Thanks for the support: 15,000 hits from 120 countries since March 2010

I started this blog about a year ago as a way to share information about water and water ionizers.  I was still in the water ionizer business at the time and I was warned that the authorities would not appreciate the fact that I was telling the truth about a health product.  It turns out that that you can promote any product other than health care products by any means including testimonials.  When it comes to health care products, the marketing is strictly controlled.   The pharmaceutical/medical industry will arrange to have any person making claims about a health product arrested on charges of practicing medicine without a license.   The watchdog system is a good system because it can prevent fraudulent claims.  Unfortunately, the rules have been interpreted and enforced by those that stand to profit from suppressing valuable information.  Since I didn’t like the idea of  forced incarceration, I stopped writing in early October of 2009.

When I retired in March 2010, I was free to start writing again without worrying about who might be reading my articles.   Now I can exercise my right of free speech.   Very powerful, but also a dumb business decision.  It seems that I’m as busy as ever, but without the money.   The good news is that at least I’m busy at our cottage and I get to spend a lot more time with my family.  

When I retired, I was able to start writing again.  With the help of Bernard Chan, a friend, great guy, and fellow water advocate, who understands the internet  a thousand times better than I do, this blog has taken off.  Since I began writing again in March this site has had 15,000 visitors from 120 different countries.  It is hard for me to believe that people from so many different countries have tuned in, but it just goes to show how important water is to people, no matter where they live. 

My sincere thanks to anyone that has taken time to read and share this blog with others.  I can only do so much myself with writing.  The growth has to come from you.  Those of you that leave comments actually contribute to the blog because you often stimulate discussion or provide me with research ideas.  I’m grateful for all the help I can get.

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  1. Thanks for all the help you’ve given me. I’m looking forward to seeing how this blog grows and evolves with time.

    Keep it up.

    BTW. I turned off the tap for a new client I’m working with. The one who found Lower and got cold feet. She and her husband had a very rough few days without the water and are now full up believers.


    • Hi Gabe:

      Thanks for stopping by again. People have been enjoying your input.

      Stephen Lower has certainly been effective in his mission to turn people away from ionized water or any other product that is not produced by the pharmas. I will keep working to expose Lower for the fraud that he is. In the meantime, he will continue to inflict his disinformation and deprive people of the water that could be so beneficial to them.

      When I was working for Tyent in the past, I would get calls from people that had been drinking water supplied by Enagic dealers. When they were cut off by the Enagic dealers, they would be completely convinced that the water was beneficial and decide to purchase a machine. Unfortunately for the Enagic dealer, many would choose to purchase a Tyent because the Tyent was half the money and people didn’t like the fact that they were being cut off by Enagic.

  2. Your exactly right. The same could happen to Vollara dealers as well at the 2K price point. It would only save a few hundred, but that still a savings. I’ve heard from a few Enagic dealers that for each unit sold, another got away. Maybe that’s why so many Enagic dealers are headed other directions now.

    I saw a few days ago that the first head to head Vollara vs Enagic test will take place in the near future. A distributor from each side without corporate bias. Same source…2 experienced people. It all happened via Facebook. Will be interesting to see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

    One other question for you. Have you ever tested someone’s resistance/muscle strength when holding ionized water vs when they hold something with + ORP?

    • Hi Gabe:

      Head to head comparisons by unbiased participants without corporate bias….now we are talking.

      I have never heard of anyone that has performing strength tests before and after drinking ionized water. I know of various people that have performed before and after tests with excellent results for glucose levels (diabetes), blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and pH levels of urine and saliva, but nobody has reported specific numbers to me regarding strength. I have had great feedback from the Olympic athletes that I supported in terms of lactic acid recovery and endurance improvement, but the feedback has all been anecdotal.

  3. Rob and Gabe, I have a friend that tested the water. It was from the Enagic. Across the board he found it increased the energy potential. He also tested Willard Water and then combined them and each time the energy was higher.

    Rob, I think you mentioned that water from these machines is different in that the molecules are smaller. Maybe elaborate on that for us. Also what is the vicinal difference between tap water and ionized water–vicinal has to do with the tension formed on the surface of the water. I remember something about the surface tension (dyne) of water and that that is found in our cells. So that the closer we come to producing water with the like surface tension of our cells the better it is for us. And just from what you’ve said about drinking three 16oz glasses of water makes me think that it is possible that ionized water has a closer dyne/cm than regular water.


    • Hi David:

      Welcome back to the site. The above comment was your second today, and you have been here before. Thanks for your interest and comments.

      You must be in the water business as you seem to know alot about water.

      The Enagic machine definitely increases the energy potential of water, as so will the other machines.

      The difference is the size of water molecules is referring to microclusters. I have never actually witnessed a test to measure the size of the water molecules before and after the water has been processed by a water ionizer. I understand the testing process costs about $50,000 and nobody in the industry has been willing to put up that kind of money so far. However, I have done a fair amount of reading about the subject and talked to engineers in Korea. The research indicates that the size of water molecule clusters decreases when the water is ionized. The size of the before and after molecules seems to be in a range with the before being 12-18 H2O molecules in a cluster, and about 5-9 H2O molecules in a cluster after undergoing electrolysis. The prevailing theory is that the smaller molecules pass into cells more readily than larger sized water molecule clusters. The subject is of great interest to me, but the research is limited, as is my knowledge on the subject.

      I don’t know much about the surface tension of water. I have read taht hee ionization process reduces the surface tension of a water molecule, which in theory should allow for better absorption. Once again, research material is limit as is my knowledge on this subject.

      Is there anybody out there than provide us with more information on the subject?

  4. It took me a while but I found this: Surface tension is normally measured using a sensitive meniscus device which when placed flat on the surface on the water and then slowly lifted will break free from the water surface at some specific force, measured in dynes per centimeter. Ordinary tap water has a surface tension of approximately 73 dynes/centimeter. Cellular water/plasma has an average surface tension of 45 dynes/centimeter.

    So, if ionizers reduce the surface tension then you are getting closer to the cellular water/plasma tension therefore you are absorbing more or utilizing it better. That, to me, equates as good as you can hydrate your body more efficiently.

    • Hi David:

      Good find.

      It’s great to have some help with research. The surface tension info is good to know. When I have time, I would like to do some work on the subject. I’m getting so many requests to check things out, but to be honest, I just want to spend time with my kids at the lake. Summers are short in Canada

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