? I heard that it is going to have a faucet instead of just the filter with the spigot is that right? I was told you can buy a T joint at Lowes for a few bucks and attach it yourself if you wanted and get the same effect as the new one is probably going to be more pricey.

            If it is going to be an entirely new rig with a faucet on the top side as opposed to a filter then it might be worth holding out and get it. If it is the same old filter on your sink with just an attachment below I might just buy it and get the T valve from Lowes and be done with it. Are you hearing this alkastream is going to be the same filter with an attachment or a whole new machine that would make it worth waiting for?


          • Hi Mike:

            Ian Hamilton tells me that they will be producing a new cap for their under counter units, which will easily adapt to their existing unit. The cap will allow a water line to be attached in place of the drinking rod, which is not possible for their above counter unit. The water line can then be attached to a tap. He also indicated that they would be including a high quality tap (which I have seen), and they will provide attachments to hook up to the water supply line under the sink. The entire kit will be priced at $49.99 including the cap, the tap, and the connector, and the extra hose. I don’t know how Ian was able to price the entire kit at such a low price, as the tap looks to worth at least that much, but I’m not going to complain.

            I will ask Ian what he has planned for people that have their own tap and just want the under counter cap so they can make the connection.

            You are absolutely correct that the existing unit can be hooked up to the water supply line under the counter. It is as simple as purchasing an angle stop valve or similar under counter diverter attachment from Lowes or Home Depot etc. Once you are able to divert the water, you can run the hose directly to a tap, or through a hole in the counter. You could also store the unit under the counter and place it on top of the counter each time you use it because the unit is small and light in weight.

          • New line of question here. I noted above you said you had issue with how Robert Young hooked up with Chanson. I bet there is a story there but my question for you and your readers is what does the world think of the guy?

            I just read his PH miracle book, looked at a ton of videos on line and was interested in picking up a few of his PHroducts I guess you would say but the PHrice of them is PHretty rediculous. You can add a 0 to the price of most of the competition’s non young approved PHroducts! hehe

            Anyway, I wanted to know has anyone in here that are very health conscious and interested in alkaline lifestyles, are you eating his PH salts like it is going out of style, living only on avocadoes and grass shavings from the lawn mower and using his sub lingual stuff that all just seems to incredibly expensive? Even compared to many of the other non traditional healing institutes like oasis of hope, gerson and the rest his retreats are twice as expensive as is are most of his products so i am curious are they worth the price tag he is pushing or is it all clever marketing with Tony Robbins and the like to pocket all the cash they can milk out of sick people?

            Anyone using any of his products in conjunction with alkalizing water machines etc and getting any results?

            Thanks all! This subject is really like peeling back the layers of an onion! Lots of into out there if you search for it.


          • Hi Mike:

            You like stirring it up….reminds me of me. Your funny message made me laupH.

            I respect the work of Robert Young. I personally know a number of people who have benefitted greatly from his advice. He is dedicated to his trade adn the world is a better place for it. I have never had the pleasure of meeting the man, but I have had a couple of conversations with him and I believe him to be sincere.

            When it comes to Robert Young and business, I’m not a fan. Based upon the research I have done on his business activities, I believe very strongly that his endoresements are bought. He certainly seems to lose his scientific objectivity when it comes to reporting on those products. My guess is that he bows to commercialism as a way of mainting his research and his lifestyle (avocado ranches are expensive).

            I like Robert Young and I would not want to discourage his work. I don’t see how it would benefit anyone if I blew the whistle on the Chanson endorsement. I think people already know what I think about the guy that runs Chanson, so throwing gas on the fire serves no useful purpose.

            Robert Young is no worse and actually a whole lot more useful to the world than Dr. Mercola or David Wolfe. At least Robert Young contributes something besides a never ending sales pitch.

        • Hey Rob, Newfie here again. Another question for you. have you heard of this Lotus system for cleaning pesticides out of fruit and vegge and cleaning your counters and floors and the like? How does this differ from an alkalizing machine? I wound up buying the alkastream after and I use it all the time. I saw this on line not too long ago and was curious as it was supposed to kill all pesticides from fruit and vegge. Any thoughts on this? for 200 bucks it seems to be pretty affordable. It says it comes with filters so I have no idea how many you need or how long they are good for. Thanks as always!

  13. Hi
    I must ask you Rob about the Hydrogen mashine…. What is this and what does it mean by hydrogen rich water? I see this statement is kinda mixed which also appears when describing ionized water, but I have not find any real explanation to what it actually means….

    I know Ionized water splits the water into two streams, one with more Hydroxide ions (OH-) and the otther with more Hydrogen ions (H+), a hydrogen with a missing electron which is actually a proton.

    Allthough I haven´t found any explanation still I suspect the terms of hydrogen rich water is actually the hydroxide ion – one oxygen and one hydrogen with an extra electron?
    And now I see you mention the hydrogen machine.
    Could you please explain in simple terms what the meaning of hydrogen water really is and if there are any differences from ionized alkaline water? To me they are the same but why the name of hydrogen water…. beats out of me

    • Hi Dan:

      I’m just learning about hydrogen machines myself. When Mary and I were in Korea earlier this year visiting manufacturing facilities and talking to engineers, everyone was introducing us to the hydrogen machines. To be honest, we were so focused on the water ionizers that we didn’t give the hydrogen machines much attention. The Korean people are so polite that they didn’t want to push. I wish we had spent more time asking questions and learning about the hydrogen machines.

      Here is a very brief snapshot of what I know, or at least what I think I know.

        Similarities between a water ionizer and a hydrogen machine:

      Hydrogen machines actually produce hydroxyl ions (OH-) even though they are referred to a hydrogen. These are the same hydroxyl ions that water ionizers produce. The water produced is alkaline (a pH above 7.0) which is a measure of the availability of hydrogen ions (H+) or hydroxyl ions (OH-). When there are more H+ ions, the water is acidic, and when there are more OH- ions, the water is alkaline.

      The alkaline water produced by both machines carries a negative charge that can actually be measured in millivolts. The measurement of the millivolts is commonly referred to as ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential. I won’t get into all the theory of ORP, but lets just say for now that the ORP helps reduce the acidic buildup in our bodies

        Differences between a water ionizer and a hydrogen machine:

      Water ionizers run water across electically charged plates, which means they require electricity. A water ionizer actually separates the source water into two streams of water, one with extra hydroxyl ions (OH-) which is alklaine water, and another with hydrogen ions (H+) which is acidic water. A hydrogen machine doesn’t use electricity at all. A hydrogen machine produces alkaline water only by running water though a filter that is rich in positively charged cations such as magnesium.

        Advantages of water ionizers:ul>

        Powerful water ionizers definitely have advantages such as the ability to produce acidic water that can be used as an effective astringent on the skin, or as a disinfectant in a stronger form. Powerful water ionizers can also produce very high pH alkaline water which will remove petrochemicals from from fruit and vegetables by soaking them in the water for 20 to 30 minutes. Hydrogen machines won’t do this.

        Advantages of hydrogen machines:

      Hydrogen machines will produce drinking water that will provide all the health benefits of a water ionizer, which is by far the most important reason why we purchase these machines, and they will do it at

        a fraction of the cost of a water ionizer.

      The hydrogen machine that I’m testing also claims to act as an excellent purifier of the contaminants in the source water. The literature offers independent lab test results that indicate the filter removes fluoride, chlorine, VOC’s, lead, mercury and other substances. If that is true, then you don’t have to add a pre-filter system, which every water ionizer should have. I’m trying to decide if I should spend the money to have the results of the machine tested myself. I have been told the test will cost me about $1,000. Since I don’t make any money anymore, I’m hesitant to spend the money. If anybody out there can provide independent test results from a cerified lab, I’m sure I could get the company to send you a free test machine.

      The hydrogen machines have other advantages. The won’t get scaled up like a water ionizer in hard water conditions because the calcium in the water won’t precipitate out of the water during the ionization process like it does with a water ionizer. The hydrogen machine is easy to install and is much smaller than a water ionizer which means it doesn’t take up much counter space. One final advantage of a water ionizer is that very little can go wrong with it because it doesn’t have an expensive SMPS or an expensive ionization chamber which can get scaled up and it doesn’t have a sensitive keypad.

      As you can see, I’m excited about hydrogen machines because they are affordable to almost everyone. If the machines do what they claim to do over the long term, and by that I mean provide consistent pH and ORP output levels and remove the contaminants from the source water, then I can see my goal of a water machine in every home becoming a reality a lot sooner. I just need to recruit Bill Clinton to my non-profit cause as we would be off to the races.

      • Thank you for elaborating this, allthough I am familiar with regular ionizers but it was still good the way you compared! It does however sound very similiar between them two.
        But it also sounds more like the hydrogen machine is just an advanced filter which adds alkaline minerals… inside a machine. Do you think the filter with the positively charged minerals will be enough to also reconstruct the water molecules so the polarization will make them less clustered together – or for short will the water be micro clustered like in an ionizer?


        • Hi Dan:

          There are a lot of similarities between the two systems, especially the most important issues which are alkaline pH and ORP output.

          You are correct that the hydrogen machine is essentially an advanced filter which add minerals that make the water become alkaline.

          The following is a paragraph from a research report that I have been reading about the hydrogen machine:

          “The newer non-electric systems just hitting the market use magnesium as their ionizing agent. When immersed in water, magnesium gives off negative hydrogen ions just like an electronic water ionizer. The water isn’t split like an electronic system into two streams, but it’s virtually identical in all other ways; pH, ORP, microclustering and antioxidant abilities”

          I can’t confirm the validity of the claims about microclustering for the hydrogen machine, but then again, I can’t confirm the validy of the same claims made about water ionizers. I have read the claims many times, but I have to admit I have never read an actual research paper about the claims.

  14. Do the test and find out and you can do it by using a tea bag and see how micro clustered the water is if it can make tea at room temperature.

  15. Hi Rob
    Thanks for your effort in getting the word out about Alkaline Water.

    Some people are afraid of the truth and others don’t want you to know the truth. It’s a lot like our government. The more that they are afraid of what you have to say the more they try to tear you down.

    While the water is not the end all and all medical cure, it is a step in the right direction of cleansing the body so that it can do it’s job of healing it’s self.

    The realistic fact is that people need to recognize the truth about Alkaline Water and all the benefits it will give you. We need to get the word out about Alkaline Water. The AMA and the Big Drug Companies do not want you to know the water really does work. They would be out of business if we all were healthy and did not need them any longer. The water really works. It cleanses the body of contaminants that we put it by everyday living, floods your body with antioxidants that lets the body do its job of healing itself, and restores your natural wellness.

    For instance, this is how antioxidant are measured, the more negitive -mV the higher antioxidant level. Tap Water has positive +400 to +500mV, Wheat-Grass Juice has an negative O.R.P. (antioxidant) of -120mV. Which is good. Real fresh squeezed Orange Juice has a negative O.R.P. of -250mV. Which is better. A good water ionizer machine can get over -800mV. in one glass. This is as close as we can ever hope to get to a Fountain of Youth. In addition, irrespective what Machine you buy, the alkaline water is going to help you feel better. Check it out for yourself and you make the call. Do You Want To Feel Good for a Change?

    • Hi Mike:

      Thanks for your contribution. I love your enthusiasm.

      I agree with much of what you say, but I need to just put a put a bit of perspective on some of the numbers that you presented.

      I believe the ORP for fresh orange juice is actually a less negative than you posted, but the real point is that fresh orange juice does have a negative ORP.

      Your claim that a good water ionizer can produce an ORP of -800 leaves itself open to debate and a number of factors. For instance, if you are only looking for healthy drinking water so that you won’t get sick, you would never drink water with an ORP of -800. Tap water will have different source water locations will have widely different positive ORP values. I have heard some ORP values as high as +800 in Oregon. The tap water where I live generally varies from +220 to +260, but I have tested it as low as +180 and as high as +280. Every different source water will have a different ORP value and the values from one location will change all the time. The ORP that comes out of a machine is dependent upon the ORP of the source water. The ORP of the output water will also depend upon the minerals or salts in the water and the amount of power that is delivered across the ionizing plates. To make matters even more confusing, water at 70 degrees F will typically have a lower ORP by about 40mv than the same source water taken at the same time from a tap. The entire issue of ORP and its effectiveness as a measure is up for debate.

      Claims of the Fountain of Youth are too heavy on the sales pitch for me, but I agree with you that drinking alkaline ionized water helps a lot of people.

      • I’m just curious. I live in Oregon and got sick here. Can you tell me where the high OPR ratings you were talking about are located.


  16. I just need some help and some good advice. I was lloking to buy a water ionizer, I usually turn to consumer reports to check and buy the best buy for you buck. I don’t want to buy a an expensive water ionizer but I don’t want some cheap one that breaks down in 6 months either. Please help and tell where are you recommendations.

    • Hi Jose:

      Good advice depends upon one’s perspective. A person selling a $4,000 water ionizer will have different “good” advice that a person selling a $400 Antioxidant filter. If you want to go with a water ionizer in order to take advantage of a full spectrum of pH levels, you can find excellent products with good track records, good warranties, and good reputations for about $1,500. If you just want the benefits of the drinking water plus water purification, you can buy Antioxidant Filters for $400.

      I planned to start doing videos of various machines a month ago, but I got caught up in the Antioxidant Filter story because the new technology if the first real breakthrough in years. Now that I have written a bunch of stuff about the machines, I will get back to more general topics about water and diets and health and hopefully making some product review videos.

  17. I have a portable water distiller and I have been drinking the distiled water for about 3 years now becasue I can’t trust the darn tap water. I can’t say its a miracle water but I have been less sick since I have been drinking it. Now I hear that I shouldn’t be drinking it becasue is dead water. The food taste better when I cook with it and even the coffee taste better. Any advice or thoughts. I am risking my health by drinking it?

    • Hi Jose:

      Distilled water is definitely dead water as it is completely devoid or any substance other than pure water. Unless you are taking supplemental essential vitamins and minerals, or you eat an extraordinarily healthy diet, your body will most likely start leaching calcium out of your bones and teeth at some point, if it hasn’t started already. The blood in your body is very demanding and will “steal’ whatever it needs to from wherever it needs to in order to make up for any deficiency. The RO people claim that the body can’t absorb minerals from water, but I had sure talked to a lot of people who have suffered from prolonged use of dead water and who recovered once they stopped.

      It is hard to argue with the fact that you are feeling better. I would just make sure that you get checkups and have you doc look our for any sign of mineral deficiency. If you love your water, just make sure you supplement properly

  18. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for a very interesting article. Before I read this article, I drank 500ml of water with Dr Hayashi’s Hydrogen water stick. I didn’t feel bloated /nauseated after drinking the 500 ml straight up which I would normally feel. I have used the water stick for the first time and bought it from US as I could not find a seller here in the UK.
    I stumbled upon your website as I am trying to know more about Dr. Hayashi’s water stick. I actually bought it after purchasing the Chanson water ionizer. Unfortunately, the Chanson didn’t fit my tap so I have to send it back. I needed an alternative and my internet research led me to Dr. Hayashi’s Hydrogen water stick. Would you know of any side effects or harm of that particular water stick?

    • Hi Kara:

      Thanks for your comments on the Hydrogen stick.

      I have written in the past about the fact that ionized water passes immediately through the stomach while tap water or bottled water remains in the stomach for half an hour or more while it is being processed. Hence, the difference when it comes to experiencing bloating or not.

      I have become a big believer in Dr. Hayashi’s work. In fact, I’m tossing around the idea of writing an article on whether the “live” water is better for us that the “electrocuted” water produced by electrolysis based water ionizers. I have lots of ammunition for the article except for one major factor, which is the fact that water ionizers work. How can I tell people that the Hydrogen produced by non-electric water ionizers is better for you when there is evidence from hundreds of thousands of people world wide that have benefitted from the more traditional water ionizers.

      I have used a Hydrogen water stick and it works. The benefit is that it is very inexpensive. The downsides to the water stick are primarily that they are a nuisance to use and they don’t filter the water. In addition, if you want stronger water, it is recommended to use two or three sticks and that becomes expensive as the sticks don’t last very long.

      I don’t know if Hydrogen sticks produce harmful side effects or not, but I doubt it. I do know that if you leave the sticks in the water too long, the manufacture recommends throwing out the water. The reason for this is that the stick continues to ionize the water as long as it remains in the water. As a result, the water will develop a metallic taste which is unpleasant. I don’t think the water can actually hurt you in any way.

      The answer to the issues presented by the Hydrogen sticks are the Antioxidant filters. The Antioxidant filters use the same process as the Hydrogen sticks in that their performance is created primarily by running water across a magnesium media. However, the Antioxidant filters offer so much more than the Hydrogen sticks. The Anitioxidant filters are much more powerful and they remove chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, VOCs, THMs, lead, mercury, bacteria and more from the water. In addition, the Antioxidant filters can produce the filtered antioxidant water on demand rather than waiting for small batches.

  19. Could anyone here tell me more about this amazing product?

    • Hi Tom:

      What do you want to know? I have written about 100 articles about water on my blog, so you might want to sift throught the titles to see what tickles your interest.

  20. I know a family who all developed kidney stones (parents and children) just a few months after they started to drink ionized water from a machine that cost around $1000. It was caused by the inorganic minerals in the water . The family dumped the ionizer in favor of a water distiller, and their kidney stones gradually dissolved away. I know of another man, with one kidney, who also developed a kidney stone after drinking alkaline water and it put him in hospital. He died of a heart attack while he was there. I would never consider drinking ionized water now.

    • Hi B Parker:

      I would appreciate it if you would email me privately with the contact information of the people that suffered from kidney stone problems after drinking water from an electric water ionizer. I will contact them to learn their stories and publish the details on this site. When people make claims, either good or bad, I’m always happy to follow up to verify the story. Otherwise, anyone can say anything.

      I have read varying information about ionized water and kidney stones. One of the manufacturers specifically mentions in their User Manual that people with kidney issues should consult their physician before using their machines. The man that runs Chanson in the USA personally told me that he recommends that anyone with kidney problems will do well if they drink water from the machines his company produces.

      All manufacturers that I know of always recommend that customers consult with their physician before drinking water from their machines.

  21. I’ve been plodding through ionized water / alkaline water / cluster water / random-shaped water sites for about an hour. The marketing claims are absolutely ridiculous.

    One pair of statements that I find particularly entertaining is when a pro-Kangen site disparages other brands for using mesh electrodes, and touts its SOLID plate electrodes – and states that the mesh manufacturers are doing it save on costs; then in the next statement says that solid plates offer more surface area and trumpets that surface area is important to electrolysis (which it rightly is.)

    The reality there is that the mesh plate DOES have more surface area, and the solid plate would actually be cheaper to manufacture because it requires less platinum to coat. (Titanium costs around $13/lb. Platinum is around $1700/oz (that’s 2092 times more expensive than the titanium.))

    I unfortunately had to start looking into this because my sister was exposed to its wondrous benefits by her boss’s yuppie wife. They had her gargle the pH2.5 water for a sore throat and extolled its virtues for alleviating the soreness.

    You can get the same result from mouthwash (I happen to have a leftover antibiotic prescription mouthwash that I save for sore throats, myself), or any number of sanitizing solutions (star san, iodine, hell – you could even use bleach.)

    Scamsters depend on anecdotes and shame, and I can’t find one thing to disagree with on Dr. Lower’s site (which I only found thanks to this post.) Ensuring that people have to buy a tiny, worthless (literally, and relative to the price point) machine that costs more than a top of the line refrigerator is a pretty damn good method to crank up the shame factor.

    (Just thought about another boast – that these machines are all hand made. Of course they’re “hand made” (really just assembled from injection molded and stamped parts) – they’re not going to invest in automated/robotic production equipment for a $50 machine with thousands of dollars in profit margin built in – especially when it’s a scam.

    A fool and his money are soon parted.
    (Just add a little more yellow.)

    (P.S. If it were just a case of promoting ionized water for health reasons, I (personally) would just chalk it up to placebo effect and let any believers continue to believe and be happy – but the ridiculous amount of money being bilked from people on blind faith is criminal.)

    • Hi RCB;

      Thanks for taking the time to write to us. Based upon your comments, I have to believe that you have spent far more than one hour researching the topic of water ionizers.

      I have to disagree with you on a number of issues. First off, Stephen Lower doesn’t know what he is talking about when it comes to ionized water. He is the quack in this situation and he has admitted to people that the water “probably works”. He has been invited to test the water at any facility of his choosing, using technicians and equipment of his choosing, at his convenience, and with no expense to him. The man refuses all attempts to provide him with evidence. He has zero credibility.

      Your comment about the Kangen units being “hand made” is legitimate. However, I believe that Kangen talks about each unit being handled through the entire assembly process by an individual. Personally, I think the Kangen methodology of assembly seems inefficient, but I have to admit that I have never witnessed the process. Your comment about a $50 machine is way offside. The claims that I heard Laurie Tauscher make on a Kangen conference call about the cost to make the unit are equally absurd.

      I just can’t agree with you that the benefits of ionized water are a placebo effect. While the placebo effect can be very powerful, just like positive thinking, there is no possible way that a placebo effect could have made all the changes that myself and so many others have experienced.

      I do agree with you that the prices being charged on most of the products on the market is much higher than they should be. The good news is that the market place will fix that over time. In the meantime, I will keep doing my best to make the water more affordable to everyone.

  22. I have read every post and comment on here and would like to know your final say in these economic times, what would you buy to do the best job(health wise) for the least money the Alkastream or the Enagic?

    • Hi Bob:

      I have just posted an article declaring my endorsement of the Alkastream. I have remained unbiased since I began writing the blog, but it is impossible to ignore the fact that the Alkastream provides the same health benefits from drinking water offered by electric water ionizers plus it has a great filter that removes fluoride and chloramine….for $400. I only came to the conclusion that the Alkastream is the hands down winner in terms of value after the company made many improvements to the machines and after I had been drinking the water for months.

      I assume I will get clobbered in the comments section for my “bias”, but I would invite anyone who disagrees to do so based upon personal testing so that they can provide an honest assessment. I had always hoped for a more affordable machine that costs less than $1,000 and now consumers can get one for $400.

  23. hey Rob! Just checking in. Any updates on that 49.99 under counter adaptor for the Alkastream? have not heard much about it lately.



    • Hi Mike:

      They should be arriving soon, as in next week, but who knows. My past experience with importing makes me a “show me” guy as the delivery dates always seem to change. The Alkastream website has a pic of the under counter kit now which is selling for $69. Apparently, the manufacturer is charging for the alternative cap, which probably explains the difference in price.

  24. Hi Rob,
    Excellent description on Stephen Lower and his article. I’ve often wondered how many alkaline water enthusiasts actually started their passion with a read of his web article. I’ll bet it’s a lot! I know I did. Fortunately, most if not all of us who accept personal responsibility for our education, philosophy and our wellness quotient already know to see through this type of mumbo jumbo. All the best to you and your family. Good work!
    Kirk Phinney

    • Hi Kirk:

      It is great to see you join us.

      For those that don’t know Kirk, he is the man behind the Revolutionizer anitoxidant filter.

      Kirk and Mike Hanley were the driving force behind the creation and expansion of the IonWays MLM system.

      I don’t know what philosophical differences developed as I am not that close to the story, but Kirk and Mike left IonWays to start up their own company. As soon as the guys left, IonWays slapped a lawsuit on them to prevent them from selling. I have written about this issue in the past. In my article, I suggested that IonWays took the action in order to prevent the guys from taking the majority of the system with them and to buy IonWays time to get their own antioxidant filter ready for the market. IonWays also introduced the Naia and Spartan antioxidant filters out of nowhere at the same time to give their Dealers something to talk about and to combat the Revolutionizer. All a bit childish imo, but IonWays was fighting for their survival.

      I was recently contacted by Jacqueline, one of our readers, who brought me up to date on what is going on with the Revolutionizer and their other products. It seems like they are finally getting back in the saddle, which is great news for consumers. Alkastream has been the only kid on the block for a few months and it is great to see some competition. While IonWays appeared to be the early favorites, they have blown themselves away by offering a similar product for $1,499. I have talked to a number of IonWays Dealers who won’t touch their $1,499 antioxidant filter. The Dealers realize that they don’t have a chance of being successful against the lower priced products that offer essentially the same product. I know the IonWays people will jump all over me for saying that, but in the big picture, it is the same product for 5 times the price of an Alkastream. At $499, the Revolutionizer offers a MLM product that people can actually afford.

      You can take a look at Kirk and his wife Cathy demonstrating their Revolutionizer on YouTube at:

      I haven’t had a chance to test the Revolutionizer, but I understand that it performs well. I would expect it to perform well, as it is based upon the same technology as the Alkastream.

      I hope that Kirk is successful with his new company as he is offering the public another low cost and effective alternative to electric water ionizers.

  25. Hi Rob,
    I need to filtrate and alkalize whilst on the go, is this feasible? What would you recommend please?
    many thanks

    • Hi Guy:

      Since you are in Australia, I would hook up with the Alkaway people in Byron Bay NSW. I think they carry the Alkapod, the Fil2Pur bottles, and the Alkasteam, depending upon how portable you want to be.

  26. thanks! is there something that will filter as well as alkalize? And how should i incorporate water with my raw 8o% fruit and greens juice diet?
    thanks again

    • Hi Guy:

      The Alkastream will definitely filter and ionize. It just depends upon how portable you need the unit to be. The Alkapod and the Hydrogen sticks don’t filter the source water. Talk to the guys at Alkaway about the portable bottle they are working on that will purify and ionize. They are currently using the Fil2Pur with ionizing sachets, but I understand they are working on a more permanent solution.

  27. Hi Rob,
    I’ve been following with great interest this latest comment thread between yourself and “Patricia”. It’s pretty clear that Patricia is an Enagic Rep who is very passionate about that particular company and it’s main machine model called the SD-501. Enagic is truly a great company and their product line when compared against other water ionizers in the market is of very high quality. But as Rob points out throughout his Blog Site, there are many issues and variables affecting these machines. The comments regarding Japanese Gov’t endorsements is also right on. Those “certifications” are bought and paid for as all of them are (at one level or another). I’ve personally been to certified independent lab studies where I’ve seen with my own eyes various machines perform better than the SD-501 but I gotta say also that none of them had the quality construction throughout that the SD-501 does. Sort of like comparing a 1970’s Saab or Volvo against a newer model car with all the modern electronic bells and whistles. There’s just a durability of construction there that’s tough to argue against.
    However, raw body strength alone is not a final deciding factor. The alteration of the water produced by the Enagic machine was substandard to that produced by the IonWays Athena. I saw this myself time and time again. Also, no one could argue that the Enagic on-board filtration system bites bigtime. It’s basically a small cheesy overpriced carbon filter that does nothing more really than filter out some chlorine and protect the water cell from a too speedy death.
    As far as taking apart and examining the various machines go, I’ve seen lots of them to the point of looking like that StarWars scene where all the robot droids are taken apart. I believe that all of them have a long way to go towards being a final practical solution. The best Electrical Units I’ve seen are the true commercial industrial water ionizing units that sell for $7,500 and up. Those are the true workhorses but even they have replaceable water cell modules that are meant to be changed out after several thousand hours. Other than that, I’ll stick with our current non electric systems in terms of true healthy water quality plus antioxidant alteration while also factoring in the price/ cost and market affordability elements. If you want a microwave style system that electrically stimulates the water thinking somehow that this is healthy for you then go with it! Maybe the designers can eventually get them to actually boil the water too and then we’ll really have something! A true ionized water coffee machine!
    Rob, you know that “our team” in IonWays sold over 13,000 machines in two years and there’s not much in the market that I haven’t seen, used myself and taken apart when it comes to these units.
    Bottom line…..there’s pros and cons to all of them just as you say. No one unit is the clear superior. The prices range all across the universe. Is it worth it to pay $3,800 plus for the “body only” quality that you get with the SD unit? In my opinion, only to the extent that doing so helps you make money with their Distributor System. But I gotta add also……In this nightmare market that most are experiencing today, the value of a well paying home business and a well paying Independent Distributorship really can’t be beat!!! So if it’s working well for you Patricia then ride that pony diligently as far as you possibly can and ring the bell loudly at every turn!

    • Hi Kirk:

      Great post. For those that don’t know Kirk, built the IonWays MLM team. He left IonWays last year to start up his own MLM company called the Revolution. Their company sells various products including an antioxidant machine call the Revolutionizer.

  28. I had a life threatening medical condition at the first of this year. I was about to go on some serious drugs, when my body told me it was a bad idea. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to Cindy Black at LifeClinic. After about an hour with her, she said she could fix me up quickly, now realize i was planning my funeral.
    Encouraging me to stop taking some meds, adding some vitamins, etc and drinking alkaline water, I was starting to feel better in about a week! I starting getting Enagic water from a friend on a daily basis, and started my research on what to purchase. After lenghty study, confusion by all the crap out there, I choose the AlkaStream. After 60 days of use I am feel better, looking better than I have in 5 years and have more energy. I’m trimmer, lost that belly fat, and happier than I have been in years. I have recommended Cindy and Alkaline water to many friends! I’m done with the medical community!
    I have a Hanna HI98121 tester and frequently test the ph and orp of my water to see how long the filter will last, hopefully the 6 months they advertise. I’ll let you know how it goes. So far excellent results.

    • Hi Tracy:

      Thanks for sending in your comments.

      I love hearing stories like yours. It is great to hear about people who do their research and reach beyond the prescription drug trap. I made the same decision a few years ago.

      I checked out Cindy’s website. I see that she sells Enagic machines. Did you talk to Cindy about Enagic and other machines before you purchased an antioxidant filter? Have you talked to Cindy about your results with your low cost machine now that you have been using it for 60 days? It is great that a professional is incorporating ionized water in her practice. Hopefully she will be open to investigating low cost machines that provide the same benefits.

      It will take time, but eventually people are going to recognize the fact that the antioxidant filters, which sell for a fraction of the price of the electric water ionizers provide the same great health benefits.

  29. Yes Cindy does push the Enagic very hard, almost to the point of saying there is nothing else that will work as reliably. And I agree based on electrical systems it probably is the best most reliable. But still it is a machine which will eventually break. I wasn’t willing to spend that kind of money without a thorough investigation. Lets face it I was just ripped off by the medical community for tens of thousands of dollars and wasn’t taking anything on blind faith.
    Yes I have talked to her about the AlkaStream and she is anxious to here my results as I continue to test the water. I actually feel better than when I drank the Enagic water for 90 days. We’ll see, maybe it just a cumulative effect.
    The enagic does have some very good qualities such as the high acidic water for washing, thats a great benefit I don’t realize.
    Stay in touch and I’ll tell you how it proceeds.

    • Hi Tracy:

      Thanks for replying.

      I think that if I was a consumer who was going to purchase a machine for quasi-commercial use (very high demand requirements), I would purchase an SD501 or perhaps even get a stronger model. There is no question that the SD501 is a workhorse.

      When it comes to money, if something works and there is no alternative, it is very difficult to ascertain a value. If you have cancer and a machine or pill or herb or a healer gets rid of the cancer, then what is the solution worth? When it comes to water ionizers, they all work, which allows us to comparison shop. If I can purchase something for $329 that provides the benefits that I’m looking for, I would choose it over a a unit that costs $3,980, but that’s just me. I don’t need to pay the most for anything….I just want something that works.

      The antioxidant filters don’t produce acid water. My wife uses the acid water all the time. There are a number of variables that need to be considered before someone buys a machine. There is definitely no “one size fits all”.

      I’m happy to hear that Cindy has an open mind. I can understand her loyalty to Enagic as it is drummed in, but of greater importance, the machines work. It will be very difficult to talk anyone who is loyal to Enagic to consider something else because they are so heavily invested in the machine in terms of both money and the story.

      Please keep us in the loop.

  30. Rob,

    Great blog. I am a mechanical engineer and from my research alkaline water makes a lot of sense. I am particularly interested in it’s anti-aging and anti-cancer qualities. The lights went on after reading about Dr. Otto Warburg’s Nobel prize for discovering that cancer cells are anaerobic (which as I understand means they can only exist in an acidic environment). So it makes sense that if we can shift our body fluids to the basic side of the spectrum, cancer cells should die. I have had a Jupiter machine for years but have not identified the water as beneficial. I am chalking this up primarily to the irregularity of my consumption. I recently hooked the machine back up and am giving this another study. I have a few questions about the theory of drinking alkaline water as the way to an alkaline body:
    1. If our stomach secrets hydrochloric acid onto everything we ingest, won’t that immediately neutralize any alkaline substance we ingest? In other words, how does the alkaline water get into our system if it has to pass through our highly acid stomach?
    2. When I first purchased my Jupiter machine, I got PH strips to measure the acidity of my saliva and urine. It seems I never could get out of the acidic range. Is this the proper way to monitor a body’s alkalinity?
    3. I have discussed alkalinity before with doctors and they have said the same thing that I read on the web in numerous places, that one way to become more alkaline is by drinking lime juice, eating fruit like grape fruit etc. That has me really confused because limes and grapefruits are definitely acidic. Can you speak to that?

    Thanks for you help.


  31. Hi David

    Welcome onboard! I have never tested my saliva properly so I will not answer to your #2 question, but I could maybe help you out with #1 and #3

    #1 About the stomach acid:
    Stephen Lower has created a very ugly and simple page who tries to debunk alkaline ionized water, which amazingly ranks top on the search engines

    And here is a rebuttal of his poor arguments and lack of knowledge.
    You will find the section Stomach Acidity further down.
    It makes at least sense to me especially when you drink alkaline ionized water on empty stomach it feels like the body absorbs it much faster than regular water and there are no acid pool just laying in an empty the belly.

    #3 citrus fruits are only organic acid which you can taste but turns to alkaline ashes inside your body. Difference with this alkaline ionized water is that it is already bioavailable for the body to absorb which fruits aren´t.

  32. Well my acid level was so high that I could turn a piece of brass in my hand making my skin so black as to think it was going to fall off. Once I started with the alkaline water it quickly went away. For two reasons that I both felt and invesitgated. The water changers broke the water modecule down to the point it could be absorbed in the lining of the mouth and stomach. Therefore an early morning glass went right into my body. Myself as well and dehydrated friends have felt a rush upon drinking the water the first few time. Also one can drink the water at very large quantities and never feel bloated.
    Also evaorpated water is true it can’t conduct electricity, but the water with a negative ORP has essential minerals that can, thus the anti-oxidant benefit.
    I have never seen such a controversial subject. The truth must be trying to be hidden. I am alive becuase if this water. Results are proof to me.
    In Africa they have a saying that, ” if you see someone throwing rocks at the mango tree, you know it bears good fruits.” That is tue in life, forces debunk (throw rocks at) the truth at every turn.

  33. I would be curious if you have ever tried a vitalizer plus machine with either distilled water or reverse osmosis water. and what your impression of it was. I look forward to hearing on this.

    • Hi Leonard:

      I haven’t hear of the Vitalizer plus. I checked out their website and found it interesting.

      I’m not convinced of the claims behind the vortex theory. The hypothesis has been around a long time and has never gained any traction in the scientific community or even with strong anecdotal support. I’m surprised the company leads off their sales pitch with the vortex card.

      I would really like to see the scientific evidence or demonstrations of the evidence of micro clustering/hexagonal water (hello Dr. Hayashi). I’m not saying microclustering doesn’t exist, but I find it odd that it is talked about so much in the world of water ionizer sales and yet nobody provides any evidence.

      I do support their mineralization method of creating ionization.

      The company doesn’t address contaminants.

      I would have to say that the price of $497 seems high to me based upon what else is out there in the market place. Perhaps I might change my mind if I actually tested the machine, but my wife has made me promise not to buy any more machines! If you work with the company, send me a machine and I will test it and send it back to you.

  34. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the great job you are doing.
    As you said, all ionizers really works. Does it more benificial if I use purified water that comes out from reverse osmosis and pass through UV system with low TDS in it?

    • Hi Rick:

      I recommend that anyone who uses a Reverse Osmosis system should purchase a non-electric/antioxidant filter. The reason for my recommendation is that RO systems remove the minerals from the water and make the water acidic. Electric water ionizers require the source water to have minerals in order to work, which means that RO systems work against electric water ionizers.

      Antioxidant filters introduce minerals to the water, which allows them to work well with RO systems.

      Anyone that has an RO system and an electric water ionizer can introduce minerals into the water supply after the RO system and before the electric water ionizer. This setup is costly and usually doesn’t work as well as installing a much more affordable antioxidant filter.

  35. Rob,

    In response to your original post, 1)where is the proof that big pharma is trying to debunk alkalized water?
    They don’t need to debunk anything, only convince people to take their drugs. 2) Dr lower’s website is most likely ranked high because it is one of the only ones that offers an opposing view to all the water hype out there.
    3)You can not discredit someone for not attending a demonstration. 4)So where is all the medical research in support of alkalized water? If it is what people say it is and people truly have good intentions selling all these machines why have they not done the research? How about a pilot study? Where are the doctors and researchers who support its use? Any links would be helpful. 5) you say thousands of people may have been tricked by his gibberish, come on! How about all the people that were tricked into buying a water machine based on some wild claims. There are many people out there that have these machines and it did not help them. I respect your intentions in trying to get the word out about the benefits of water but until there is good clinical evidence for its use all the talk on your website is just gibberish.


    • Hi John:

      I have talked to Lower. Others that I know have talked to Lower. He admits that the water probably works but is unwilling to attending testing sessions at his convenience.

      There is lots of medical research about alkaline water if you choose to search for it. At the moment, there is a big study underway at the University of Washington that should add “American” credibility.

      My site may be my “gibberish” to you, but I personally know hundreds of people besides myself that have been helped by the water. A few of those people have been saved from terminal cancer diagnoses.

  36. A past friend of mine introduced me to Kangen Water. But because I have been burned really badly with MLM, I decided to look elsewhere. I stumbled onto Life Ionizer. I am planning on getting it in the near future; actually, I am thinking about becoming a dealer where I can make $500 per machine, and enjoy the benefits at the same time. Actually, there is no one in our state that apparently sells it. I know a person with Parkinson’s disease, and I am planning to forward your article to him. Thank you so much for your input.

    • Hi Marilyn:

      Welcome to the wacky world of the water ionization industry. The machines are all great. I wish I could say the same about the companies that offer them.

      I think that if you invest a little more time into investigating the various companies in the industry, you will discover that there are other brands that you might prefer to represent. I would never work with the owner of Life Ionizers myself for several reasons.

      However, it doesn’t matter what I think. Buying or selling water ionizers is a personal choice and you should go with your instincts once you have done your homework. Starting a business is a lot more involved than buying a machine for your own personal use. If you want to talk privately about this, I would be happy to share my thoughts if you leave me an email with your telephone number and a convenient time to call. My email address is

  37. Rob 1st I would like to thank you for all the info you have provided. I currently have a Water Softner and a 4 filter R.O. and thought I was drinking the best water I could get, but havn’t felt well for yrs., always running high Acid, tired all the time and last yr. was diagoniosed with Diabetes. I want a good reliable unit that is under the counter and will produce the water fast, as my family uses a lot. I seen where you liked the AlkaStream unit, then later I seen the comment on the Revolutionizer, which the U-tube video was pretty impressive, but at that time you didn’t have a solid opinion on them. I Searched Alkastream and clicked on and talked to the owner and he said that an ionizer would be a lot better as it put oxygen in the water. He said his best ionizer was the Jupiter Athena for $2,200 and $200 for the undersick kit. After many hrs. comparing I’m leaning more toward the AlkaStrem or the Revolutionizer, not because of the price difference so much but a more natural way to get the mineral benefits, plus the Water Softner and R.O. could remain supplying highly filtered water to it (correct me if I am wrong). I can see a use for the high acid water but the Alkaline water is a lot higher priority. One concern thou was that the AlkaStream didn’t show any magnesium in the mineral content and I havn’t seen the Revolutions minerals. At this point I am indecisive as to which unit to go with and would like to ask your opinion.
    Thanks Mike

    • Hi Mike:

      Lots of good stuff in your comments.

      There is no question in my mind that natural ionization is superior to electric ionization….plus it is a whole lot less expensive.

      Since you already have a RO system, you already have the best contaminant removal system available (short of a distiller, which is overkill for residential applications). Therefore, I wouldn’t spend the money on an Alkastream or a Revolutionizer, or any of the new natural water ionizers that will be coming out in the near future. The non-electric water ionizers serve two purposes: a) contaminant removal and b) remineralization.

      Imo, your best best would be to add a really good remineralizing filter to your RO system. I have tested lots of remin filters and most of them are pretty mediocre. For example, the common Calcite (carbon based) and Corosex (magnesium based) remin filters typically only raise the pH by about 1.0 and they have been known to lead to kidney stones. There is a remin filter that I have been testing from California that is far superior to anything I have tested before. It is expensive up front (about $250), but it lasts 2 years which makes it the same price as the other cheaper remin filters. I had the company that makes them send me a bunch of test filters. In turn, I have sent the filters out to be tested by industry professionals. If the professionals are as happy with the filters as I am, I will write about them in my blog. If you want to know more about the filters right away, send me an email to with your telephone number, and I will call you.

    • With great respect to the Ferns man, electronic ionizers do NOT increase oxygen in output water.

  38. Hi Rob,
    Have you seen Water Revolution’s New RO Accessory Unit?
    It’s a great solution for folks with an existing well maintained RO system.

    • Hi Kirk:

      Good to hear from you. I hope the sales of your new unit are going well.

      I haven’t seen your RO accessory unit, but I will check it out.

  39. Hello Rob,

    I have a couple questions for you. I recently read about small amounts of pharmaceuticals found in our drinking water. For instance, Portland, OR has found four (acetaminophen, caffeine,
    ibuprofen and sulfamethoxazole). Are you familiar with this? Here is a the article:
    I was wondering if you know weather or not the Alkastream will remove the pharmaceuticals from the water? Thank you in advance, I look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Kimberly:

      Thanks for the comment and for drawing my attention to the article.

      I have been receiving a lot of emails lately about the presence of pharmaceuticals in municipal source water. They have always been there, among a lot of other things. The Safe Drinking Water Act mandates maximum levles of about 100 contaminants from water. Apparently, there are about 60,000 known chemicals in our society and they all eventually make it into the ground water.

      To the best of my knowledge, none of the water ionzers (electric or natural/non-electric) remove anything more than chlorine, taste, and odor (CTO). Granulated Activeated Carbon (GAC) or a carbon block filter will remove chlorine and VOC’s as well as taste and odor.

      I read lots of claims, but nobody has actually got proper testing done. Nobody lists how much of each media is included, or how the various media interreact.

      Bottom line….if you want your water clean, get an Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. The problem with RO systems is that they create acid water and they remove the healthy minerals. The problems with RO systems can be remedied with a good remineralization filter. Most RO companies don’t understand the importance of remineralizing or they deny the obvious truth.

      To answer your specific question, I doubt that the Alkastream or any other ionizer would do an adequate job of removing all the nasty stuff form our “not so clean” water.

      • Rob,

        Thank you very much for your quick reply.

        Do you have any suggestions on RO systems or do most of them work to the same quality?


        • Hi Kimberly:

          I haven’t done a lot of research on a brand by brand basis when it comes to RO systems.

          The little that I do know tells me to “Buy American”. The difference in quality of the parts is worth the money.

          I also know that RO systems make the water acidic and remove the minerals which the body would normally absorb from the source water….both are bad things for your health. As I mentioned in the previous comment, the situation can be remedied by a good remin filter (not Calcite or Corosex). I have learned that the use of Calcite or Corosex remin filters installed after the holding tank can in fact lead to the formation of kidney stones because so much calcium or magnesium is absorbed by the aggressive acidic water. Calcium and magnesium are good things for your health, but too much of anything is too much. Calcite and Corosex are effective when it comes to raising the pH of tap water, but I wouldn’t recommend them for RO systems.

          I don’t think that 3 pre-filters are any better than 2 pre-filters (the canisters hanging below the membrane), but I could be wrong. The second and third pre-filters are both GAC or carbon block filters, each of which has a huge capacity to remove chlorine (their primary function). Therefore, I think the 3 pre-filters are more of a justification for higher prices.

          When it comes to RO systems, the final “finishing” filter actually reduces the pH of the water if you have a proper setup.

          I have found that the “disinformation” in the RO industry is very strong and rivals the disinformation in the water ionizer industry. The RO guys have been telling us for many years that the body can’t absorb and benefit from drinking water that contains alkali metals…not true. They have also told us that clean water is healthy water for a long time, which is also not true. Drinking RO water over a prolonged period of time can be very harmful to your body if you don’t supplement with a Cal/Mag product or get the metals from your diet. More recently, the RO guys are scrambling to remineralize the water with Calcite and Corosex…another bad move. The good thing about the internet is that people who do their research can usually discover a better solution….if they don’t give up due to frustration first.

  40. Samsung 9-Plate Vesta GL Water Ionizer better than kagen as have more plate, i am planning in buying one

    • Hi ???:

      The fact that a machine has 9 plates doesn’t make it superior to a 7 plate machine. In fact, I suspect that I can show you a 4 plate machine which sells for$549 that will equal or better the performance of the 9 plate machine you are looking at.

      Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which machine you buy as they all work. The main thing is to drink the water.

  41. First, thanks for creating a unbiased blog that is not a front to redirect people to another site that sells a certain brand of ionizers.

    I was introduced to the world of alkaline water via electrical water ionizers from a co-worker who owns an Enagic. He has owned it for three years and swears by it. After hearing his spiel, watching the video and reading his “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” book by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, I became a believer in alkaline water. The site talked about how Enagic Kangen water is hexagonal water. I later found out that is a third party seller’s site, not Enagic’s site and that Enagic doesn’t claim that Kangen water is hexagonal. More on this later.

    I continued my research of alkaline water and nearly pulled the trigger and bought a ionizer several different times. Enagic was too expensive and I didn’t like the idea of needing a chemical enhancer to make 11 pH high alkaline and/or 2.5 pH acid water. I then came across a “unbiased” review site that led me to a site selling Chanson machines. After a little research, the guy (Ronnie) running the “unbiased” review site was the owner of Chanson machines. Nice.

    Next I came across Life Ionizers. They are sold through Sears which is nice since I could go through Shop Discover and get 5% cashback bonus or buy directly from Life Ionizer and they were going to throw in a bunch of stuff besides the pre-filter based on your source water to more than match the Discover cashback bonus. That is until I downloaded the manual for the 9100 model and read in bold 24 font size, “Children 3 years and younger should not drink Ionized Alkaline Water. They may only drink the purified water from the Ionizer. Children between the ages of 4 years and 12 years should only drink Ionized Alkaline Water at strength level 1 (one) and strength level 2 (two). Children between the ages of 4 and 12 years of age should never drink Ionized Alkaline Water at strength level 3 (three) or strength level 4 (four).” Also, “When drinking Ionized Alkaline Water – Do not take prescription or other medications for approximately one hour before and after drinking water.” but later in the FAQ section it states “Due to the superior quality of ionized, alkaline, microclustered water and its enhanced hydration capabilities, we do not recommend its use for 30 minutes before and after with prescription or over the counter medications.” Is it 30 minutes or is it an hour? I started get a little anxious since I have a 5 and 9 year old. What are the long term side effects of drinking electric ionized water? So I started researching the negatives of water ionizers and came across Dr. Lower’s blog/diatribe. The site looked unprofessional and wacky so I didn’t give it much credence. I then came across Aqualiv, Alkastream and your blog.

    I read every page of the site. They claim their system can make naturally alkaline hexagonal structured water, and the only other brand that they advertise that can make it is the Vitalizer Plus. The use of vortices in their both processes are how the water becomes hexagonal. The Aqualiv purifies through several filters where the VP does not filter at all. After reading “The Water Puzzle…” book, it seems to me that hexagonal water would be the water one should seek to drink on a regular basis since Dr. Jhon’s 40 years of water research showed that hexagonal water surrounds normal healthy cells and proteins, where as pentagonal cells surround cancerous cells. From what I understand hexagonal and pentagonal water are both micro-clustered water, and pentagonal is even more micro-clustered than hexagonal. Therefore a brand stating their machine creates micro-clustered water that can easily penetrate a tea bag may not necessarily be the best structured water to drink.

    I read your “Exposing the Quack…” article and all the following comments and replies. I saw a couple of Aqualiv inquiries and even though I agree with your comment about how “Aqualiv is a public company … and the primary focus of any public company is to make money for its shareholders,” that doesn’t mean that they don’t sell an honest product albeit at a profit. Matter of fact a lot of these private water ionizer company that sell machines at 1-3 times the price of an Aqualiv water system seem pretty shady to me. Trust me I do not work for Aqualiv and have never tried their product but if their claims are real and the there are no side effects from their “bioinfomation bio-techology” then it seems to me that they are the best choice due to the reasons stated earlier. Plus, you only have to replace the 3 filters (5-micron carbon, KDF-55/bone char carbon, and .5 micron carbon block) once a year at $99 for all three. The downside is that you are still going to need your cleaning products since this system doesn’t make the acidic water and you are going to have to find a new place for your cleaners since you barely have room for the garbage disposal once the Aqualiv is installed. I just wish I could find out the truth for myself and my family. It is so confusing and frustrating. I don’t mind dropping 1-3 grand if it will provide me and my family the healthiest and most beneficial water.

    I do commend you on your honest opinions and how even though you used to work for a water ionizer company, you do not endorse one brand of water ionizer. Matter of fact now even endorse the Alkastream, which naturally creates alkaline water for only $329. But can that one small filter really do it all? And it doesn’t make hexagonal water (if that is even possible). Plus, the downside is the filter needs to be replaced twice a year at $129 a pop so that is $258 a year in filters. I just want to find the right answer so I can stop drinking tap water through my Brita and R-O water at work through Chung-Ho machine.

  42. Hey Rob! Long time no chat. have you seen the new machine Robert Young is pimping these days? Only 500 bucks. Have you had a chance to run it through the lab on your end to take it for a test run?

    Price seems right but I thought I would ask the real expert!

    Cheers! Also this person above, Tom B, be curious to know what your final decision is! I wound up buying the Alkastream as it was just the cheaper option but buying the filters all the time will add up the same as a regular unit over time I guess.

    Thanks Rob!

    • Newfie,

      My final decision was the Aqualiv system. While I was hemming and hawing over which system to buy, I was going to the local water store buying R-O water that goes through a re-mineraliztion (calcium) filter that makes the water alkaline. So after getting sick of supporting the R-O water waste process and paying $2/gal, I took a shot in the dark.

      Even today I am equally amazed and confused about water. There is a ton of material out there about how electrically ionized water is beneficial and also how it is a scam. Same with Aqualiv and alkaline water in general. I come to terms that I will never know the whole truth and will just have to go with common sense and blind faith.

      Because of the reasons I wrote in my original comment, I decided against an electric ionizing machine. Even though I would like the option to clean my house with acidic water and soak my vegetables with high ph water, I doubt I would be able to find enough usage of the waste water and ultimately feel guilty. I also question the true alkalinity of electrically ionized water. It doesn’t make sense to me how you can run R-O, mineral deplete, water though a electric ionizer and make true alkaline water. Now I do believe in the high negative ORP benefits from these machines. If I had cancer I would buy one of these machines but I would make sure to drink the water immediately after it came out of the machine.

      So it was between the Aqualiv and the Alkastream. I decided against the Alkastream because 1. the filter which filters and mineralizes the water is so small that the flow would have to go too slow to do a proper job. 2. I would have to take the filter out one a month to scrub the ceramic bottom for maintenance. On the other hand Aqualiv was having a sale at the time so I was able to buy the system for $250 less and with a 90day guarantee with no restock fee, I said why not.

      I still have questions and doubts about all of Aqualiv claims. They claim their systems erase water memory and make hexagonal water. These are some of the things I have come to terms that I will never know the answers. What I can say is I feel good about is that the 3 filters I have to change out once a year cost me $99 for all 3. Since I filled out a survey for them they sent me next year’s filters free. And those filters remove the majority of chemicals and contaminants from the tap source yet leave the minerals that our bodies need, and what the water needs to be alkaline. Aqualiv uses magnesium like Alkastream in its systems to make the water alkaline but the final alkalinity of the water depends on the mineral content from your tap source. My Aqualiv water taste clean compared to my unfiltered tap which tastes and smells very much of chlorine. Also, I did a taste test with my water and Enagic Kangen water and the Kangen has a certain taste I cannot put my finger on but I wouldn’t enjoy drinking 70-80 ounces of it a day. I do not know what was the source of the Kangen water and if it was being filter before ionization though since my friend brought it home from a clinic.

      • Hi Tom:

        Thanks for the detailed report.

        You have obviously done a lot of research and your decision to go “natural” shows that you understand what is happening in the water ionizer world.

        I have been using the Vitev Flo which is an American made “next generation” natural water ionizer for the last few months. It is a massive upgrade over the Alkastream, but that is what one would expect from a “next generation” product. At $400, it costs about 20% of what the Aqualiv costs.

        I like the sound of the annual filter cost of the Aqualiv system being $99 per year as that is really affordable. However, I doubt that the saving in the annual filter cost will ever be recouped. Products improve all the time, so I’m always leery of any arguement that claims that you will recoup the original price over a period of many years.

        • Rob,

          I cannot argue with you at all and I thought the same thing myself while I was hemming and hawing. Aqualiv system cost $1676 and replacement filters are $99/year whereas Alkastream (now Vitev) costs $400 and their filters are $260/year so if my math is correct up to nine years Vitev would be the better bargain and after 9 years Aqualiv would take over as the better bargain.

          As I wrote above I bought the Aqualiv system when it was on sale for $250 less and they sent me next year’s filters ($99 worth) since I completed a survey. Plus I turned my friend on to the water and he bought a system using a link I sent him and I got a 12% ($180) commission. So for me the break even mark is 6 years. Right now Aqualiv is having a holiday sale of 40% off for $999. I wish I could post my link so I could get credit but I don’t want to be one of those guys that tries to profit on someone else’s blog. But buyer beware: as you have stated somewhere above that Aqualiv’s parent company is public that is trading in the pink sheets (penny stock). Any company can go out of business but what if this one does, will the filters still be available???

          As for Vitev upgrades, it looks as if their filters now no longer have the .5micron ceramic block. I guess that is a good thing since the filter no longer needs the once a month maintenance of scrubbing but as much as the maintenance seemed like a pain, their selling pitch that the .5micron ceramic block would filters a lot of contaminants before it went through the KDF55. Now there is no more block. I was concerned about how purified the water gets through their small filter and how slow the flow would have to be, now I would have a greater concern. Aqualiv claims that in their second full-size filter they use bone-char carbon which absorbs fluoride and arsenic which appealed to me. Since some of Aqualiv’s system is passive one cannot pull more than 1 gal/hour or they will not guarantee the alkalinity. But saying that the one gallon that comes out of the faucet is coming out in a flow of 1.06 gallons/min. That is fast. Your “next generation” comment which would mean not being stuck with an un-improved product is very valid. As for now, I am happy with my choice since I like the taste of my water, feel confident of the purification process without water waste, and flow rate. If I am drinking hexagonal structured water that has its water memory erased of all the hard turns and contaminants as they claim, then I will consider those bonuses. I just hope the company will not go under, period, but at least for another 6 years.

          I feel stupid saying this but no I have not tested the tap source, nor my Aqualiv processed water for alkalinity and ORP. I should have done this before the 90day trial period but I didn’t. I guess this is where I am using blind faith, not common sense. I feel great and had one cold since drinking the water and the duration of the cold was a few days, rather than a few weeks which is my usual. I drink about a liter of Aqualiv first thing in the morning and the full bloated feeling goes away after a couple of minutes. As for ORP, Aqualiv claims their water is positive 50-100 but they say that is deceiving since the majority of their anti-oxidizing properties come after the water has been digested.

          • Hi Tom:

            Once again, thanks for the detailed information on Aqualiv. You are certainly doing a good job of promoting the company. As long as the information is pertinent, a little promotion never hurts anyone. Without the ability to plug products, the internet would have a lot fewer websites.

            The 40% off sale price that you referred to would be welcome to any potential customer. I don’t like big discounts for three reasons.

            The first reason that I don’t like big discounts is that any customer who has paid more will feel bad when they see an expensive item for sale at a 40% lower price. I would be pissed if I saw my water machine for sale for $700 less than I paid.

            A second reason that I don’t like big sales is that parent companies in the water ionizer industry have a long track record of screwing their dealers. If a customer can buy a unit as a “one off” for 40% off, what does that do to the dealers who buy in volume and support the company? I won’t name names as I’m trying to stay away from that, but the owners of most of the electric water ionizer companies have gutted their dealers so many times that it has badly damaged the industry.

            The third and most important factor why I don’t like massive discounts is that they draw the entire credibility of the product into question. Everyone knows that a company is still making a healthy profit (even at a 40% discount) because companies have big overhead costs. In the case of Aqualiv, the need to make big profits is even more important because the managers are responsible to public shareholders who have access to their financial statements.

            Fresh off the heels of Black Friday and in the current throws of the Christmas rush, it seems to me that the entire world is just one big marketing ploy to me. I put more faith in a company that tells the public “this is our price” and sticks to it because that seems a whole lot more honest to me. I think sales should be for end of line and inventory clearance items. When I hear “40% off“, I can`t help but think “off what“.

  43. I use ZeroWater filter, what would be the healthiest and the most affordable option for me?

    • Hi Lidia:

      I checked out the ZeroWater filter. It is a batch filter (you make a batch of water at a time as opposed to a constant flow filter which hooks up to a tap). The filter removes almost everything from the source water producing results similar to the results produced by a Reverse Osmosis system….but by very different mechanisms.

      The ZeroWater filter produces almost pure water by using Deionizing Resin. In simple terms, the resin basically grabs onto the contaminants from the source water and holds them in the filter. A Reverse Osmosis system blocks the passing of contaminants through a very fine mesh and then sends the contaminants down the drain via a waste water line.

      A Reverse Osmosis membrane will work effectively for up to a year or more and process large volumes of water. A Deionizing resin filter will work until the positively and negatively charged media in the resin get used up.

      Batch filters systems like Brita and ZeroWater are effective at cleaning water for short periods of time. The manufacturers can make the units for next to nothing because the plastic parts are cheap to make. The companies make their money by selling you new replacement filters every 2 to 6 weeks.

      While ZeroWater does clean the water, it actually makes the water unhealthy because it removes elements that are essential to your health.

      Sorry for the long explanation (lots of people read the comments so I try to make them as informative as possible).

      To answer your specific question, the most cost effective way to make your water healthy would be to add mineral drops that you can find at a health food store. The mineral drops are cumbersome and the amount of water you can produce is limited, but they do work. Personally, I would much rather get a unit like the Vitev Flo (see because it is much more convenient and cost effective over time, but everyone has to make there own personal choices to suit their lives.

    • Hey all. Wow Tom, you have certainly crunched the numbers I will give you that. I have had the Alkastream now for a few years and maybe I am not changing the filter near enough or something but I just don’t find the ph is very high. I posted that original post on Robert Young’s machine just to get Rob’s take or the rooms take. Why do you clean the bottom of the Alkastream for? You said you scraped the bottom of the filter or something. I have had mine for a few years and I have never done that.

      Rob, have you seen the new filter Young is pHimping on his site? Is it any good?


      • Hi Mike:

        The ceramic filter on the bottom of the Alkastream is designed to be a sediment filter. It works really well and should be cleaned at least once per month or the performance of the unit can and will be compromised. It only take about one minute to take the filter out, rub it with the scratch pad that is provided and put the filter back in the canister. Unless your source water is really clean, you will find that the ceramic filter will be stained a brown color and probably be slimy. People don’t realize how awful municipally supplied water really is.

        The Alkastream and other natural water ionizers are designed to have the filter changed every six months. If you are not changing the filter that often, you will definitely see diminishing performance. The filter is the engine of the system. If you don’t take care of the engine, it will stop working.

        I like the work of Dr. Robert Young, but geez the guy is another marketing ho. When we contacted him 2 years ago about the Alkastream, he told us it was impossible to ionize water without electricity. Now his site says he has invented a natural water ionizer. What a joke. The good news is that he finally recognizes the fact that natural water ionizers are “as good” (I say they are better) than electric water ionizers. In regards to the machine itself, it is much bigger and bulkier than the Vitev Flo but it is still an upgrade on the “big box” electric water ionizers that sit on a kitchen counter.

        The last time I looked Dr. Young was offering his $699 machine for an introductory price of $450. When are these marketing dinosaurs going to learn that offering 40% discounts is a joke. Why not just offer the “best” price to everyone all the time. Moving the price around or advertising “make believe” retail prices that people ignore is a ridiculous way to run a company. Anyone that does their homework will clearly see the strategy as a childish practice. I haven’t tested the unit but I’m sure it works to the level that he advertises. Dr. Young’s equipment is well behind the Vitev stuff based upon what I read, but at least he is moving in the right direction

        • pHrice is always my pHroblem with the pHroducts that man pHimps (Dr. Young). No doubt they are good but come on dude seriously? 10 bucks for a shot glass bottle of spray salt water from Salt Lake you can go scoop up with a bucket for pHree? Give the world a break. How much money do you have to make in life seriously. You can’t take it with you. Dr. Young charges 600 bucks for a live blood test I can my ND to do for 80 or free if he is in a good mood. Young forgot somewhere along the way it is about helping people not becoming a billionaire.

          Sadly I have owned my Alkastream for a year or two and no one mentioned that filter clean to me yet so no wonder I have not been entirely impressed with it. I do not have the gear to test it so I don’t really know when it is time to change it. From my chair as soon as I do a new one in there and use a ph strip it never seems to be high.

          Any other tidbits to maintain optimum use of it.

          Much thanks. Or pHanks I guess.

          • Hi Mike:

            I cleaned up your comments a bit to keep it PG rated.

            I have always been a fan of Dr. Young’s research but not his business practices. After saying that, he makes lots of money and I don’t make any, so who is the joke really on?

            Alkasteam has always recommended a change of filters every six months.

            The easiest way to test your Alkastream (or any other water ionizer) to make sure it is working properly is to purchase a bottle of pH drops which cost about $10. Don’t use the pH strips that are sold for checking the pH level of saliva or urine as the strips don’t work with the water.

  44. Yikes. I do seem to be behind the times. So Alkastream is no more is that it? Can I still buy filters for it now or was that a 400 dollar investment that was just for one year? Are they still available anywhere?

    • Hi Mike:

      You can buy replacement filters for your Alkastream at

      If and when Vitev runs out of Alkastream filters, I assume they would provide some sort of incentive to switch you over to their Vitev products as it makes good business sense to do so.

  45. Hi Rob,

    What’s your opinion about this guy in youtube claiming that there are no health benefits from drinking alkaline ionized water? Here is the link for your reference,

  46. Hi Rob,

    Have you look into Alkazone water ionizer with double filters? I have it for over three years. I’m not sure if this is the best machine out there, and I’m considering to buy another one in the near future. I like to shop around this time. I was told that it has a lower wattage which has one advantage over the other water ionizers out there, and I’m not sure what that means. All I know the pH output is around 9.5 when I tested it with a reagent liquid tester. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    • Hi Mario:

      I would spend $399 on a Vitev Flo or $429 on their UNDR which is the undersink version. Both are natural water ionizers that provide similar pH results as the electric water ionizers and they provide longer lasting ORP (energy). I joined the company because they provide effective, affordable ionized water without all the marketing nonsense.

      • Hi Mario:

        I just watched the video.

        The guy did some homework, but not enough. I have sifted through hundreds of studies….some good, some not so good.

        I very much doubt he has talked to thousands of people (or maybe none at all) that have been helped by the water like I have. It looks to me like he just found a subject and decided to do a bit of research and then wrote a blog.

        I do agree with his statement that the best solution is to eat a diet of healthy “real” foods, which not surprisingly are alkaline.

        I also agree with his statement that the body is incredibly efficient at maintaining homeostasis which means all the claims from water ionizer companies about high pH are meaningless as the buffers in the body knock the pH down anyway.

        His statement about baking soda creating alkaline water is true, but he is missing the point as do so many others. The real point is to create energy (which can be measured in miliVolts) and to introduce essential elements.

  47. I have been trying to test my alkastream to see what the numbers are but I am using ph strips and they never come out high. Someone suggested using drops. are these the drops you would use to test water in a fishtank? do they have to be for alkaline water specifically or I can I just go to walmart or somewhere and buy drops to test water in a fish tank?

    Thanks man!


    • Hi Mike:

      The test strips don’t work for any type of alkaline water ionizer that I have ever tested. The scientific name of the product is: ethyl alcohol anhydrous

      You can purchase the pH reagent test drops online. They typically cost about $10.

  48. Any specific products/brands that work better for alkaline water for drinking? THe only thing I have found is for fish tanks and they only go to 7.6.

    If you have a any links that would be awesome.


    • Hi Mike:

      All of the electric and natural water ionizers work very effectively at producing elevate pH levels. I don’t think the story is about pH levels anymore. That is not to say that being alkaline isn’t important because it is. However, I don’t believe a 9.5 pH is better than a 8.0 pH in terms of improving your healthy. I think the real story is about energy (measured as milivolts with an ORP meter) and with putting Magnesium and Calcium back into the water with the emphasis on Magnesium.

      Over time my research directed has lead me to be a fan of natural water ionizers for several reasons….the ionize naturally as opposed to electrocuting the water…they provide stable (long lasting) ionization because they add Mg and Ca to the water which is what creates the ionization…the addition of Ca and particularly Mg to the water is very healthy for us….and they cost about 1/10 the price of the leading electric water ionizer brand.

      In the past, I would never name brand because I wanted to remain unbiased. As my research continued, it became obvious to me that Vitev (see is way out in front of everyone else in the industry. I ended up joining Vitev recently when they asked for my help and it has been incredibly rewarding.

  49. OOPS never mind! When you type in the word “reagent” with it you get tons of them!

    Thanks man!

    Keep up the good work!

    One last question, I have read that if your blood gets too high in terms of pH it is bad for encouraging growth of bacteria if you have issues with bacteria that is. I have had a few issues with dental work and blood bacteria and I have been doing ozone hard to get clear of it but my system is usually so alkaline that it might be counteracting the effects of the ozone. Have you ever heard of a high pH blood encouraging bacterial growth?

    Just curious!


    • Hi Mike:

      I have never read anything about the pH of blood getting too high. Blood has an incredible buffer system that will maintain the pH level within a very narrow range of pH.

      It is rare for people to have elevated pH levels in their urnine and saliva, but it does exist. Are you sure the pH of your blood is elevated?


  50. Hey Rob! One last, last, last thing…. I have been testing my water now with the drops for a few days and my alkastream never puts out more than 7 or so from what I can see. I was going to do a video of it and post it for you to see but that is a lot of headaches! hehe. Anyway, When I bought the thing I got a few filters with it so I just installed my last one. I tested it before and I got about 7-7.5 with the drops as a test and then I put in the brand new one and it darkened a bit, 8 am the most but nothing higher. I have never seen this thing put out any higher than 8 any time I test it. Is that what it is designed to make or is my water here in Utah just crap to start with and it is just not able to be brought up on the pH scale? What should someone expect plugging one of these in right out of the gate? I think I might have to kick it up to a ionizer model I guess as 8 is not that far off the 7-7.5 that is coming out of the tap.

    Thanks man!

    • Hi Mike:

      I’m surprised to hear that you are not getting a higher pH than 8.0 from your Alkastream as the units always tested higher than that for me and the many people I sent it to for testing.

      It is really hard to predict what the pH will be as every source water reacts in a different way. When I was in the water ionizer business a few years ago, we got some crazy results for all different kinds of machines. Sometimes the source water would block up the filters in a far shorter time than expected or the plates of electric water ionizers would get scaled up really fast when the source water was hard.

      In regards to pH, I wouldn’t be worried about an 8.0 level at all because it is still alkaline. In fact, I don’t think it really matters what the pH is because the buffering systems in your body will balance the pH to whatever is required. The gastric juices in your stomach will knock the pH down, but in doing so, the bicarbonate byproducts created while the stomach is busy creating more acid will help the pH of the liquid entering your intestines to be 8.2 pH as required. The pancreas acts as a buffer as does your blood. Imo, there is far too much “noise” about pH in the water ionizer industry. While drinking alkaline water is better than drinking acidic beverages, I think the energy produced (measured by ORP) by ionization is far more important. I also think that the Mg added by natural water ionizers is also more important than the pH story because 97% of people are deficient in the critically important Mg.

      • I remember watching old alkastream videos with Gabe before the name changed to Vitev. Not sure if it the same now but there used to be a valve you can turn to control the water flow. The slower the water the higher the pH and my guess the purifying parts of the filter has a better chance of catching more contaminants.

        • Hi Tom:

          You are correct. The Alkastream units had a blue and white ball valve that attached near the bottom of the unit that would allow the user to adjust the water flow.

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