Another Movie Star Lost to Prostate Cancer: Dennis Hopper

As I get older, it seems like more and more movie stars pass away.  I assume my perception is skewed because I’m simply more aware of the people that are passing away because of the personal memories that I have  of their performances. 

I remember like it was yesterday watching Easy Rider with my high school friends and thinking that  Hopper and Fonda were so cool.  Just the mention of the name Dennis Hopper brings back so many memories.  I will miss him.  

I get frustrated when someone dies from a disease like prostate cancer because I  believe whole heartedly that the death could have been avoided.  If Hopper or his oncologist had been aware of how effective an alkaline diet or alkaline ionized water are in dealing with prostate cancer, I assume the man would still be alive today.   This discussion is not limited to fatalities, as many radical procedures such as surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy could be avoided if patients were made aware of the alternatives. 

The pre-screen testing for prostate cancer is filled with folly.  It is estimated that only one out of every 22 people who are informed that they have prostate cancer or are on “watch” for prostate cancer  ever develop the disease to a point where it could become life threatening.  As a result, a tremendous amount of needless worry is created because of the screening process. 

  Typically, when someone in America has a PSA count of 1-5, they are considered normal or healthy.  When the count moves between 6 and 10, the patient is put on “watch” for possible development of cancer. 

There is a school of thought in the medical field that patients should not even be screened for elevated PSA levels because of the life altering shock that is felt by patients receiving the news.   However, there are 27,000 deaths each year in the USA due to prostate cancer, and screening can help save lives.  

The real issue is not so much whether the testing should be conducted (I would rather know about the possibility of cancer developing so that I could do something about it).  The real issue is what to do about the news that you have prostate cancer, or a precursor for cancer. 

I don’t pretend to be a physician or more specifically an oncologist, but I have spoken with several men that have reduced their PSA levels down to the normal range as soon as they began drinking alkaline ionized water.  The PSA levels of the men were typically in the “watch” range of 5 to 10, but I have also communicated closely with men with significantly higher PSA levels that put them well into the “cancer” range.  You can read a couple of stories from this blog about prostate cancer directly at: and at

Every man  that I have spoken with who has purchased a water ionizer and/or converted to an alkaline diet for prostate cancer has had positive results.  I have also had discussions with Naturopathic Doctors and a live blood analyst who have helped many people with cancer by helping them become alkaline.  I find the articles written by Robert Young on his work with cancer patients who have benefited from alkaline water and alkaline diets to be informative.   

I would never make any claims about success rates with cancer when one attempts to help their body become alkaline.  The people that I have spoken to, and the research that I have done have not involved scientific studies in accredited research facilities.  However, the results can’t be denied and should not be ignored in my opinion.  Whenever I talk to someone with cancer, I tell them I’m not a physician and they should consult their physician.  I also tell them that according to my research, drinking alkaline water and eating an alkaline diet may help.  I also tell them that there is evidence that reducing stress and getting enough sleep have been known to be positive factors.

I used to rely upon the common sense of my friends that had cancer to drink ionized water.  Unfortunately, they were stubborn and refused to try the “voodoo water”.  Eventually I took matters into my own hands and gave them free water ionizers.  I was able to convince them that it was only water and couldn’t hurt them.  I also let them know that they would be drinking the water for my benefit, as I couldn’t bear the thought of losing them when I had information that might be able to help.

Could Dennis Hopper or some of the 27,000 Americans who will die of prostate cancer this year have been saved by drinking alkaline water or eating an alkaline diet?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that the people that I talk to have had success and I would definitely want the people that I care about to be aware of this knowledge in a similar situation.     

Better still, why not let the people that you love know about the importance of being alkaline before cancer and other diseases have a chance to spread.  That way, the people you love can take the time to do their research while they are still healthy.   Once a disease like cancer strikes, most patients are struck with fear and end up doing what their physicians recommend without considering the consequences.   This subject is too important to leave in the hands of people whose hands are tied by their profession, and who continue to offer protocols that they know will not work in many cases.   

The author of this article is not a physician.  It is recommended that anyone with health issues consult their primary care givers.

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  1. As direct importers of the best Japanese IE-900 water ionizers since 1994, Hydroanalytics feels it is misleading to state that alkaline or Kangen water ionizers, of themselves, can put cancer into remission without rigorously changing your entire diet.Both are necessary. Robert Young, elsewhere, inaccurately states that obese people should drink very high pH alkaline water. This is not a good idea and frankly doesn’t make sense especially since all studies from Japan recommend drinking water between pH 8.5 and pH 9.5. No one should drink higher than 9.5 pH water. We agree with Dr. Young that an alkaline diet is the way to go but also note that the waffle mesh electrode Korean units he sells are of a lower grade than Hydroanalytics or Enagic Japanese ionizers. You may go to this link to better understand why:
    It is not at all easy to eat a raw diet with plenty of raw vegetable juice but that is one of the surest ways of regaining health, not only by what you eat but by what you do not eat! Consider the options of feeling great –vs.- falling apart. If you want to change your diet, do it slowly but surely. It is next to impossible to change overnight.

    • Hi Dr. Kennedy:

      You have signed your name as Dr. Kennedy. I would be interested to learn your background, as we can use all the help we can get around here. Are you a physician or a Naturopathic Doctor, or some of form of Doctor. I believe that all types of doctors have something to add.

      You have made a number of points besides directing people to your website that sells water ionizers (which is OK).

      When you say it is misleading to tell people that drinking ionized water can put cancer into remission without rigourously changing your diet, what do you base your evidence upon. I tell everyone I speak to that drinking alkaline ionized water is an important part of the puzzle that includes an alkaline diet, getting adequate exercise and rest, and reducing stress. However, I personally know and have talked to a number of people that have “cured” their cancer or put their cancer into remission soley by drinking alkaline ionized water.

      I can confirm your statement that the older researchers in Korea and Japan do believe that healthy people should drink water with a pH in the range of 8.5 and 9.5, and I agree. However, there are always exceptions. I know a number of Olympic athletes in Canada that drink ionized water and they drink the water with a pH of 10.0 or even higher with no problem. My body doesn’t like water with a pH at very high levels, but my body can’t begin to be compared with the “machines” that our Olympians build and nuture. I also know several older people with more precarious health conditions that drink water that has a pH under 8.5. They find that stronger water gives them diarrhea and headaches, which are signes of detoxing. The good news when it comes to drinking the ideal pH level for your body is that your body will tell you what works by responding in a negative way to levels that are too strong.

      I appreciate all the work and effort that Dr. Young puts into his research about alkaline diets and water. I find that Dr. Young sells a lot of products, so I stick to his research. Dr. Young sold Jupiter machines for awhile, and now he is backing Chanson. I have been told he will be selling other types of water ionizers as well in the future, which simply confirms that all water ionizers work.

      I disagree with your statement about the plates in your machine being superior to other plates. I met spent a day with a gentleman in Korea who has spent 25 years in the water ionizer business. His company makes the ionizer plates for many different companies of all different shapes and sizes. I understand that everyone is trying to promote “their” brand, but the research that I have done indicates that the slotted plates are best. After saying that, I don’t think that the thickness or the shape of the plates makes a huge difference. The only thing that bigger, or more, or slotted plates does is allow the water to be in contact with the plates for a slightly longer period of time,which enables additional time for ionization. Anyone can achieve the same results, or better results for that matter by simply slowing down the water flow across the plates.

      I absolutely agree with you that it is tough changing your a raw diet and I also agree that it is worth it. I also agree that the best way to change your diet is to do it slowly but surely.

      We are definitely on the same page when it comes to diet and water ionizers. I enjoy when well informed people like yourself present their ideas whether I agree with them or not. We learn from sharing ideas and debating the merits of the differences of opinion.

      My perspective about which unit to purchase is different from yours, and prettu much anyone else that posts about a specific brand. The main difference is that I believe that they all work, and my goal is to help drive the price of water ionizers down to a level that they are affordable to more people. My perspective doesn’t make me very popular with the sellers of water ioinzers these days. Hopefully the sellers will see the logic of lower prices as sales increase due to the fact that more and more people will be able to afford these incredible machines.

  2. Thanks for your response. There are purely objective reasons why the slotted or mesh electrodes break down faster on the Chanson, Life, KYK, Jupiter and Tyent machines as follows:

    The best Japanese ionizers like the Hydroanalytics IE-900 and the Enagic units use precisely calibrated flat electrodes. Water must likewise move evenly across a flat electrode in a perfectly even laminar flow. As soon as water flows unevenly, there is automatically uneven heat distribution across the electrode surface. The always uneven surface of mesh electrodes automatically creates an uneven water flow. This creates uneven heat distribution. This means that one part of the electrode must wear our faster than another part. This always reduces the useful life of the electrode. It signifies inferior manufacturing processes compared with the best Japanese technology. This is a basic and indisputable engineering principle: slotted or mesh electrodes always wear out faster. If you want to address this at an engineering level, you can objectively address how uneven heat distribution will not effect electrode wear since slotted or waffle electrodes all have uneven heat distribution. IN terms of eng9ineering, uneven heat distribution has to wear out one part of the electrode faster than other parts/.

    In Japan, ionized alkaline water of itself is not considered a cancer cure or remission therapy. Please be very careful about these statement because people with cancer are obviously in a vulnerable position. On a lesser but related note, the notion of drinking >10.0 pH water is opposed by researchers in Japan.

    Both price and quality are doubtless to be considered. Our Japanese units cost 1/3 the price of the Enagic units and are made by the same brain trust that made the Enagic ionizers.

    Allow me to address your statement: “When you say it is misleading to tell people that drinking ionized water can put cancer into remission without rigorously changing your diet, what do you base your evidence upon?” The shoe is truly on the other foot here. Here is what I mean. If you changed your statement to: “When you say it is misleading to tell people that eating chocolate pudding will raise their IQ, what do you base your evidence upon?” The burden of evidence is upon the person making the claim, not the other way around. It’s the person who states that chocolate pudding will raise IQ who needs to show evidence. The same applies here to our discussion.

    It would be positively wonderful if we could have 20 people anecdotally state that their cancer was put into remission by drinking ionized alkaline Kangen water. On other hand, sure, it is possible that people who have unhealthy habits can gain great benefit from drinking alkaline ionized water or drinking fresh vegetable juice. Changing diet is a great key although almost everyone daily struggles to change habits as a fact of human nature.

    As for Dr. Young or anyone, it’s a good idea to simply think for oneself. Where he recommends greater than 10.0 ph water for obese people, it is a fact that this is not recommended by Japanese doctors and is in fact opposed based on animal studies where there were some abnormal changes in blood tests for animals drinking high pH water.
    This site touches upon recommended pH:

    pH is a logarithm which, as you may know, means every number is ten times higher than the preceding number. 8.0 pH is ten times higher than 7.0 pH and 9.0 pH is ten times higher than 8.0 pH. Thus, 9.0 pH is 100 times higher than 7.0 pH. a 10.0 ph is 1,000 times higher than a neutral 7.0 pH and an 11.0 pH is 10,000 times higher than 7.0 pH water. There are absolutely no studies or anecdotal research indicating, as Dr. Young inaccurately recommends, that it is a good idea to drink 10.0 pH or 11.0 pH water.

    As a primary care physician, “Do no harm” is a watchword. pH and ORP are all about balance. We tend to think more is better as if we could squeeze some extra immortality into our body by adding more oxygen. However, adding more oxygen can result in creating more oxidants or free radicals. The redox balance between oxidants and antioxidants is a health key. More is better does not apply in this context.

    • Hi Doctor Kennedy:

      It is good to hear from a primary care physician. This blog could use more comments, especially from people in the field of medicine and heath care.

      Between yourself and Stan, you guys are posting lots of comments, which is to the benefit of all readers, and certainly appreciated by me.

      I wish you guys would stop promoting your products, but this forum is for everyone, so go ahead and do what you have to do. Finding a physician who is familiar with the water is a real gift, so I imagine people will be far more interested in dealing with you if you provide useful information and leave the rah rah stuff to others.

      In regards to flat or slotted plates, you and I will have to disagree. During my recent visit to Korea, I met with the engineer that builds most of the plates for water ionizers in Korea. He explained to me in very simple terms how and why slotted plates are superior. Just to be fair, he makes and sells both types of plates. In terms of the “heating” issue, I don’t think it is an issue at all. The plates themselves are not subjected to an significant amount of heat and the plates have room temperature water running across them the entire time that they are in operation. My research indicates that heat is not an issue. Besides, most companies are offering a 5 year up to a lifetime warranty on the plates.

      I would never make a claim that water ionizers cure all cancer. However, I have spoken to many people with cancer that have gone into remission or have eliminated tumours completely with the water. In our society, anyone in the health industry lives in fear of the reprecussions from the FDA or Health Canada for making any type of claim. I left my business to write this blog so that I could tell the truth. Blogging is costing me a great deal of money as I could be selling water ionizers instead like everyone else. If I’m giving up my right to earn an income, I’m sure as heck going to exercise my right to free speech and tell the truth.

      Water is only part of the solution when dealing with cancer or any other disease, and I always tell people that. An alkaline diet is equally or perhaps more important than water (nobody knows for sure which is more important). Rest, exercise, and reducing stress also play a role. Based upon my discussions with cancer patients (and I talk to alot of cancer patients), I think attitude also plays a significant role.

      Cancer patients are at the most vulnerable stage of their lives when their physician first say teh “C” word. In fact, a common theme that I hear among cancer patients is that despite the fact that they are surrounded by loved ones who mean well, they always feel “alone”. Therefore, when people should be researching and acting rationally because their next decisions may be the most important decisions they will ever make, they are often frightened into a partial mental paralysis. While I have a great deal of respect for physicians, the fact is that lack of new and effective treatments offered by the medical community for cancer are appalling. People who get cancer should immediately start to research what cancer is, how effective specific treatments are for their form of cancer, and they should also be looking at alternatives. A great place to start is Suzanne Sonmers book “KNOCKOUT” where she interviews various physicians that are having excellent success in curing cancer.

      I agree 100% with your statements about balance and the fact that more is not necessarily better. The distributors of water ionizers in the USA seem determined to offer more and more and more in terms of plates and power. These features typically are not adding anything to the health equation, but they sure do make for fancy advertising and higher prices.

      It is easy to pick on Robert Young, as he sure sells a lot of products. However, he does good work and he is helping people. As such, I applaud his scientific and research efforts.

      Once again, thanks for your efforts. We need more people like you to step forward and offer opinions. Hopefully you won’t be deterred by the fact that I don’t agree with everything you say. How would anyone learn if we don’t explore ideas and concepts and debate the merits and pitfalls of both sides.

  3. Your statement can be misinforming by degree: ”Every man that I have spoken with who has purchased a water ionizer and/or converted to an alkaline diet for prostate cancer has had positive results.”

    Dr. Kennedy from Hydroanalytics has elsewhere replied to you but there is more to add. What you say could easily lead every man who has prostate cancer to think that drinking alkaline water will reliably lead to a remission. Yes, alkalinity is one factor, but not the only one, in treating cancer; and a raw diet with copious amounts of vegetable juice is doubtless beneficial.

    If you delve further into this, radical alkaline therapies, like the use of cesium, will, as a matter of fact, not help every man who has prostate cancer. Hydroanalytics offers the IE-900 water ionizer and haw been bringing in the top units only from Japan since 1994. However, our policy is not to exaggerate or be excessively enthusiastic about this one method of self-care. It’s easy to get carried away or be overly fervent when we find something good. It is likewise important to keep perspective so as not to inadvertently misinform people. That can easily happen.

    Some people may totally focus on anti-inflammation, or anti-parasitic, or alkaline treatments but one perspective alone does not cover all bases. For example, oxidative therapies like IV Vitamin C or the use of artemisinin can be extraordinarily helpful for certain types of cancers. Ionized alkaline water, yes, we earnestly believe in it as part of a total heath support plan.

    • Hi Stan:

      Thanks for your thoughts. Of course, water is not the only solution. In fact, water is only part of the solution.

      I don’t speak for all men who have prostate cancer. I simply report my finding from the research that I do. Everyone that I speak to about the water also gets to hear me tell them that the water is just part of the greater plan. I encourage everyone to convert to an alkaline diet, and especially those that are suffering form one form of disease or another.

  4. I am a type 1 diabetic, (26years on insulin) who sells ionizers in the Sacramento, CA area, because of how the water turned my life around. I have always been a water drinker (filtered water from larger, better filters). But when I encountered ionized water, I said to myself, “that water is different from my water” . With it I can use less insulin and it gave me energy when I was exausted and stiff. As a layman , I can’t prove the science behind it, but it certainly makes perfect sense. I recently discovered this site and want to say I appreciate how unbiased and objective Rob is and that I can see he has a good heart for people.

    • Hi Gary:

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I was excited to read your personal testimonial about the positive effects of the water in regards to your Type I Diabetes. This is great news because I was not aware that ionized water was so effective with Type I Diabetes. It is widely documented that the water is very effective with Type II Diabetes, but it is a very different disease. Anything that results in positive effects and/or reduced medications is “all good” in my book.

      I try to remain unbiased. It is easy to do so when it comes to electric water ionizers because they all work well. I find it impossible to remain unbiased when it comes to comparing electric water ionizers versus antioxidant filters because of the huge price difference between products that both offer the same great health benefits. When you add in the ability of the antioxidant filters to remove fluoride and chloramines and many other contaminants from the water, the choice is a slam dunk.

      I acknowledge the useful aspect of acidic water produced by electric water ionizers, and I think that there will always be a place for them. However, it seems most people (myself included) have a much greater need for the health benefits of the drinking water, and the price difference is just too substantial to ignore.

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