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I have been a big fan of the benefits of alkaline water since personally experiencing the changes the water made to my health in 2008. I began selling electric water ionizers with great success but quit selling the following year when I learned that the company that I was representing was using unethical marketing practices. I retired and began researching and blogging about the machines as I had signed a five year non-compete contract.

I have always maintained that the high price of water ionizers was holding the industry back. I fought with the industry owners for years in an attempt to convince them to lower prices. A small group of owners were getting rich from the high prices they were charging but the industry was not growing. It made more sense to me to offer people affordable machines to entice them to try the water because most people will never go back to drinking tap water or bottled water once they have tried alkaline water. Why not sell a lot of machines at lower prices and then provide the customers with filters for many years?


I started volunteering my help to a company called Vitev a couple of years ago. Vitev shared my belief that offering effective low cost American made water ionizers would allow more people access to the benefits of the water. The strategy appears to be working as Vitev has experienced steady growth in sales in the past two years.

Vitev has finally grown to the point where they have achieved significant economies of scale. Unlike its competitors in the water ionizer industry who have maintained their prices despite becoming more efficient, Vitev has just announced some pretty significant decreases in their pricing. To someone like me, that is worth an article.

Here are some of the products that Vitev offers along with the old and “new” pricing:

The MAXX ($799 – Now with a free set of annual replacement filters worth $199): A top end reverse osmosis unit that remineralizes water to levels referred to as “ideal” by the World Health Organization. The unit comes with what the company calls an “optimizer” which reduces waste water by up to 80% and refills the storage tank up to 4 times faster than conventional reverse osmosis systems. This system is ideal for people living on well water, lake water, for people that have kidney issues, or for anyone concerned about fluoride or other contaminants in the water. The $199 saving has been made possible primarily because of the lower costs achieved through volume purchases of the media used in its Remin filter as well as other components.

The Flo (Reduced from $399 to $249): A very effective natural water ionizer that hooks up to a kitchen tap that also removes chlorine, taste, and odor, as well as other contaminants to a lesser degree. I see this as a great solution for people living in apartments that can’t drill a hole in their counters. It also makes sense for people who have municipal source water with “acceptable” contaminant levels. The $150 price reduction is due to the fact that the initial development costs have been recaptured and the company now buys the media for the filters in much greater volumes.

The Remin (Reduced from $249 to $149): I believe this is the best Remin filter in the industry based upon my research and extensive testing. The product is perfect for anyone that has a standard reverse osmosis system who wants to make their water “healthy” instead of simply cleaning their water. The $100 saving comes from the fact that the company can now bring in large orders of the media in the filter which dramatically reduces inbound shipping costs as well as allowing for volume discounts.

What’s in it for me to support Vitev? Financially….nothing. They are in the water business to make money like everybody else, but unlike any other company I see on the market, they always focus on doing what is right for the customer. I expect that their business will continue to grow which is good for the industry.

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  1. Hi Rob

    What do you know about white particles in the water coming out from the Vitev Flo filter?
    It is deffinately particles and not air bubbles since they are dropping to the bottom of the glass.

    • Hi Dan:

      What you are seeing are calcium deposits. Calcium which is normally dissolved in the source water is precipitating out of the water when the pH increases.

      The calcium deposits are not harmful in any way as the calcium is in the water whether you see it or not.

      The white calcium deposits stick to glasses and pitchers which is annoying, but they can easily be cleaned with vinegar.

      The same thing happens with electric alkaline water ionizers which “scale up” when the calcium sticks to the plates in the electrolysis chamber which renders them ineffective when it comes to producing dissolved molecular hydrogen

    • Hi Rob
      Thanks for your reply.
      OK so the white calcium deposits are not to be worried about then as they are visible in water with higher PH. It’s odd that I cannot read anywhere regarding this topic. So even you can see the particles from your Vitev Flo?
      But sometimes I also realize there are even black particles. Are they coming from the carbon filter or something?

      One other question.. I remember from the Allastream where you have to clean the ceramic bottom of the f. As I understand there is no need for such

    • Sorry, I accidentally hit the submit button before finishing the other question.
      I remember from the Alkastream that you had to clean the ceramic bottom of the filter. There is no need to maintain the filter at all with Vitev Flo?
      I think at least it’s a good routine to dissemble the container and clear out the calcium deposit which may build up in there so it will not clog up the carbon filter entry.

  2. Sir, how can we eliminate this precipitated calcium deposits effectively please recommend the ideal way to remove this flakes from water. specially electric alkaline ionizer operating under high turbidity.

    • Hi Vinod:

      Calcium that remains in solution in tap water will precipitate out of solution when the pH elevates.

      Alkaline water ionizers are highly susceptible to precipitation as the machines are designed to create high levels of pH. The Xcell by H2FX (see will not precipitate calcium out of the water as they units create high concentrations of hydrogen gas without raising the pH of the water. The hydrogen gas is responsible for all of the health benefits claimed by the alkaline water people

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