The Diet Pepsi “Skinny” Can: A Misleading Image

I use the CNN website as my Home Page on my computer. The site is updated often, and provides information on a many different topics from an American perspective. I also look to the BBC from England and the CBC from Canada to provide a wider perspective on things.

When it comes to misleading the public with contrived and false Conventional Wisdom, nobody does it better than the Americans. However, the other “western” countries are rarely far behind in the “gullible” category, so it no time to be smug.

One of the features that I enjoy on the CNN site is the “health” section. When I took a look at the health page today, the article on the new Diet Pepsi “Skinny” can jumped out.

The Diet Pepsi “Skinny” Can

The marketing people for PepsiCo introduced their new “Skinny” can as “taller, attractive, and stylish” this week at New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week. What a perfect juxtaposition… trying to associate one of most disgusting and harmful consumable products on our planet with the word “attractive”. Of course, the launch is being conducted at a Fashion Event sponsored by one of the most prestigious automobile companies in the world.

Of course, the National Eating Disorders people jumped all over the advertisement which glamorizes “skinny”. In a world where young women are bombarded with the message that “skinny is good”, it is no wonder that bulimia and anorexia ruin so many lives.

I believe that sodas should be banned from schools and from advertisements. I also believe that our governments should be advertising the debilitating side effects of soda consumption to the public. We see advertisements about the harmful effects of smoking and advertisements for drinking “responsibly”. Why not offer advertisements that inform the public that drinking soda is a leading cause of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. While the government is at it, why don’t they just tell us the truth and let people know that the only thing you should be drinking is water. Oh yea… that would be Un-American (or fill in the country of your choice).

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