Making America Great Again (Part 2)

You may think that Making America Great Again is probably beyond your skill set. I certainly feel that way. Many problems just seem too big to tackle on your own. I like to help when I can, but I don’t want to waste my time on things where my efforts don’t have a realistic chance of making a significant change.

President Trump says that he wants to give America back to Americans. He also says that he wants to create domestic jobs thereby restoring the American working class. It is impossible to disagree with his stated objective, but will he be successful? I have no idea, but at the very least, people are talking which is a positive step.

If you read Part 1 of this article, you will have learned that 13 million Americans rely upon the Direct Selling industry for their primary source of income, or to supplement their incomes to make ends meet. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) recently accelerated its fight against what it believes are the unfair business practices used by the Multi Level Marketing “MLM” segment of the Direct Selling industry. Whether you agree or disagree with the FTC agenda in regards to their stance on pyramid selling systems, there is no question that the FTC has thrown the industry into chaos. Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the Direct Selling industry because people actually have to sell products to real customers outside of the pyramid now in order to make a living. The FTC is opposed to systems based upon signing people up who sign other people up who then sign up still more people and so on where each person that signs up is required or pressured into purchasing a start up inventory (knows as garage loading) which many people were never able to sell. It is easy to understand how demoralizing it would be to have thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars of “stuff” that you can’t sell sitting in your garage and a spouse telling you ever day “I told you so”.

One of the benefits of writing for WaterFYI is that I have been introduced to many scientists and businessmen who I would otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet. Gaining access to these amazing people was a slow process as it takes time to gain enough credibility that these people feel confident in referring you to others.

I was introduced to William Todd and Marty Jeffery, an American and a Canadian about a year ago. The have created a company called Brilliantz Inc. When I first met these guys, they told me about a business plan that they have been working on for a number of years. At the time, their plan made a lot of sense, but it sounded almost too good to be true to me. Well, they have pulled it off as they have recently officially launched their business. Do I think that Brilliantz on its own will Make America Great Again? Of course not, but I think they may end up creating tens of thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of jobs and that makes them part of the solution. I can’t help but think that many Direct Selling companies may copy the Brilliantz business model when they see how much sense the plan makes and eventually witness how successful I think Brilliantz is going to be. If that happens, I think hundreds of thousands of jobs can be saved or created, and that is what inspired this article.

What is Brilliantz?

Brilliantz is obviously a company, but what intrigued me was that Brilliantz is actually a mindset. The guys running Brilliantz determined that everything about their company had to be brilliant. Nice concept, but is that even possible to implement?

Brilliantz focused on brilliant products backed by science and a brilliant education system so that their people could talk with confidence to others about their products. They also decided to pay the people who do the work rather than paying multiple layers of recruiters who have nothing to do with the actual sale which is reality in the MLM world.

The above criteria make a lot of sense, but the most important factor of all for me about Brilliantz is that their products are priced at or below what you would find in a big-box store. As we witness the demise of retailers such as Macy’s laying off hundreds of thousands of people, the message is clear: “people expect good value”. There is no denying that a select few retailers have created brand names that allow them to charge premium prices, but those companies represent the exception and they need to be very careful not to slip up or they will quickly be swept into the corporate refuse pile.

What is the Brilliantz business model?

The guys at Brilliantz have created a new business model that is a hybrid of the best of the Direct Selling and Franchise business models while eliminating the aggravating aspects. Both the Direct Selling and Franchise models have been very successful, but they both have serious drawbacks. For example, Direct Selling typically pays the recruiters while the people doing the actual work earn very little. Another problem common to Direct Selling is that the companies take little or no responsibility for educating their people which leaves individuals up to their own devices which often produces disastrous results. Examples of drawbacks of the Franchising business model are the incredibly high cost of entry, and the fact that the company you purchase a franchise from often sets up competitors for you down just down the road. If things don’t work out with a Franchise for any reason, you will have likely lost a significant portion of your life savings.

The best way to think of Brilliantz is to think of it as a store that is part of a franchise. I know they don’t like me using the “franchise” word, but heh, I’m writing the article. That means you get your training, a strong back office, a “virtual” storefront, and accessess to inventory without paying up front for the store or the inventory.

My first question was: “What does it cost to get started?” The answer is $100 which covers the administrative costs of setting you up and the initial education that you receive. You are never required to buy anything. When you sell something from your “store”, you earn a 28% commission. Simple

At Brilliantz, you can also set up “branches” of your store (they call them Branch Affiliates). The primary difference between “branches” and franchises is that with Brilliantz, they are your “branches” and you don’t have to pay Brilliantz for them. In fact, if you have 5 retail customers in your own store each month, you earn 12% on all of the sales of your “branches”. Simple

Brilliantz also pays a minimum of 5% of every sale to the Brilliantz Profit Pool which is paid out to its Affiates once per year. Simple.

Compamies in the MLM industry typically create all kinds of complicated hoops to jump through (referred to as “qualifiers”) which often result in Affiliates failing to qualify for earning a pay check (the MLM industry calls this “breakage”). The “breakage” money in MLM industry gets forfeited to the company. As stated above, at Brilliantz, every sale generates a 28% “store” commission to the seller but if nobody qualifies for the 12% “branch” commission, the “breakage” gets paid into the Profit Pool instead of reverting back to the company. Simple.

Brilliantz has created a “Brilliantz 90 Day Planner”. It allows you to calculate what income you will earn if you meet the targets that you set while working on the Planner with your mentor. To my knowledge, nobody in the MLM industry has ever had a successful Planner. I don’t think it is not a case of the people at Brilliantz being so much more brilliant than anyone in the rest of the MLM industry. Instead it is a matter of the Brilliantz business model being so simple to understand and implement that it is easy to determine what you will earn if you meet your goals. Hmmm….maybe that does make them a little more brilliant.

Perhaps the most endearing feature of Brilliantz is that they don’t blow smoke up your butt with unrealistic promises. In fact, they tell you that if you want to make money, you have to work for it by building and maintaining your store and any branch stores that you want to support. That means a level playing field for everyone as $100 gets you started and you don’t need to be “first in” to succeed. The future superstars at Brilliantz will be those that work the hardest. That seems like a good building block towards Making America Great Again.

Disclaimer: After 8 years of writing on this blog without any corporate ties, I recently joined Brilliantz Inc. as an Affiliate. If you purchase a product through the link, I will receive a commission on the sale. I understand completely if you are skeptical of this article because of my Affiliate status with the company because the internet is full of people who have hidden agendas. I can assure you that I would have written the article exactly the same way if I was not an Affiliate of Brilliantz.

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